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  1. Thanks to all those who joined. Was a good time. I might try and run it again another time.
  2. If you are having trouble like danky redownload. I added a new link to a non-passworded download
  3. Download here Okay download is up, password will be released before the event so it's not spoiled. If you have never installed an event or custom map follow these steps A few things to note before the event starts. Most missions are relatively simple to understand, and are primarily AAS. Even still make sure you have a read of the mission briefing before clicking squad assignment There are no FOBs or SL spawnpoints. Transport is essential. I've removed handheld AA to help with this. SL and commander rallypoints are still active. Some settings are tweaked. SL rallypoints stay for 5 minutes, commander stays for ten. The entire team can spawn on a commander rally, but requires 6 team members nearby to deploy one. All assets are delayed 3 minutes at the round start, this is to allow everyone to organise and get kits sorted. Also give us opfor guys a chance to get ready. Don't try and walk from main bases. Normal coop rules apply regarding assets, correct squads for claimable assets. No mech inf sorry. Remember to bring ammo in your squads, supplies are in short demand. Depending on your skills we may not get through all the missions. At times if your team is struggling I might provide intel to the commander. Provided you have one.
  4. Still need some helpers on a few opfor maps. Anyone can do it
  5. No, it's only Allie vs Me, System and Cubiks. Blufor has no signups besides commander, join on the day and you find/make a squad.
  6. Put you down as standby on opfor. If you're only going to be there a round or two it'll be more fun on blufor
  7. Yes of course. You can help on opfor then go blufor or the other way around with no issues. Also, while the missions are connected but if you can't join at the start there's no reason not to join partway through, you'll only be missing a little bit of context.
  8. Pls choose which numbers between 1 and 5 you want to be commander and/or opfor on. That way it's not my decision. Those who go opfor will get some secret pre-game info for their maps and how we're going to focus entirely on killing X0R,
  9. OPERATION SHIFTING SANDS Operation Date: Saturday 16th March, 1800 GMT Download: HERE! Password: whereismelon It's 2003, a nice Spring day. Temperature is hovering around 100 degrees and the rations have just been handed out. Welcome to Nafir. A beautiful oasis in the middle of nowhere. This amazing city has many features, Vast deserts, a mostly intact airport, and many delightful small villages surrounding it. The main drawcard of this exceptional location has to be, without a doubt the vast stores of chemical weapons housed just outside the city. The invasion is going well, the hunt for oil weapons of mass destruction is well underway. and we might actually have some here. We're pushing the line fast and hard here to try and catch the MEC forces off guard and it looks to have paid off. We're operating very light on support, and are expecting our infantry to carry us through. This is going to be fast on the ground and require teamwork for success. Operational support is limited to 4 transport helicopters, 2 UH1N (Huey) and 2 MH6 (Littlebird) Unfortunately We've been regulated to some old maps we found in the in We have two objectives today, Firstly, securing Nafir Aiport. This fully functional hub is a vital strategic resource for further operations in the area, and we need to secure it before the MEC dig in and create a battleground that will only end with it non-functional and useless. Intel shows no military vehicles or entrenched positions and no quick response force able to assist. So we can hopefully take this quickly and without suffering catastrophic losses. Second objective is the hunt for weapons, The bunker complex has minor defenses, including a few scattered AA emplacements. low helo flight should be able to safely insert our troops to the area. Squads are tasked with securing the bunkers and collecting any evidence and weapons in the area. Any enemy trucks that are found are to be used to transport the goods back to Nafir airport This is a large military barracks, and we have no chance of taking the base without additional support. Bunkers do not need to be held for any longer than it takes to secure our findings and extract to the airport. While expectations are that you will recover all evidence that is present, command will call this mission a success if we are able to retrieve at least 60% of the found evidence. End Briefing So this is a bit of a new event from me. I've been setting it up for a bit now. It's a total of 5 "missions" or maps, though you only get the intel for the first one. The rest are super secret. If you didn't understand from the briefing the first mission is as follows: Step 1: Secure the airport by capturing all the flags Step 2: Capture each bunker flag Step 3: If a logi spawns you have to get it to the airport Now as usual for a melon event, things aren't always so simple. And some game functions will differ from normal coop. The modified: Removed the ability to build fobs Removed the ability to spawn on SL Removed bot handheld AA As an extra bonus I will be playing on the enemy team with a few selected players, acting as gamemaster to keep the bots on track and offer some unique challenges. The commander will play a vital role through organizing attacks, UAV and the commander rallypoints, so this is going to be the only signup available for blufor. Normal coop rules apply, no flag skipping, no baserape, no TK etc. There's also an additional no mech inf squads rules, assets are limited when available and have to be available to the dedicated asset squads. Signups Blufor Mission 1 Commander: Allie Mission 2 Commander: Inch Mission 3 Commander: Allie Mission 4 Commander: Mission 5 Commander: If you're interested in helping me on the opfor team signups are available with a standby slot if someone falls through. This is a specific role and you'll have to operate under a strict rules, it's not a free for all against the players. Opfor Mission 1: System Mission 1: Helilover Standby 1:Spartanish Mission 2: Danky Mission 2: Pew Pew Standby 2: Allie Mission 3:J4SON Mission 3: Pew Pew Standby 3: Mission 4: Spartanish Mission 4: Kovak Standby 4: Mission 5: Sniper Igor Mission 5:Sphee Standby 5:
  10. Hey, welcome to the forums! Glad to see you made it. Just to be clear, it wasn't so much a demand to join as a suggestion. I do love being in the spotlight though
  11. It's hard to remember correctly if you never play the game. You're just confused, what I say is that kashan is my favourite map
  12. > Be me, dedicated software dev > Spend days and nights crunching code, squashing bugs > My life revolves around this project, it's my pride and joy > There's one thing I can't stand though... "Jabal Al Burj" > Every update, every patch, it's there - taunting me > Forced to work on it day in and day out > Gaze at the code, eyes stinging, my white whale > Decide enough is enough > Smash that "Delete" button like my life depends on it > The name "Jabal Al Burj" erased forever from the game > Feel a wave of relief, finally free from the chains > The next day, ready to face the consequences > Player uproar and online backlash > Surprisingly, feel nothing > It's like the Jabal Al Burj never existed > A weight lifted off my shoulder, feeling invincible > Turns out sometimes you have to destroy a mountain of code to create a masterpiece. Alternate > be programmer for popular game Project Reality > develop intense hatred for certain map, jabal al burj > get carried away, decide to remove it > all hell breaks loose in gamer community > everyone loved that damned map > instead of blaming me, everyone points finger at Zeee > feel safe but also a bit guilty > mfw my map hatred sparks a full blown PR crisis > mfw poor innocent Zeee gets the blame instead of me > still, not gonna bring back jabal al burj, that map sucks
  13. Skiddles was good sorts. A =VG= member through and through. Unyielding He will be missed
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