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  • VG Army & VG Air Force - Club Rank Progression Application

    A way for Club Members to advance within Official VG Gaming Clubs and progress towards in-game Administration and eventually =VG= Clan Membership
    (for the VG Army and VG Air Force)

    Our goal at VG has always been to have a fun place to play games with our many friends around the world on fair and well managed game servers, and with a great home base at our website. We'd like to create a more open path for those who want to join up, for the short term as Club Members or through the long term up to =VG= Clan Membership.

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  • VG is not a military veterans-only community - anyone who follows the rules is welcome!

    Official Ranks for VG Army  -or-  VG Air Force!  Open Public Groups for those who play at VETERANS-GAMING!

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