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  1. It is its just bugged i would have used it for sure
  2. BF2 Project Reality Event A small but large event hope everyone enjoys Standard VG Rules Apply Date: March 17thTime: 20:00 gmtPassword: noobDownload: Here! -Installation- Directory should look something like this. You must extract the levels using winrar or 7zipC:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels Should be like this when done
  3. STD Muttrah Layer should be avoided till next patch All other Muttrah layers work fine Sorry i should posted this yesterday
  4. Should just go back to the days where cas had 300+ kills on each map unimpeded
  5. All my stuff is on my old pc but maybe some day
  6. Sounds interesting Maybe a bike race would be more fair on like muttrah or fallujah
  7. Thank you everyone for joining hope you enjoyed
  8. Try not to spoil too much for yourself and others my friend
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