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  • PR COOP Server Rules

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    Not all online tools directly translate English well, so for clarity of specific details, a few members have translated our rules:
                     for a Polish translation of our rules click here                 for a Turkish translation of our rules click here

    Rules Enforcement: Standard Operating Procedure
    If you violate our rules expect to be punished. The rules below are enforced by our admin team who adhere to strict guidelines.

    If you feel you have been punished unfairly by one of our server admins, or wish to report a player, post here: Complaints/Report Disruptive Players

    When no PR Admins are online or in the TS3 Channels, use the !R report command in game. If you need to make a private report, click on one of these names here to message m823us, BLuDKLoT, MelonMuncher, or SemlerPDX


    Public Notice: Standard Player Expectations
    Before you continue playing on the server, be sure you have read AND understand our Server Rules. The VG PR COOP is a very structured game with many specific rules governing who can use which vehicles, and if you are new to the game in general, we suggest you stick to playing Infantry in a squad (and stick with your squad, and obey your squad leader).

    We are not a training server, we expect players to learn how to operate vehicles offline or elsewhere, and also to hold their fire in-game if they cannot properly identify friend from foe on any given map. All players should use communication as able to prevent friendly fire incidents and to coordinate movements, fire support, transportation, and tactical advances as appropriate.

    We expect accidental teamkills to be few and far between, and promptly followed by a genuine and sincere apology; carelessness will not be tolerated in our game. Players have a right to play for a "zero deaths match" and therefore End of Round Teamkilling will not be tolerated. Accidents will always happen from time to time, let's all try to keep it to a minimum and have fun!


    1. Assets and Vehicles

    Join or make the appropriate asset squad ( Tank | CAS | APC | Transport | AA etc) to use assets

    Do not use bot assets, they will kill you when trying to use them.

    Asset squads are for SPECIALISED USAGE, and NO INFANTRY should be playing in these squads!


    Dedicated assets (Trans/CAS/APC/Tank/AA/Mortar) are claimed by the first correctly named squad, squad names must be simple and understandable by all (Tank, APC, Trans etc). 

    Infantry assets (Jeeps, trucks etc) are not able to be reserved by squad name. These assets are kept by the original owners even if they are not manned.

    Mechanized Infantry (There must be a minimum of three APCs on a map for Mech Inf to be created. The APC used must always be the lightest APC available, eg. Cannot use Bradley when a Stryker is available. Assets used must always be two man crewed assets)


    NOTE: Asset squads are for assets and their supports, not loose infantry.


    Taking an asset/vehicle that doesn’t belong to you.

    • Taking an asset without being in the proper squad.
    • Taking a vehicle in the field while said vehicle was being used by another squad.


    Abusing or destroying of assets/vehicles, or using it so terribly that the team doesn’t benefit from it’s use. This includes:

    • Intentionally destroying assets/vehicles.
    • Crashing/destroying assets on takeoff or after very short use due to incompetence.
    • Consistently dying whilst using an asset, so that our team cannot rely on its support.
    • Leaving assets unattended outside of main base (abandoning Tanks / APC’s / helicopters/…)
    • Using vehicles for personal transport (eg. a single person using a logi  to drive to a flag, then leaving it behind).


    All assets must be fully manned (driver + gunner) before leaving the main base (See Armored Assets for exceptions).
    Loss of an asset while soloing will result in an immediate kick.

    Armored assets (Tank, APC, AAV)

    The squad cannot be locked until all driver and main gunner seats are filled. Leaving the squad open for secondary gunners (50-cal on tank, doorgunner on Huey etc) is up to the squad leader.
    APC, IFV and AAVP assets are primarily direct fire vehicles used for supporting infantry.
    AAV or anti-air vehicles that do not have heavy ground attack features can be taken solo (Avenger, Gopher, Gaskin, Stormer, Fennek) AAV with heavy ground attack abilities must be fully manned when in direct combat. (Type 95, Tunguska, Shilka, ZSU-57, M163 Vulcan)

    Air Assets (Transport, CAS)

    Air assets must abide by our no baserape rules. Learning to fly on Veterans-Gaming is not allowed.
    Transport assets must only be used for transport and logistics, they are not attack assets. Do not hover or land near friendly infantry squads unless called upon.


    Mortars must be used appropriately. Barraging positions occupied by friendly forces, spamming or refusal to cease fire will result in a kick. Communicate with ground forces when using this asset.


    2. Teamkilling                   

    Intentional teamkilling

    Intentional teamkilling of ANY kind is always forbidden. This includes:

    • Intentionally shooting and killing friendlies
    • Forced teamkills (e.g jumping in front of firing machine gun)
    • End-of-round teamkills.
    • Revenge/retribution teamkills.

    Accidental teamkilling

    Accidents happen, but always show courtesy and apologise. Accidental TK's should be actively avoided, as excessive teamkilling will lead to corrective action.


    3. Squads                    

    Squad names

    Cannot contain any offensive language, racial slurs or religious hostilities. At any time, Admins may ask to disband and rename your squad if deemed offensive. Asset squads must be properly named and have their role easily identified. Typo in asset squad name = NO valid asset squad!

