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  1. okay tips for Pilots first rules trans or cas sql most have mic 2nd rules for trans sq if u have 3 choper that mean 3 pilot no more and sql keep ur sq clean 3rd rules and this cost many problem and accident on the main.. like this we have 3 choper on main so we have 3 helipad... 1 choper take off from helipad 1 and 2nd heli same take of from helipad 2 ok so my poin here if the pilot 1 take of from the helipad 1 drope crate and back 2 main u have 2 land in ur helipad 1 not 2 or 3 or u land on the cas helipad beacuse some time the cas get shot down and he wait for his helli 2 respown and u land on his hellipad and cas respown and boom waste asset. and this tips again for trans pilot pick up ppl and drope them in the action on the field and back up drope them crate and stay back until u get call becuase sometime cas have hard time to maneuver on the field and trans keep flying on field for no reason so u give cas hard time to do his job . and last one if you find yourself flying face-to-face to another helli just take ur right and another Chopper take right 2 and hope u dont crash be smart. so guys i know is not all the tips i have so I shared with you guys some tips ok so be smart be safe and have fun and hellp the noobs.love u guys and I wish the best for you all
  2. no ur not ranger or i will come 2 ur place and call CAS on ur house
  3. if someone have this bug before on jabal when i waz flyin cas heli i get tk but i cant see who tk me and happen 3 times idk if someone have this or just me
  4. ah man cant wait to play bijar again Q.Q
  5. nvm is bug u see on the hmv icon 3 seats but they 5 and im havin problem to upload the pic try 2 fix that
  6. M1038A1 HMV have 2 seats and M1025 have 3 is that normal or what
  7. hello guys add me maybe ranger sq Or anything I can help with thx
  8. haha kifash hal twahshtak 


    1. ranger_12


      yetwahchek lkhir khouya wallah bien ;) wach rak anta ?

    2. =VG= 22..12

      =VG= 22..12

      slm cv  wallah rani  bien  ...........rani rill nl3ab fi steam squad /men of war as2 bsah rani hab nshri  ghost recon wildlands fi du leyamet  :) hahah ranger sahbi kash haja rsli message 



  9. from 22..12 thx thx thx I know you guys are tired and you are still fighting thx 4 oll VG member I am with you friends gg And things will get better over time and thx guys
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