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  1. "street" in 5min was fun it was nice but too easy...but some maps would be great for lowpop on our server.
  2. Poly-Ticks - Warming cold that surrounds you Virtual Drums TD3 TD3-MO WASP Crave Some FX
  3. who are you? nice to see you around here...;)
  4. on it! really crazy that it's been 5 years. the moment i read the message and this surreal feeling because we had a lot of fun together the day before is totally absurd and doesn't get any less over time. many players who are on the server almost every day have never met him because we are 3-5 generations further. (if you can call it that). anyway: move your ass to muttrah on the 19th! if you don't come by, you are not allowed to use vehicles on kashan for one year! (even trans) if you ask for a map change, you have to expect a fist fight from the whole team! If he can't be there, he should at least laugh his ass off at us...
  5. Oma Kort3x - Horeb Sessions Pt 1 https://j3sus.net/media/OmaKortex/Oma Kort3x - Horeb Session Pt 1 [2023-05-20 013028].mp3 TD3 TD3-MO Crave RD6 Virtual 2600er Some FX The Arp is from a Midi-Samplpack
  6. wow. until just now i thought that this rock of a guy is immortal. i didn't have many discussions with skiddels, but there were a few... mostly it was about fascism, anti-racism or why people take such paths at all and i've always been fascinated by his hard, down-to-earth manner, in which he was also open up to new perspectives. that was really a shock. I knew he was struggling with his health but not that he was in such a bad shape. I would also think it would be very good if we could set up a day of honor. Unfortunately I don't know what his favorite maps were, but AR or MG was his favorite kit, maybe you can work with it... @=vg=skiddles : pls say hello to crazyvet from us, maybe you now have the opportunity to play a few cool rounds of muttrah with him. Ruhe in Frieden!
  7. hmm,.... you could play around with the graphics settings of the game and see if it gets better or different.
  8. did you change anything since the update? like graca-drivers, win-update, new hardware...
  9. because with such large distances you use many hops (intermediate servers) that changes over the time. there is not only one "way" to our server but hundreds of "roads"... depending on which one your client is currently taking, the connection will be different. under windows you can open the CMD and use the command "tracert" to display all hops you are using to connect to our server. I have 9 hops, including my router, my isp and 3 hops on the VG side. 4 hops remain, with a ping of 17ms. i am very close to the server...
  10. can you join a deployment- or any other server? maybe a firewall, NAT or anti-virus software problem?
  11. yes, was cool, even if i had to work for an hour during that time...^^ thank you very much @=VG= Zeee!
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