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  1. I want to welcome @panzerkillerII to the =VG= DEV squad!
  2. BUMP! If Bravo doesn`t get poped, then it will join TEAM 1 meaning, Alpha squad. Scout squad will have players from the reserve units. I didn`t mention yet all the info for a reason. The briefing will cover everything.
  3. Add me as reserve for now pls. I am not 100% I can join, but I`ll try to be Charlie SQ Lead if possible.
  4. Well yes but actually no. Trust me, you'll have something much better only if you can find it =)).
  5. OPERATION: Scrap Metal Saturday, 13th of August VETERANS-GAMING | INSURGENCY ACE | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Time: 1900 HRS -GMT Sign-Up: REQUIRED! Password: Burek Slots: max 25* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Map: Bukovina ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BRIEF: Hope in the east! The Chernarussian Defence Forces have begun their first attack on a major airport held by the RIF (Russian Invasion Forces). Your job is to destroy the RIF planes and artillery in the AO. Secondary objectives might pop-up so be on the lookout for some sweet assets that might come in handy later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assets: Steal them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2115753805 RULES: Common arma rules! + FIRST 5 min. after leaving the spawn MUST BE STEALTH! Otherwise the mission will be restarted till everything is done correctly. COOPERATION IS A MUST! You will have to cooperate otherwise the mission will end badly! The mission will be a fail if all squads die at the same time. ANY POLITICAL OR WAR RELATED STATEMENT WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE KICK FROM THE EVENT! LEAVE POLITICS AT THE DOOR! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SLOTS: Captain: =VG=.Blizzard. Alpha (max 8): Squad Leader: @=VG= Sausag3 Medic: @dogenamite Medic: @=VG= The_Polish_Guy AT-NLAW: @=VG= Batmeme AR: Grenadier: Demo-Specialist: @=VG= Deathdealer Rifleman: @Pew_Pew Bravo (max 8): Squad Leader: Medic: Medic: AT-NLAW: AR: @=VG= Whiskey-Mike Grenadier: Demo-Specialist: Rifleman: @PierreC Scouts (max 4): Squad Leader: @=VG= TEDF Scout: Scout: @Qiezi_The_Pleb Scout: @=VG= Stixon Reserve: - @=VG= Condrad - @chickenjason123 - @Ereen - -
  6. I forgor 1 thing. Can you make another spot for Airwolf în Sas Sq? Rifleman if possible.
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