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  1. Pavlovsk infantry layout in 9 minutes, zero casualties in my squad. Big shoutout to DrJohn1.
  2. It's 2004, my PC came with BF:1942 installed and I'm spending half an hour mashing the arrow keys, wondering why I can't move Desert Combat was a real gem for it's time though, I remember playing the s**t out of it.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is George but you can call me Blackjack. I'm a 27 yo bloke from a small town in Serbia. I've been playin PR on and off for some years now. I started off in deployment but I've switched to VG COOP 'cause it's more fun, engaging and has a lot more teamwork included (deployment gave me gray hairs lol). In-game, I tend to stick to supporting infantry roles, armor and helicopters, whilst avoiding jets due to a lack of experience. On some occasions, I enjoy taking the role of SL but, since English is not my native language, I find it a bit harder to coordinate in a pinch. Besides PR, I mostly play strategy based games like HoI4 and Civ6. I'll be seeing y'all on the battlefield!
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