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  1. During the week there isn't enough players and definitely not enough admins to run two servers at once outside of some peak times. Turning the Coop PvP server on only on weekends solves this issue and allows us to continue to focus on our main server, the coop one. We won't be running a deployment server, even with the PvP running good it's rare to see even 40 human players at any one time. The benefit of Coop PvP is that it avoids the issue of not having enough players to cap points if the bots can do it. Yes, maps are unbalanced, not much can be done or will be done to solve this. If it's not fun people won't play it and we will go back to having one coop server. This is a player based server, if the players aren't enjoying it or don't want it then we will stop running it. If they continue to want it on the weekends then I will continue to turn it on Fridays and off on Sundays.
  2. Kicking someone from infantry is one thing, however demanding an asset back when it's being used properly is basically just stealing with extra steps and should be treated as such. I know, really hard to enforce but it's such a rare occurrence anyway. Thank you for the report @R-CON LangMaster, mot much can be done this late however we'll keep an eye on it.
  3. Unfortunately I can't see it working for kassel, the big view distance and planes make it really hard to balance and you would still end up getting pinged across the map or the planes would never get shot at. I've redone the whole system for WW2 vehicles and weapon ranges which should help a little bit for combat. Not a guaranteed fix though.
  4. you need to extract them with winzip or winrar as well. should look like this after all is done
  5. Might show up, might not. Don't want to be shamed by Zeee's maps
  6. This is not your first time playing with us, you are being autokicked by the server for a previous ban. Changing your username will not change the outcome of your ban
  7. I'd advise against doing it on full server. Some helis don't like to go upside down and will just crash. Rolling is definitely easier and wastes less time Lynx works good for backflips, huey is easiest to pull most stunts in. Chinook is surprisingly agile. Gain height, Do a dive and gain speed. Start pulling up halfway to ground and continue until flip is reached, Returning to level flight takes more time than going upside down and will drop more altitude, so make sure you have enough height to clear ground. Keyboard bind for the pull back works good so you get the most out of it
  8. I'm probably going to buff accuracy a bit. Smg especially never hits.
  9. definitely not intended. Smoke is good for reviving under fire and tactical, I die all the time, I could never hate it
  10. Unfortunately not, all bots get set to the same difficulty with changes based on their weapons. Sniper for example is very accurate and gets headshots often. SMG bot is shit at anything over 30m
  11. Yes, all weapons rearm. This way the bots don't run out. they take between 30-60 seconds to get another rocket. Bots are too dumb to rearm on a crate or a rifleman.
  12. Just too hard to reach the flag with bots attacking or to cap the flag? Should be okay now Give it a shot now. Bots also don't shoot so far Bots will stop spawning when you start capping now. Bots also don't shoot so far same as above not fixed atm Try it again, shouldn't be able to shoot into main anymore not fixing lol should suppress less from distance ??? not really able to do anything. Do you hold V arrow to drop ramp? Should be somewhat easier, shit map though Infantry layer? Try it again shit map. not much can be done Same as charlies. Bots also don't shoot so far
  13. So with AI changes slowing down I'm turning my attention to the hated maps of PR, the despised, the forests. I'm looking to improve these mapsplayability by improving the specific issues that cause us to alt+f4 midway through the round, or things that cause everyone to get annoyed fighting over a single flag for 20+ minutes. To do this, I need help from you, the playerbase to help compose this list of dramas. I need 3 things, map name & layer, flag name or location and the issue. Example, Fools road LRG, east valley and ridgeline. Spam fighting in forest. Lashkar Valley STD, North Objective, impossible to cap without APC spamming from hill.\ I know forest maps suck because bots can see through trees, but it is being worked on with variable view distances and other things
  14. Quad guns were not changed, just your imagination that they are better lol. LATS with single shot haven't fired at helis in a while, but I've changed it again. Only ins RPGs will target a chopper and their accuracy and range got nerfed more. Nerfed shotguns, iron sights and reflex sights accuracy. Slight buff to lmg, slight. Please remember bots are a little bit more realistic. They will hear your tank/apc and prep accordingly.
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