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  1. I'd gladly buy Arma just so I could play this campaign, the concept sounds so good, nice work @=VG= The_Polish_Guy!
  2. Choose your fighter:

  3. Why is this so fu**ing awesome?


  4. Alexandrov ensemble in Belgrade.


  5. Пева, кличе српски син, пред њим стрепи душманин.


  6. We cut his head off but our camera ran out of batteries
  7. jack_black


    When @Cruizer drops a sick beat.
  8. One minute I'm flying over Bamyan in my A-10, the game crashes to desktop and the following message appears when I try to re-start PR: This is the second time I get this (first one was approx. two months ago, with another random map). Last time I thought it had something to do with our event maps but this time it happened on a clean install, forcing me to re-install the game altogether. Again. I know this is probably isn't the correct thread to post this but I wanted to share this with you in the hope of resolving the issue, not sure if it is localized to my PC or is a shared bug.
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