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  1. I won't make it tomorrow, will be home late and tired from some unexpected work I've signed up for (on a Saturday, yes). Big sorry to Blizz and Sausag3 for bailing late, hope I can make it next week.
  2. An addition I would like to make (if I could call it that) while we are sharing useful information for new players to learn from: Be logical with your routes. Always ask for info on enemy anti-air and vehicles that are a threat to you. If you can't do (don't feel confident doing) what the squad leader requested, do it a way you think it's safer and will get them near their target location. Too many times I've entered a persons chopper with them getting my whole squad killed not due to bad flying but bad decision making. Makes me avoid trans 80% of the time. These are just 2 examples
  3. I think it's for regulars/players who have shown themselves to be good to get some recognition, or at least it looks like that was Kevin's intent here. I like the idea, I just don't know what it would actually bring to those players other than us mentioning them here.
  4. Dibs on the tank crew Also, Душан Силни wants to have a word with you
  5. Hey Joules, welcome! If you have any questions, need help setting up the mods, or just want to test out Arma before the event, you can find me on Teamspeak today and tomorrow, pretty much the whole day.
  6. Hmmm, does the button work for edits, because I didn't get a popup even though I am following it, and you edited them?
  7. There is a follow button on the top of the page. Also this just sounds like a bad SL/player problem, and not a real communication issue, e.g. if I know that my trans pilot has no microphone and he is an SL, I'll just give him instructions on what to do/tell him the info he needs to know using simple yes/no questions. It's not 99% of players who don't have mics it's a very few who don't have them and are willing to work with the team.
  8. test edit: or do you want me to make an event?
  9. System


    A C E M E D I C A L Maybe the suppression stuff from lambs, to make firefights last longer
  10. don't delete pls admin pls
  11. System

    Help Request

    You go to your profile pic in the top right corner, click the arrow and find account settings, then go on signature.
  12. General: Added auto-marking for mines placed on the map. Improved support for non 16:9 widescreen. Updated shaders to use newer DirectX 9 version. Best guess is reinstall DirectX (or PR), idk if any of the pc problems you've been having have anything to do with it. If they do I'd repair windows using the disc or a flash drive.
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