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  1. was ist ein bolt click sound von einem schrei? meint bolt click nur den trigger (wann der schrei losgehen soll) oder möchtest du einen wirklichen schrei evtl mit clickgeräusch von den detonator? was mechanische geräusche angeht kann man evtl schon vorhandene PR-sounds nehmen und sie verändern, dann sollte es wahrscheinlich keine copyright probleme geben, oder? klingt aber generell nach einer ziemlich geilen idee...das wird für viel panik sorgen^^
  2. that depends on the source. you can get copyright problems if you take the sound from a fmovie eg. But if you tinker with it or build it so that you can't figure out where the sound comes from anyway, you won't get any trouble with it. it probably makes sense to combine several sounds... can you give me examples from eg movies? only in german to get the details: du meinst das geräusch wenn der kolben zurückfährt oder die waffe leer ist und nicht den schuss? sehe ich das richtig? ich hätte vielleicht noch etwas zu dem link sagen sollen... es gibt solche archive wo
  3. what for ambient sound do you mean? maybe i can help...got some hard- and softwaresynthies. https://www.zapsplat.com/sound-effect-category/guns/page/3/
  4. I've had that too. I'm not sure whether this has something to do with the update, but before the update you could play dovre summer with "!setnext dov co std" and dovre winter with "!setnext wint co std". now dovre winter is loading with both. in the last week i played almost 10 hours with various mapchanges and there wasn't a single crash.
  5. hi freaks, i left this community a long time ago, so almost exactly 6 weeks, some people may still know me. for those who don't: i was built somewhere between Intel 8086 and commodore c64. most of the time i spend at home when there are deadly diseases worldwide. if i don't do that i try to rescue my job in the culture branch even though this branch no longer exists. when i'm not researching hyper-real war simulations, i try to understand music and have already seen one or two movies. because at the tender age of 6 I was forced to work in the IT industry, i know a little about k
  6. if it helps...i got some pics of volod using his MG not AR... and here is one pic with a very rare situation where he very tactically covers the left with the MG and the right with the pistol: and here he is moving his mg to a tactically position inside of a caprange but outside of the trouble to rape some spawnpoints:
  7. i have a good workaround: download and install Project Reality. ;p
  8. i never had anything to do with gta... so help me guys, what's wrong with claude? why doesn't he have a last name like the others? ^^
  9. lol, sorry the "spoiler"-function is broken and for some reason I can't edit it anymore. ^^ //edit: i can edit normal posts but i cant edit anything in the spoiler test:
  10. I wouldn't be so sure about that...;) but thank you for this information. he definitely has the potential to do so. Usually we do not select admins based on applications, but rather observe players who we think might fit. you will not get a yes or no to this post, but such information helps a lot to focus on individual players. the head administrators will then decide if necessary, even if there is no public discussion about it. in any case, many thanks for your point of view.
  11. my dreads are longer than that. the longest part goes down to my knees. i started in '96, so its 24 years for me and for me it has only had advantages so far. ...i dont have a single hair in the shower and if the weather is bad I tie them together. theoretically i could use it as a scarf^^ so i don't have all the problems even if I do technical work, for example, then I tie them together in a knot and absolutely nothing bothers me. I won't change anything about that for the next 20 years either...^^ good idea... i will breed them for another 25 years and then use them as my pension. ;p
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