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  1. The Argentinians on the Falklands map have it I think in their main. I understand now, I was just pointing out that it didn't really change the gameplay of the map in general because the quadguns don't get manned on Khami Std at all for some reason - unlike on Alt. (cause you said that they weren't a threat - sorry for the sidetrack with the sentence) My thought was it was displayed when someone gets revived but their kit was taken or something? I guess the picking up your last used kit after a revive is a good type of change (unlike the help help where is my sniper rifle i've requested the kit using t????-dumbed down I can't look around and press G to swap kit attitude)
  2. Quad guns on that map aren't a threat in general, bots just don't seem to use them as they do on other maps/layers, for example Khami Alt they man all of them and dealing with the quads is a challenge for CAS, but on Std it's a cakewalk taking them all out as they are rarely manned. Although having them indestructible is a whole other thing. Haven't played Khami Alt to check it, but maybe they are like that there as well? Not sure how it is on deployment.
  3. Yeah, long time ago I tried making one for stuff like suggestions, but then I just gave up because of the restrictions, nowadays I just read them to see what the devs are up to/changelogs.
  4. I don't have an account on the forums (I gave up on it since the restrictions there) - you on the hand I am sure will relay this immediately (so I don't have to make an account)
  5. It's on all maps, shows up periodically. On the other hand I got a real good one: today on Khami Std we couldn't kill any of the quads, bombed quad on chemical twice, fired 200 cannon rounds at it, tank shot at it 3 times with HE, it was still alive. Same for other quads on that map.
  6. It's only a PvP mode Kav, and you have a few maps only: General:Added new Game Mode for low population server: Gungame. Available maps: Black Gold 16 & 64 Wanda Shan 16 Dovre 16 Asad Khal 16 Al Basrah 16 I guess the command would look like !setnext black gungame inf (gpm_gungame seems to be the name of the mode)
  7. Just a fun poll to gauge how people prefer to fly aircraft (helicopters and planes) in PR. If you have any other preferences feel free to share below! Edit: When flying with a mouse.
  8. Offer still stands (during my free time when I'm home from work) P.S. I'm not =VG= hahahaha
  9. You've played Hades Peak Std on other servers and can confirm that we are the only server with this issue? I'm fairly certain this is PR related, as in the layer itself was made like that.
  10. This is the case qiezi, along with the problem of them bleeding out 1 flag before the last (the same as kafr halab). The admins can't do anything about it tho, it is up to the devs to fix this permanently.
  11. It is in fact a dual birotor, you will also need to know how to operate it in all three physical dimensions
  12. I am simply pointing out where you contradicted yourself. You've obviously not taken the time to read what I said. Figures. But then don't reply at all, if you think I am a fool not worth discussing with/not worth your time.
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