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  1. @=VG= Skitalez driving be like:
  2. I am not 100% sure I can join but I want to be part of sq 2
  3. This can be merged with the meme topic now
  4. I vote myself as the ARMA 3 Insurgency ACE developer/editor/admin/ whatever the f... is. Please donate me some money because I suck at it and I need them. No. 002002002stillsuck002 email: plsdontforgivemehoney@yahoo.com
  5. @=VG= I3RY4N, @=VG= m823us, @=VG= Kavelenko, @=VG= TEDF, @=VG= Deathdealer. Please make sure to join 30 min before the event, quick briefing. Radio Communication (Short Range| Long Range) Commander: (not specified | 30) Alpha: (110 | 30) Bravo: (120 | 30) RECON (DELTA): (100 | 30) TRANS: (100 | 30)
  6. @=VG= Sausag3 Member when we last tested insurgency PR ?
  7. I want to welcome @deadxangelqc to the new =VG= DEV squad! If you have missions or scripts, even mods to share, make so in the right topic! Thank you for joining!
  8. Yeah I was hoping that as well but I don`t see too many wanting to join besides what we already have here. Anyway we will see how many we have. Your squad will stay as it is until more join.
  9. @Kvsh_420, @batmeme If no one is going to take lead of Alpha, you will join @=VG= Kavelenko. @Roger_T if a Alpha gets a squad leader you will join Alpha, otherwise you will join Kav. I will brief squad leaders before the event. I might be AFK from time to time during the event but please don`t mind me keep on fighting. The mission is playable even if there is no Zeus. I will update the mission today to the new RHS update. To be updated: - add new AFRF items to ace arsenal.
  10. RHS 0.5.5 USAF - http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/2#changelog AFRF - http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/1#changelog WE HAVE USHANKA BOIS!
  11. I will post here any mod update and changelogs.
  12. I said this too many times... even before the changes from 1 manning tanks to 2 man tanks... IT IS A VERY BAD DECISION to make this game have cooperation forced by the assets/ bot difficulty and some more other factors which I really don`t want to discuss. People don`t want to play COOP with a bunch of randoms anymore, they give a shit about rules and everyone around them. Mics sometimes are non-existent in a game... and so where is the cooperation if they can`t transmit data in fast (typing is not nearly as fast as it takes more than 5 sec to say something like: " Tank at 200 near
  13. Guys you can play any other role, but you will be forced to join a squad that has a squadleader. To join them press u on the keyboard or aproach a squad member and use ace interaction to join the squad.
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