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SQUAD Saturdays (Public Event)


This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

Event details


EVERY Saturday!

19:00:00 ZULU  (GMT/UTC/PRT)

No Password Required - Anyone can join

Max 80 Players On Event!




Due to the last squad events being amazing successes,  we will now take the squad server much further than before. 

We will now make squad events every weekend. So that everyone has knowledge of when our community is gathered and playing together.

This also gives an opportunity to seed our server out on the wide range of other squad servers. Letting other players join the game and build a new player base.

This means that we have 1 week to rectify all the rules that we need that are important to gameplay. So whoever is writing the new "Squad Holy Bible". Please get the most essential rules laid out first. 

Please meet in TS prior to start of event. To login to the =VG= server launch Squad and select CUSTOM BROWSER, SET Filters > Show Empty Servers, Show Full Servers.


More details will be posted here closer to the event -- stand by.

ASSETS AVAILABLE: Depending on Map set - Will update in future

Complete Details and Signups will be posted here prior to each event:


(default forum section with past events: https://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/forums/forum/296-squad/)

squad ver.PNG

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Not a lot of people for the April 25th match, so we did a Tank on Tank battle (3 players in each tank, on each side).  Had to learn a bit about tanks, and got blown up a bit.... but we had fun.  Kav and I got a chance to learn the Mortars, too.  I love me some Steel Rain!  And the smell of gunpowder on Saturdays ;)

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@Hoops0320 may be able to verify this but I think the EasyAntiCheat program is installed by default when you install Squad via Steam, there should be a folder that has the EAC program exe, which you may be able to run.

On my Laptop its here:  D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\EasyAntiCheat

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@Hoops0320 Try: Launch steam>Select Library>Squad>Properties>Local Files>Verify Integrity of game Files

this might take some time off of your hand, it will check all the game files and if there is an error/update of a file it will detect it and download it automatically.

i hope that helps with your problem.

squad ver.PNG

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yes it should install automatically when you first install the game. Im not sure on how to enable it tho probably a way to do so in th properties.

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On 09/05/2020 at 12:19 PM, =VG= Kavelenko said:

Cannot find the VG Squad server on the custom browser list. Is there a new update?

Neither could i, after the new update there where said to be bugs to do with the server browser, i think the regular servers show up on both browsers

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