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  1. why? the vacuum cleaner moves the dust in one direction, creating friction. the air from the can pushes the dust into the other and creating friction... in which direction is no static charge?^^ when vacuuming or blowing, this static can arise. hardly a difference. of course you should ground yourself before you open a computer, but you should also stay grounded, or it doesn't make so much sense... I would still advise everyone beforehand. but whether he blows or sucks makes no difference. ^^ btw, in the past, minefields computers were much more susceptible to static
  2. that was bad in the 80s... but today virtually every IT service employee vacuums or blows the computer clean. of course, theoretically, something can happen... but it is more likely that you destroy something yourself by touching it than that too much static builds up... this is a fallacy. static is formed by friction. static does not matter whether it is vacuum or blown. would work both ways. So if you don't vacuum, you also shouldn't blow... ^^
  3. and why should he leave his computer dusty? take care of the fan and vacuum as much as you want...
  4. that sounds like a direct challenge! seriously: the admins have watch lists, or you name a name in between, I think that's ok, but we shouldn't start with further lists in this direction. I think "secured or tested member" as a seal is also ok. but i find it very questionable to create whitelists for players... that has a negative aftertaste for me. I know this thread was not meant in a negative way and I have no real problem with it. just wanted to put it in the room to think about... ^^
  5. this random number dude: if you see him flying cas or trans, better keep distance. but he is a good sniper and anti-personnel...and he knows how to drive a dirtbike.
  6. but dont fall off the moon...it has big deathzones...^^ its on 400m in the middle of the map.
  7. what else occurred to me: maybe it was my own fault for the crashes... i played with bots on both sides. can it be because of that? and i misused the bots in my team pretty much... ^^
  8. Create a local deployment game and search for "flat earth"
  9. on adak it was during taking the second flag. Radar was taken and factory was at least neutral... at lback gold sometime after leaving the first flag. loading was fine.
  10. both maps CTD. Unfortunately, i cannot say when, because it was for no apparent reason.
  11. looks interesting ... I'll try the maps tomorrow evening.
  12. only players with a microphone are allowed to comment here...;p and you're really good as a trans or SL.
  13. exactly. I've worked with C4D in the past. this is even possible on an i3 with 2.6 GHz, 8gm ram, onboard graca. if you know what it looks like afterwards, you can work quite fluently. But if you use a lot of effects, hair or complex textures, looking at them while working can take forever. if you want to render it out you can do that overnight and let it run for hours. so simple tasks can be solved with weak computers, but if you want to do more complex things then you quickly lose the desire and you need something faster. with C4D you mainly need cpu cores and ghz, less the graphics card. it
  14. Sorry but I won't start resigning SLs just because they don't have a mic. that would also very often empty the server by a third because you are often get kicked out of a squad if you dont have a mic and then you only can open your own squad... only to get resigned again. if it were done that way, I wouldn't be here.
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