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  1. STD Muttrah Layer should be avoided till next patch All other Muttrah layers work fine Sorry i should posted this yesterday
  2. Should just go back to the days where cas had 300+ kills on each map unimpeded
  3. All my stuff is on my old pc but maybe some day
  4. Sounds interesting Maybe a bike race would be more fair on like muttrah or fallujah
  5. Thank you everyone for joining hope you enjoyed
  6. Corridor make some good stuff
  7. Try not to spoil too much for yourself and others my friend
  8. Already on the list 1st or 2nd id say
  9. Project Reality Event Redux? Some maps from the previous event with some new additions (via suggestions) Standard VG Rules Apply Date: July 3rdTime: 16:00 UTCPassword: noobDownload: Here! Ras el Masri Std Fallujah West Khamisiyah Operation Archer Kokan Ramiel Defence Omaha WIP With very limited resources try you best to defend against the assault If a flag is lost it CAN NOT be taken back Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions for other layers
  10. Why not just remove the 2 flags on the left town and make first flag controlled by enemy that way we have more contact on flags rather than empty flags
  11. Thank you all for joining the event and being patient as we fixed some issues early on. With all the good feedback and suggestions i'll be able to make these maps better and fix em up. I hope to do more events in the future
  12. Sorry about that went over my head Directory should look something like this. Put them in the levels folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels
  13. Event moved to Saturday 17:00 UTC
  14. Nope will be played as normal like the standard VG Server
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