    Mechanized Infantry: Infantry squads who wish to use an APC as transport must clearly refer to this in their squad name by naming their squad Mech Inf, APC Inf or something similar. APC squads have first claim on armoured vehicles.

    Locking Squads

    Infantry squads must have a minimum of four players before locking. Asset squads may be locked once all the available asset slots are filled.
    You may lock your squad earlier IF you're waiting for a slow-loading friend to join, but only for a reasonable time (2 to 5-ish minutes). It cannot be locked if there are more available assets to use.

    Duplicate Squads

    Creating a second asset squad when there is already an assigned squad will result in your squad resignation. Exception if the original squad is full and all crew-able assets are not yet taken.

    Squad Leading

    Squad leaders must communicate with squad members, other leaders and the commander by either typed or VOIP chat. Non-communicating leaders can be reported and will be removed.
    You must be willing to lead a squad in order to create one, any squad leader who is taking team players away from the conflict may be resigned.


    4. Disrupting gameplay (Griefing)

    Willfully disrupting gameplay in a way that prevents players enjoying the game in any way is against the rules. Examples include:

    • Destroying friendly vehicles
    • Laying mines with an intent to teamkill
    • Purposely limiting friendly movement with no tactical advantage (Bridge destruction, deploying razorwire)
    • Spamming vehicle guns or shooting in main base


    5. Disrespect

    Racism will result in an immediate ban.
    Religious/political hostilities, flaming, harassments and threats will be condemned harshly.
    Insults against admins will result in a kick, continued aggression will get you banned


    6. Spam

    Spamming, either via chat or microphone, is prohibited. If you play music through your microphone, you must turn it off if someone asks you to.


    7. Baserape

    Baserape is the act of assaulting flags in an incorrect order. Including:

    • Skipping more than one flag as infantry
    • Skipping any flags while in an asset
    • Attacking the enemy main base before cappable/attacking uncappable main
    • Destroying enemy reinforcement routes (Bridges/Razorwire).
    • Laying mines at enemy vehicle spawns.
    • Attacking enemy supply lines or attacking beyond the current flag as CAS

    Skipping 1 flag while playing infantry is allowed for strategical purposes. If no progress is being made you will be ordered to fall back. Examples include:

    • Preparing to capture during a fast paced game
    • Setting up FOBs
    • Destroying forward emplacements  (not allowed to skip beyond next capable flag to destroy emplacements)

    Skipping a flag must not overrule the no camping enemy main rule
    AA and AAVs are the exception to the rule, and may be destroyed at such a time they pose a threat.


    8. Camping

    Farming kills by camping spawns and enemy assets is forbidden. Including:

    • Knifing/camping enemy assets. Every attempt must be made to destroy any enemy asset as long as it complies with the baserape rules.
    • Attacking enemy infantry spawn points

    Enemy infantry spawns may only be attacked when they are inside the current flag capture radius.


    9. Loitering (AFK)

    We do not "seed" our server. Loitering or AFK players may be removed from the server if they are in any way detrimental to gameplay. Examples include:

    • Going AFK in a vehicle when the seat is needed.
    • AFK when the server is full and there are others who are trying to join the server.


    10. Smoke

    Infantry smoke WORKS against bots! . Only WHITE smoke from infantry smoke grenades and grenadier's smoke rounds will work, so vehicle and mortar smoke are NOT allowed. Colored smoke does not blind the enemy and should only be used to mark your position. White smoke must always be used to blind the enemy, and NEVER to intentionally blind your own team. No smoke should ever be used in main base, as it can blind vehicle operators leading to vehicle loss.

    11. Cheats | Exploits | Hacks

    Unfair advantages of any kind will be punished by an immediate ban. These include:

    • Aimbots
    • Wallhacks
    • X-ray mods
    • Injector hacks (which allow rcon abuse and map teleportation)
    • Abusing game meta or exploits (intentionally or repeatedly)


    12. Voting and Player Honesty


    Any mutiny or kick vote must be accompanied by a valid reason. No valid reason => Punishable for disrupting gameplay. Abusing the vote system will get you kicked and banned.


    False Allegations & Misrepresentation (Lying)

    If you lie to get another player kicked or banned you will be banned instead.

    If you misrepresent yourself as someone else or use any type of subversive means to present the facts or minimize to a large degree the events leading to a ban you are appealing, or to intentionally evade a ban and join the server anyway, you may be banned from all VG servers permanently.

    Using =VG= tags without being an active clan member will result in warning to change name, and use of [R-BOT] tags (impersonation) on our servers will result in a ban.


    Use of Tags and Nicknames

    Names of a borderline inflammatory nature are not allowed, literally or symbolically.  Players are not discouraged from expressing themselves through their avatar nicknames, but must do so without using names of, or mostly similar to: fascist belligerents from past or current wars, current or former terrorists, anything that could be considered inflammatory, intentionally similar to or mocking other players or admins, religious figures, or anything that seems to attempt to make a statement of a potentially inflammatory nature.

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