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  1. this can happen when a program is using a file and then crashes... from time to time windows doesn't manage to close open files correctly and it then they are defective. it is probably enough to replace the affected file with an intact file. server.zipclient.zip these are server.zip and client.zip from Tad Sae PR you can just copy them over the broken files and see if it works then. PR is responsible for the crashes themselves, but the fact that these files are defective is more of a windows problem.
  2. you humans are funny... first you help the robots to take over the world and then you wonder when they do it... yoga rhythmic? very cool and interesting!
  3. thank you;) yes, they are rack-"mounted", I simply attached them with cable ties.^^
  4. Oma Kort3x! - Ac1d Waste - Ecumenical beat fair / open compilation Oma Kortex - Acid Waste 1 TD3 meets TD3-MO Oma Kortex - Acid Waste 2 TD-3 -->CV-Out-->Pro-1 TD-3-MO-->CV-Out-->Sample&Hold-->Mult. CV Neutron Model:Sample - unmotivated drums FX: One Flamma REV, Behringer Delay, Ibanez Dist Postproc.: EQ, Comp, Some VoodooFX Oma Kortex - Acid Waste 3 TD3 -->CvOut-->Pro1 TD3 MO -->CV-->Crave Random CV from both TD3s-->Neutron Model:Sample - unmotivated drums FX: One Flamma REV, Behringer Delay Postproc.: EQ, Comp, Some VoodooFX
  5. who are you? I can understand very well that it looks like PR is going to die again right now, but I'm pretty sure we still have a few years left... you came back exactly at the time when the server is empty again...this looked completely different 3 months ago. I couldn't join the server in the evening because it was full and even our pvpe server was full with 40 players at the same time. I've been here for some time now and during this period PR was almost buried at least 4 times because many thought it was coming to an end. each time there was a period shortly after when pr was fuller than before and the questions for a second server arose... well sure...sooner or later there will come a day when we play PR:Squad4 and think back to the old days of PR:bf2 but I'm pretty sure we still have a few years left before that happens. recently, due to corona and the last update, there was a huge influx, it's getting less at the moment, but I think there will be a boost again in the near future (both with corona and with pr^^) I don't think we have to do big advertising for PR either. our problem is that we have too many newcomers on the server and not enough pro's to keep the game running. there are evenings with 30 players who fail at muttrah because 75% are new and have absolutely no plan. on the other hand, it doesn't do any harm if someone advertises and invites friends. there were already moments in 2017 where I tried to win vadso with tickets at night with 3 man and just now there is another phase... to prevent this in the future, start with yourself and don't come by every 2 weeks but every 2 days...;p
  6. what kind of posture is that? stand up straight, hands out of pockets!
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