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  1. No and yes. If needed you can use it to spot assets of the bot side (mortars/ tanks/apcs etc...) Inf markers are pretty weak and disappear after a while and this kind of makes the UAV shitty to use and boring. Even spotting the enemy assets is a bit weak as most experienced players already know when the enemy asset will respawn and be active. I know we are a coop community but most of the time experienced squad leaders will deny any command and therefore the commander will be useless (unless it is some kind of milsim group with an operator squad leader and operator members :)) ). But from time to time I guess it is cool to have commands even though I will totally avoid following the orders just because I`ve never seen someone competent enough to actually guide me right when I attack a flag ( and by guiding right I mean avoid bot swarms/ die going down that path). This not really up to the commander most of the time. Yes the commander might decide to take the logi and use it as he wants, yes he may ask another squad that uses it to drop some crates, but he has no right to take action and steal the logi/ crates from another squad. (think of the commander as another player that is no different from a squad leader or a normal berry). Yes and no. Yes encourage but also tell them how to use it properly to avoid friendly fire and NO if someone without experience as a commander just goes trigger happy and accepts an area attack without checking the map... well (just expect TKs). It is good to teach players first, before any tragedy happens. I prefer not to ask for area attacks unless I know who to ask, I prefer regulars as they, most of the time, know how to do it properly. Good and bad, mostly good. We are playing against bots, sooo dying is really a comfort here. If it was deployment, then yeah it will be really bad to be in the middle of everything. In coop the game really asks for a frontline commander as you can usually help others with the commander rally. In deployment everything should be well thought before acting (yes you can go in the middle of the firefight but never get surrounded by enemy, it will make things worse for your team as you can`t really command properly while dead :)))) ). None, you are nothing but a human being, not a god, nor a Veteran. You are just a player, don`t be a cougar and brave with anyone, they will not tolerate your attitude. You are there to play the game and help them. The commander role is more of a support role so I don`t really see the point of something like this being there all the time. I like it, it sounds good when the map is hard, but otherwise I believe that if the squad leaders are good, the commander role is pretty much useless.
  2. Vote to remove hades peak from the game? When? Where?
  3. Not 100% sure I will join. Put me in what squad you want.
  4. I want to welcome @PRBF2TROJANEXE to the =VG= DEV squad! Thank you for joining!
  5. @=VG= Skitalez driving be like:
  6. I am not 100% sure I can join but I want to be part of sq 2
  7. This can be merged with the meme topic now
  8. I vote myself as the ARMA 3 Insurgency ACE developer/editor/admin/ whatever the f... is. Please donate me some money because I suck at it and I need them. No. 002002002stillsuck002 email: plsdontforgivemehoney@yahoo.com
  9. @=VG= I3RY4N, @=VG= m823us, @=VG= Kavelenko, @=VG= TEDF, @=VG= Deathdealer. Please make sure to join 30 min before the event, quick briefing. Radio Communication (Short Range| Long Range) Commander: (not specified | 30) Alpha: (110 | 30) Bravo: (120 | 30) RECON (DELTA): (100 | 30) TRANS: (100 | 30)
  10. @=VG= Sausag3 Member when we last tested insurgency PR ?
  11. I want to welcome @deadxangelqc to the new =VG= DEV squad! If you have missions or scripts, even mods to share, make so in the right topic! Thank you for joining!
  12. Yeah I was hoping that as well but I don`t see too many wanting to join besides what we already have here. Anyway we will see how many we have. Your squad will stay as it is until more join.
  13. @Kvsh_420, @batmeme If no one is going to take lead of Alpha, you will join @=VG= Kavelenko. @Roger_T if a Alpha gets a squad leader you will join Alpha, otherwise you will join Kav. I will brief squad leaders before the event. I might be AFK from time to time during the event but please don`t mind me keep on fighting. The mission is playable even if there is no Zeus. I will update the mission today to the new RHS update. To be updated: - add new AFRF items to ace arsenal.
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