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  1. thats what i used
  2. Why? Who said this was a good idea... I understand the "devs" dont really care for coop but come on now
  3. Welcome aboard! Be sure to check out our Teamspeak always someone in there.
  4. The speed of the games are fine and i dont think rebalancing is needed for any of the maps just fixing of small things. Not seeing any underpowered kits at the moment, as far as overpowered id say the SMG needs to fire more (use it like an smg) and lower LAT accuracy on light armored assets a smidge the rate light armor gets shot at is fine (HMV, Logi, Transport) As far as shoveling emplacements id say the AT, AA, MG, FOB, and Razor wire be shoveled however they should be able to be done by one man (it would take longer with 1 man it simply should be possible) BUT if the AT, AA, MG must be shoveled they should be targeted less or at least less accurately by AT otherwise they would get destroyed too often making them not worth the time. Foxholes and sandbags shouldnt be shoveled imo because the hard maps we need them on are ones with open flag caps with little cover that we dont have any time to shovel let alone place a single foxhole. (example Ia Drang, Charlies point, Fools road etc) If you're making a racket on the flag with your tank and a bot spawns with an rpg he's going to target you through the wall because he can hear you and shoots instantly when you're in line of sight. Humans can be more efficient with 2 hats than Bots can with 10 a good portion of maps we have many more heavy assets than them and when one of those assets has 300 kills thats not gameplay.
  5. This looks like some good fun keep it up bro hope to play this one day
  6. With a tiny bit of help anything is possible
  7. Not sure who can but im requesting this be removed. Had 40 people in Barracuda std capped first flag but lost it around 13 minutes in due to the amount of enemy assets that spawn and push that flag and giving us no time to recap and so when the timer hit 15 the games tickets ran down softlocking everyone into not being able to play the full game. (You could hear the frustration from the lobby when it ended!) Even if the map is hard with 40 players we should be able to play through anything givin the right amount of time however we cant if the game does not let us.
  8. Seems this is not working for MG's played outpost and none were active or being spawned on same with a few vehicles in the first half of outpost not sure if related
  9. @=VG= Melon Muncher Could we get the server side settings back that made the AI stay on emplacements?
  10. =VG= Zeee


    Need to find all the weird ladders like the one on carentan
  11. Sorry i couldn't make it friend i woulda made all the boys join me too Had some trouble in paradise
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