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    Twits are OK ,ish
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    hahahaha haahaha
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    GODS AND MEN and women sometimes
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    Diver mixed gas.

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  1. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG!!!!!  Come Home!!!!!...I blowing the shit out of the silent whistle!!!!

    1. =VG= 0100011000101

      =VG= 0100011000101

      it's been a year now!


      you don't have to move your lazy ass to the battlefield, but a sign of life would be nice...



      HOLY SHIT MAN...I fakin miss all the OG's....

  2. Hey man, when you get a chance reach out to me. I hope all is well

  3. **NOT Banned -- Simply restricted from actions on this website until we can talk in TeamSpeak about what happened to the website.  Thanks for understanding, brother!  We're all pretty concerned!  Hope everything is okay!

  4. PR don't be late : ) You wont need your exams as PR is better than life, BTL .... shangri la equation PR= BTL, theory of everything PR=BTL maxwell's equation PR=BTL e=mc squared PR=BTL squared speed of light in vacuum =PR, the gravitational constant =PR, the Planck constant =PR, the electric constant =PR, and the elementary charge =PR.
  5. You have only played PR alot and never to much : ) take a squad leader role and you won't have time to get board, or eat, shit shave or sleep : )
  6. Log on to PR and ask the players there : ) when they say no.......... keep playing PR : ) yayeeee : ) PR is a game from BC -0001
  7. Outstanding work and contribution, TEDF your a river to your people : ) will try to get on : ) Thanks for keeping PR and VG alive : ) )
  8. NAaahaa the owner is a British retired doctor , i told him i wanted to use the place for PR late at night, he said he would love to play with me : ) and would even cook me dinner : ) another one for the clan : ) yaeeeaeee
  9. 1 mbit you only get mosquitos up in those numbers here LOL Copy... If this C19 scam keeps up i will go and use the only internet café here, and sit next to the kids and play PR hahahah
  10. Yer nice one, maybe get a player to be a field reporter/film crew, and make post it on you tube, it's much better than hollywood films we might get some more bodys/ fresh meat, on the server as well
  11. Yer throw it all in : ) Roll it out, roll it out, roll out the barrelDa-da-da da-da da-da da-da-da-da-daSing a song of good cheer'Cause the whole gang is hereRoll it out, roll it outLet's do the beer barrel polka And never buy an iphone even if you own a MAC lol
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