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  1. The only 2020 picture I had Also per Zeee's request
  2. Bamyan alternative was fixed, it works normally now.
  3. First time I played it it had that bug. Also happened about a week ago, so I think it's still there. Also, already added them.
  4. A list of broken stuff in PR COOP maps. Will try and update the list as I remember/find more stuff, and hope you guys will add to it as well. Al Basrah - Standard: Flag spawns for last two flags are switched (Apartments and Palace), infantry spawns on Palace instead of Apartments, and when Apartments is neutral they all start spawning on one broken spawn in the center of the flag compound. Assault on Grozny - Standard: Transport trucks despawn after a short amount of time. Black Gold - Infantry: Chopper does not have rearm and repair point. Black Gold - Standard: Transport trucks despawn afte
  5. Sign me up for LAT, or medic if X0R can't make it.
  6. System


    Hello there. I have been playing for some time (very little compared to others here) on the PR COOP server and hanging out on Teamspeak while quietly stalking the forums here. I just wanted to say hi to all the people of the VG community, and all others whom I have met playing PR who might be reading this. It's good to be here and hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
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