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  1. that's realistic...trucks have a speed limit of 80khm...so most drive 90-100. but yes, the traffic is getting worse...^^
  2. very unrealistic...63khm on a german autobahn?!?^^
  3. I have already restarted the server. but didn't help... no idea what's going (wr)on(g) there.
  4. I can't get the mod installed on a BF3...no idea what I'm doing wrong...
  5. Poly-Ticks - Another wall down to the bricks.mp3 Poly-Ticks - Dawn of the Dead.mp3 Poly-Ticks - Very close and still far away.mp3 Poly-Ticks - we ve heard that before.mp3 Poly-Ticks - You cant fix this in the mix! -weglueititwithanothercomp-mix.mp3 Poly-Ticks - You cant fix this in the mix! -tootightyoutubemobile-mix.mp3
  6. it was fun unfortunately i had to leave very early because there were problems at work. I hope you had fun and that there will be another event like this soon.
  7. Poly-Ticks - Those were militarized Kindergartens! DAWless, onetake. Drums: M:Samples Melancolic Space: Neutron Synthie: Crave Bass: Pro1 Bass2: TD3 Perc/Noises: TG500 1 VST Reverb 1 Motu Reverb 1 Fx600 Delay 1 Alesis Ringmodulator 1 Comp on BD, Sidechain on Bassline Post-edit with EQ, COMP, Width, Limiter
  8. X:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels
  9. it could really be that this is taking a few players off the coop server. on the other hand i have the whole week the problem that i have to wait to get on our server because it is full... In addition, it makes more sense to have bots on both sides, especially with low-pop. we could just try it out... let both run for a week or two... and then see if you only do it on weekends or leave it like that for the week.
  10. that's ok...i'll try it out on my banking computer first so i don't endanger my main system...^^
  11. thats so 2010... there is no virus infected crack, or something?
  12. a demo? where can i get the full version?
  13. thank you for your complaint. I was there. Unfortunately I missed this "prelude". and unfortunately it is the case that as a SL you can more or less kick squadmembers as you wish but if you only do this to gain advantages, you will quickly be ostracized by the entire team because you don't like playing with someone like that. and if needed, admins can at least remove someone like that from the SL job with "useless SL". In this specific case, i can't really say which of you was right,..., I don't know what was going on in the SL radio either... However, I have not been able to perceive anything negative from you and igor's side. with wolf47 it was a bit different... We will definitely keep an eye on involved people. I agreed with you that kicking someone out of the squad because you want his asset is a shitty move. Fortunately, such players often take care of themselves very quickly... I can also understand if that takes the fun and it's good that you didn't push the situation even further.
  14. thanks, it was fun. for so many players, faster respawn times for bots might be good, so that you have more to shoot...;) thank you very much for your time and effort.
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