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  1. Depends on where the model came from. Also, you need permissions from the original author. DL'ing stuff from Moddb and copy/pasting it into PR could cause trouble if you share that to the open. For a private mod it would be ok.
  2. Here a small unknown feature. I will not call it bug because its nice. When you zoom in with ironsights "HOLDING ZOOM Key" and than press capslock and than release zoom key and press capslock again you stay in zoomed mode. Crouching or re-using zoom key will reset it.
  3. Again ...... WW2 Nope, not me
  4. Put me in your squad Blizzard. Role doesn't matter.
  5. Not really, what issue do you mean? Hipfiring is one problem i'm aware about or the old look up wrapper error but that is fixed. It's also possible to bypass problems - generally done when you think out of the box. About the motivation thingy - i know what you mean and can understand that. In my case i lose focus or interrest because i'm working alone the most time on coop insurgency and there are so many things todo to improve coop but unbearable for one person. To much work.
  6. Wait, wait, wait .... what? A spawnlogic that is based on situation on the battlefield and not based on spawn/respawn timers and without fixed positions (objectspawner positions). Yeah i think that would improve much. Some things can also be handled by mapstrategies but PR's temperature values are lightyears away from that. I could life with having fixed objectspawners on the map because you can place many of them that make memorizing hard but your idea is great. Would it be possible to spawn a bot with a kit that isn't in the selection menu? Excample: Mult
  7. That's outstanding work from him, Semler. I dont know if we need this for our server(s) because some maps can be handled with 10 players. Doesn`t matter how many bots are on the other side. Than we have maps where 40 players aren't enough. The main problems i see are the maps with their asset layout. Khami lrg is horrible. Lashkar Infantry is a meatgrinder (i can and will not understand why we have no logitruck on it). But the biggest problem is : Why we have fucking botspawnpoints inside of controlpoint areas? Or why we have active spawnpoints in a flagcap radius that is
  8. I remember my first ArmA2 Insurgency session. Epic fail. Mission Briefing: All squadmembers siiting together and listening to Poffadders mission briefing. I was the machinegunner. I alt-tabbed to =VG= forum page and suddenly EVERYONE yelling at me what the fuck i doing and me shocked " Making forumpost" Poffadder asked me what i do and i said again making forum post" and Poffadder "aaaahhh you ALt-Tabbed, he doesnt know. Old Arma 2 bug, when you not lowered the weapon and you alt-tabbed, you shooting the whole belt empty without knowing it.
  9. Windows feature = Data Execution Prevention. v1.6.4 Game crashes after i join a server - Project Reality Forums (realitymod.com) Tbh. I wouldn't fuck around with it because i dont know what for evil things can happen.
  10. Hey bro's wait a bit. I dont think that X0R will harm anyone or try to hijack pc's. He also downloaded my insurgency maps without any complains or security concerns. Personally, i dont think i would need this exe. but i have a question about that. As we played coop insurgency, you (X0R) was also so there and i noticed your comment about my python init. You got this information with your exe.? That is what i understand from you comment. Or was it a lucky hit out of the blue? or only professional expectations because of your computing skill?
  11. What are your video settings? You running on high or medium?
  12. LoL found fix. When i copy/paste link :https://xXx.youtube.com/watch?v=bWjOw6vkXiY it converts to this text The High & Mighty Mind, Soul & Body - YouTube and thats the reason why i dont get embedded. I was forced to copy paste the link into a text file, copy this copied link from the textfile to this forum and than it works.
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