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  1. LoL found fix. When i copy/paste link :https://xXx.youtube.com/watch?v=bWjOw6vkXiY it converts to this text The High & Mighty Mind, Soul & Body - YouTube and thats the reason why i dont get embedded. I was forced to copy paste the link into a text file, copy this copied link from the textfile to this forum and than it works.
  2. Thx Semler and BLuD, now it works. Was it a problem with permissions or had X0R's files to be approved first before some can DL it?
  3. I`m trying to DL X0R's wave files and than this message pops up
  4. Still the same problem BLuD. How its about Downloading them ? Extra permission setting?
  5. Same thing. The picture of your file attachments saying they are unavailable and when i press your files this happen. I have no permissions !?! Maybe DropBox?
  6. Thank YOu much Sir but i got one small problem. I cant touch your files. Seems like i have no permission or your files has to be approved before it get posted. Yes, i'm planning to introduce the civilian feature with unramed civilians (no handheld weapons except stones, epipens and medikit and the surrender fakeweapon). Because it would be to easy to identify the civilian i will also introduce a second civilian with suicide demolitions that looking exactly like the normal civi, so you dont know when you see him if its a civi or suicidebomber. The main powertool of
  7. Ok i should more explain in Detail about tweaklines in Firearms next time. In a Firearm tweak, you get the option to implement a "PULLtheTrigger" sound. That is that sound you can hear when you mag/clip is empty. I will replace this sound (the click click) with another sound, so instead of having "click" sound i would have a "allah snackbar scream" sound. Short and simple: I need a voice file (wave format) of any kind of jihady scream that is 3-5 seconds long. Ignore evrything i wrote about bolt click sound because you dont understand the technical aspect of this:
  8. Ok, for better understanding all in german: Pass auf folgendes: Das ist mein Plan: Ich arbeite gerade an dem civilian kit und baue gerade ein eigenes faction kit layout für den coop insurgency gamemode. Der civilian wird der Medic. Der wird allerdings keine Feuerwaffe besitzen sondern nur medikit, epipens, stones. Die anderen Waffenslots werden durch fake Feuerwaffen ersetzt die nichts anrichten, also keinen Schaden machen können. Durch diese fake Feuerwaffen kann ich Animationen vergeben wie z.B. surrender, also Arme hoch. Diesen Fake Feuerwaffen kann ich auf verschiedenst
  9. Not helpful Binary. If i use the search function for the specifiec sound on this site it do nothing. Additionally, i dont need the "click of a gun" sound. I want a clicksound for a Project Reality gun but this bolt click actually not sounds like a bolt click. I want it that it sounds like a jihadi scream Also, i dont know if i could get any copyright issue etc. I want that it's done by one of us (special background story, no need to think about that).
  10. Hi all, as the thread name says, i'm looking for help from some sound artists. I need someone who is skilled and already have the software on his rig to create sounds and maybe also able to modify them a bit. I need some sounds files (wave) with a length of maybe 3 - 5 seconds. I need it for a bolt trigger sound and some ambient sounds for Project Reality. Thanks in Advance.
  11. I know, you all waiting so long ... That's my fault Inch. I lost motivation on this for a while because of the LACK of support from the guys, where i thought, they would help me but it turned complete other direction. There exist one big problem with PR. We can have only ONE Coopmode and not 2 different coopmodes in PR. The gpm_coop has only the AAS4 features but not the insurgency gamemechanics. The WHOLE gpm_coopmode have to be reworked. The gpm_coop python gamemode have to be rewritten so that the pythonlogic checking the maps GameplayObjects.con (GPO) for captureable flags or am
  12. Because of the lack of coop.
  13. Welcome to Veterans-Gaming. Have a great time here.
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