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  1. https://j3sus.net/media/Poly-Ticks/Poly-Ticks - Nuclear Scharmützel [2022-05-08 052647].mp3 Model:Samples:Drums RD6:Clap Crave:OutaspaceARP Pro1:BASS! Neutron:Bass TD3:ACID Keystep Pro: ARP Reverb: Motu Onboard-Reverb Nice Delay: FX600 and my new mixer
  2. thanks, but with the new mixer everything is different...its a dream with routing, the eqs and the 4 aux busses but now there are too many choices...^^
  3. It has happened again: Poly-Ticks - mobile crematoriums Model:Samples:Drums RD6:BDandSnare Crave:OutaspaceARP Pro1:BASS! Neutron:FirstBass TD3:ACID Keystep Pro: sEq Reverb: Motu Onboard-Reverb Nice Delay: FX600 Compressor on BD:Composer Pro Sidechain comp on Pro1:Composer Pro Onetake, Stereosum edited with comp and eq.
  4. a small project that was just about trying sequencing on three different devices at the same time. apolitical-political, convict without taking a stand... Poly-Ticks - Cancel Culture! Mini-Maxi E.P.: https://j3sus.net/media/Poly-Ticks/Poly-Ticks - just a monoeuver.mp3 https://j3sus.net/media/Poly-Ticks/Poly-Ticks - Butchers Homerun.mp3 https://j3sus.net/media/Poly-Ticks/Poly-Ticks - Clear sky over kiew2.mp3 https://j3sus.net/media/Poly-Ticks/Poly-Ticks - collateral rape.mp3 https://j3sus.net/media/Poly-Ticks/Poly-Ticks - I came, I saw, I sequenced.mp3 Model:Samples:Drums RD6:Somesnare Crave:Basslines+OutaspaceARPs Pro1:BASS! Neutron:Percussion+Noises+ARPs TD3:BASS! TG500:Percussions Keystep Pro: sEq Ugly reverb: TC Skysurfer Nice Delay: FX600 Other Reverbs:VST-Plugins all one or two takes, mixed live, the stereo sum was edited with comp, eq and the like afterwards.
  5. had problems installing. after the download there was a validation error "1212 file corrupt" the solution was to download it with another computer (with another pr installation) and install it manually.
  6. Rototski - Lost in Acid 1 + 2 ~15 and ~19 min. jam Part one (Pro1, Neutron, Crave, TD3, VST DRUMS, RD6, Reverb, Delay, EQ): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YAtyiMxxU5y7jxHUwXfbRAz7ytyKVmOs/view?usp=sharing Part two (Pro1, Neutron, Crave, TD3, VST DRUMS, RD6, Reverb, Delay, EQ, Channel Comp, Sidechain Comp): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rE95LVe6NYWi0iGvX3ieXqOtrFApyS0o/view?usp=sharing
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xuCFjrae_W0nQ23_d7W9ScykicCFlEW-/view?usp=sharing Rototski - Mobile Crash Unit!
  8. 2hours shots from all directions, 189 kills, 8 deaths, ~5500 points....^^ a little bit of ghost train on top of the dam^^
  9. muttrah is simply the best map. and jabal is very good too. anyone who says otherwise ignores 80% of the players who see it that way and has probably even less taste... but what can you expect when admins without taste hire other admins...;p but it feels like we've been playing op. Marlin, Vadso and Gronzi a lot more and those maps are really annoying. Whenever I go online, one of these maps is running... Grozni everyone always wants to play and then the server is empty in a few minutes, vadso generally nobody wants to play (including me) and marlin is actually not that bad but somehow makes it still no fun ^^ thats because this are the lowpop-maps... if you have less than 15 player mutt, kash and jabal are the maps that bring back the players. muttrah 24/7! with usable forklifts!!
  10. oh fu... you got me. After the recording, I edited it slightly with an EQ and comp and increased the volume by almost 6dB. by dawless i meant that it wasn’t clicked together in the computer, but only analog synths, an external sequencer and a mixer were used and no computer. ... when i do post-processing, search for sounds or the like i use my adam LS but when i do such a mix then i use shit AKG K270 headphones where the bass and the treble sound terrible, but they have a wicked spatial image. you can't mix real instruments with it, but it's great for (deep) tekkno. I am mostly looking for ideas and sequences on my LS then I play around a bit to get a basis and set all controls (mackie1604/no faders ^^) to 0dB and roughly level the volume of the synths on my old mackie mixer. since they all go from very low to very high and from very quiet to very loud, you really only need to do it roughly... then i put on headphones and start... from now on you do most of it through the filters in the synths. that's why a bit of headroom in the mixer is good. then I go very stupid over the 2track-out in my sound card and have a limiter at -0.4db there. too much bleeps for minimal^^ but yes! minimal and acid! ...and Elektro:
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PMPROaKQUMUba3R-y30dLgylyFxAjo19/view?usp=sharing without any DAW. Keystep Pro Pro-1 TD3 RD6 Neutron Crave Reverb Delay Distortion
  12. the newest that ever existed, but soon old anyway.
  13. Systmcheck for '22. the keystep pro is the main clock and seq. its sequenzing the bassline for a Pro-1 and the ambience-stuff for Crave and Neutron. The keystep also gives a clock to the RD6 and TD3. Both using the internal seq. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N_XEwj_xjdclByJbpVOrufxFxpfFR7C-/view?usp=sharing its a 6min jam just to look whats work and how...
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