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  1. that is not only in the direction of Coop but also with each other. but you are right that we are perceived more as annoying and stupid. this is also true for most of the other coop servers, which is why i only played at vg for years because the other servers are kindergarten. but i have to say my deployment experiences weren't better... ^^ it's more chaos and it's much more toxic. I think because the elitist feeling is very high. you can define it very well by devaluing others. whether noob, coop, sniper,... trigger words that can be used to enhance yourself. because you are better. your squad is better than the guy with the sniper kit that's why people laugh at him, deployment feels better and more tactical than coop and laughs at us. but with a sniper kit on kokan i am often number 1 and can secure a flag almost on my own. and with coop it is sometimes more tactical because there is no chaos and confusion on both sides. maximum on one side...^^ and I also think at deployment you are often "against each other" in groups... because you fight against each other. we play together... as a team against bots. the inner attitude is a little different. we have nothing to loose because that are bots... they have pride and glory that has to be defendet against other humans...sounds stupid but I see many rivalries in PR... but at coop they are much lower.
  2. lol, I have one but they don't like me there... I posted there once and it backfired extremely. ^^
  3. I cant say. it came a few times every 3-5 maps... I will pay attention to it and report.
  4. but there is a real bug...does not appear on every map.
  5. im bugged...now i have to push 2 times "g".^^
  6. did you delete the cache, shader and personal data from pr after de-installing 1.2? Im not sure, but maybe your new pr won't cope with the ancient settings because a lot has changed. __________ at realitymod someone had the same error: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2211726#post2211726 a dev told him to install this: (original link/I can't say anything about this file/there was no feedback either!) maybe its the same like this: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/download/details.aspx?id=48145 but i dont know if it helps... if it doesn't help, I would uninstall PR again, delete all pr data and then install the last full version again, update it and try it again.
  7. i was also confused and thought it was today...^^
  8. hi, i don't know why i'm here. i hate computer (games) and PR really sucks... i was forced to join this clan and since then i have had to play PR on their server. the last year was ok, because we were all in a lockdown here and i hardly had to work but now that the cinemas are open again next week, i don't know how to manage all of this...;( i have known PR from the beginning. Back then I was a really good engineer in BF2 and spent half my life there. Unfortunately, I was always annoyed by the lack of team play. At the time, I found PR boring and rather slow... 5 years ago I checked if BF2 is still alive. was fun but it was the same nonsense as always: spawning, killing, dying then I stumbled upon PR again and was amazed that this minimod has 9GB... and of course I had to look inside. because i'm only a number in this clan i had to use this strange binary code as a name. this has led to me being given various names in the game. number guy, zero-one, one-ziro, hans, hey you, VG, binary-code, bob, 0100011000101, Numbers, 94 62 01, 148 98 1, 46 05, 70 5, f, f (, [9] 2245 to name a few. ...last year I managed to break free as you can read here: what can I say, it didn't work out and now I have to work for VG as admin again. so, i am happy to be here see you on the battlefield or on discord.
  9. Hello.....I don't know my way around the site yet and am looking for a bit of assistance.

    I'm pretty sure that the process is simple but I can't figure out how to get onto the servers to play a bit.

    I'm hoping that you will give me the neccesary steps that I need to follow.

    Also, I can't figure out how to make posts in the forums.

    Thanks in advance,

    Mostly Blind

    1. =VG= 0100011000101

      =VG= 0100011000101


      here you can see a couple of servers:


      When it comes to PR you just have to click on COOP and not on deployment after starting and then update the server list. a veterans-gaming server should appear  (usually at the top). Double click and you did it...

      with BMS and Arma you have to ask someone else because I have no experience with BMS and only very limited with Arma. (maybe Blizzard, Kavelenko or Semler can help you with BMS/ with arma maybe keed or pitn)

      Links in the Forum:

      Arma: https://veterans-gaming.com/forums/forum/33-arma-series/

      BMS: https://veterans-gaming.com/forums/forum/202-falcon-bms-4-272/

      PR: https://veterans-gaming.com/forums/forum/28-project-reality-42/

      and if it is mainly about BMS I would look around here:



      With Squad I could also help you, but it looks like the server is down right now.

    2. Mostly Blind

      Mostly Blind

      Thanks....that will get me started.

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