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  1. As I am currently maintaining coop please report all the In-game bugs as detailed as possible (screenshots and layer). From spawnpoints that cause deadspawn to no endround bleeding flags, the more the better. As for coop ww2. Due to unresolved issues I was not able to upload these, I hope the issues can be resolved soon so that the maps can be added to an official update. for now you have to enjoy the nearly 50 fixed layers and new layers such as jabal 128 ( enjoy finding the forklift) Known fixed issues Koz alt bmp1 respawn times (pushed for next update) Saareema (ru-carrier broken) Beirut (ru carrier broken) Vadso (carrier broken)
  2. You probably used one or more accounts on both computers. An example: Computer A accounts: alpha, bravo Computer B accounts: bravo, charlie even if you now go online with accounts Alpha and Charlie the master server saw a shared account named bravo. This causes your accounts to be marked and this prevents you from playing together. Please contact R-DEV Mats (on realitymod.com) and he will remove the mark. please include your Hash (CD key), Accountnames (both accounts used) and IP in the message (to mats) to speed up the process Please remove your account from the other PC as this would cause you to be marked again.
  3. As I got tagged I guess I write a reply. According to the bug report ticket of PR (Redmine) the issue involves air units (cas/trans) exiting the map on the south side within coop gamemode. As this bug persists only on a very few coop servers the issue is not further investigated until after 1.6 while it may appear to nearly always crashes on VG one does have to take into account it is the most populated server and such can have a higher crash ratio than other servers, this as more tasks are been ran at the same time due to more pop.
  4. HO HO Ho Double 

    Try to go easy on the Weaklings, some have thin skin and fluffy tails. hahah 


    You Omnipotent Brain :)

    VG SD     




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      WOW a new religion, i'm in, i could do the psyops, and recruit models for better hides. : )    

    3. Double_13


      Nono child prostitution is not allowed. And remember no touching the children. 



      LOLZ hell has no bounds then. 

  5. Well i played it quite a bit with tedf and once you figure out you can just use the wrench to get metal , fuel and basically all high value stuff its kinda a GG concept. We came to a point where simply building your base underground is the best option as you only need to cover the roof with concrete and they can wack at that the entire day. You also come to a pain where raiding/looting buildings is not really usefull as the yield is low. This adding to the fact an area has to be inactive for several (realtime) days for the loot to respawn. This made it that you HAD to use a minibike to get anywhere with new loot. As we expanded the map the LAG became horrendous. While i can understand its kinda a PVP game playing it coop style hugely lacks the getting shot at. I would have personally liked to see some AI patrolling the area that have a good skill and decent loot on them to seek some fighting confrontation. I used to play Dayz origins (arma 2 dayz with mods) cus it had this feature with patrolling AI that kept the game interesting. however the devs of this mod where .... (force pay for servers) and bohemia punished them as they deserved Ill see maybe i install the game again and join in.
  6. Desktop client has those settings dunno about wubsite
  7. Discord has some good feathers for settings
  8. This guy is a man of culture 


  9. Seems u like memes Anyway hi
  10. Thank you for your appeal please wait while the banning admin respond.
  11. After poking around and getting some useful console feedback the issue is resolved. (Some list was corrupted) The opfor event server can be started on request (PM me or ask on TS and I’ll boot it up if I can) Optional one can request some tiny settings changes; currently the following settings are setup: No humans in 1 man assets (blocked like jets) Fobs require digging 48 bots (max)
  12. I have backups of the custom python files but not all the opfor maps. I mainly modify the maps on the flight as we are picking the next map to play. Because I can convert a map layer to opfor in 5 min I never bothered keeping an reasonable backup. - for convention I remove all neutral flags and give them to bots - I change the flag importance making it that human main is most important, this to get the bots to spawn on the frontlines - I increase the cap times on the first flag to 2 min to allow more time for bots to setup - optional delay all human heavy assets by 5 min - outdated optional: remove all 1 man assets by adding 4 hour spawn delay. (All _sp (oneman) assets are not blocked by default like bot choppers and jets are) All above are done in 3 min ish+2 min actually grabbing the files) (All maps would be 114 maps * 3 layers = 6 hours work so I rather do it while I need them xD) Note that huge limitations are into affect when making these adjustments
  13. Don’t tell me you resetted it as I had nearly all maps converted for opfor
  14. @Jersans As I mentioned on TS running these events are a problem due to the personal reasons I mentioned to you. Unless these issues get resolved I see no reason investing time creating events and rather spend it on playing destiny 2or maybe the current broken maps. I have already invested more then 200 hours in bug fixing coop for the next PR update and this excludes any new map. NO I DO NOT KNOW WHEN THE NEW UPDATE COMES. However I have no issue running the occasional Opfor events however the Event server seems to be reluctant to start due to unknown reasons and I would have to figure out why. This means that again i would have to spend few hours figuring out why something isn't working while people ask me to come and play PR or destiny2.
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