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  • Membership & Advancement

    • A way for Club Members to advance within Official VG Gaming Clubs and progress towards in-game Administration and eventually =VG= Clan Membership
      (for the VG Army and VG Air Force)


    VG Clan
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    Membership & Advancement

    Founder:   =VG= BLuDKLoT
    Year Founded:   2009
    Website Founded:   2010
    Server Locations:   🇺🇸
    Official VG Clubs:   VG Army
        VG Air Force
    Discord Link:   (invite link)
    Report Players:   (forum link)
    Report Server Issues:   (forum link)
    VG Clan Leader:   =VG= BLuDKLoT
    Community Manager:   =VG= SemlerPDX
    Personnel Manager:   =VG= m823us
    Active Administrators:   =VG= BLuDKLoT
        =VG= SemlerPDX
        =VG= m823us
        =VG= Melon Muncher
        =VG= SolarFlame
        =VG= ciro
    Tech Team:   =VG= SolarFlame
        =VG= SemlerPDX
        =VG= SavageCDN
        =VG= poffadder
        =VG= ciro
    Servers Team:   =VG= TEDF
        =VG= Fastjack
        =VG= Airbats801
        =VG= STARK
        =VG= Kavelenko
        =VG= Acro1
        =VG= Sausag3
        =VG= .Blizzard.
        =VG= Nyther
    Community Members:   (staff - link)


    Our goal at VG has always been to have a fun place to play games with our many friends around the world on fair and well managed game servers, and with a great home base at our website.

    We'd like to create a more open path for those who want to join up, for the short term as Club Members or through the long term up to =VG= Clan Membership.

    Approved Members for a Club Rank in the VG Army or Air Force will receive respective rank Wings logo under profile Badges, and members may also use these graphics on any personal items, signatures or custom graphics to identify their commitment to their favorite Club(s) at VG. 

    Official VG Club Rank and Website Group Progression is not =VG= Clan Membership, but a path to it.  Club Wings Ranks do not cross between clubs, and members profiles show both if holding Wings in other Official VG Clubs. Website Groups earned through participation in any Official VG Club cross throughout the VG Community, including trust to help admin or manage other game servers or in-game groups.  These groups include training as in-game admins, when appropriate.

    Advancement for either Website Group or Club Rank (Wings) may be by application or nomination/appointment depending on the case or person. The following page outlines Advancement details, click here for Groups description details.

    Website Forum Rank (from Private through General) is also a separate features, and is merely a themed progression for website content tracking, not part of VG Club or VG Clan Membership ranking or seniority and providing no additional privileges or responsibilities within Clubs or the VG Clan. Community Support through donations is always appreciated, but is not a factor for deciding any Club Rank or Clan Membership - everyone is considered equally!

    Membership Progression

    The following minimum requirements apply to all ranks and advancements within Official VG Clubs through Membership Progression Applications:


    • Must be a known club member in good standing of the VG Army or VG Air Force for at least 30 days to apply for Club Wings advancement in a given club
    • Applicants should have played (or flown) with other club members on VG Server(s)* for at least 4 weeks between applications/nominations for advancement in Club Wings or Member Groups
    • Club Wings Progression is review based, for game skill and leadership, and applications or nominations may be read by fellow Club Members - a decision will be made by Club Leadership based on the information provided by you and others, the criteria of the particular club (if any), and the questions listed below
    • Member Group Progression is often organic and by nomination or appointment from those who watch for trustworthy team players who frequent our servers regularly over time, but may also be initiated by application (30 days between advancements, at least) by dedicated members who would like to show their desire to advance
    • Each advancement through three different levels of Club Wings will require another application, review, and approval by the Leadership of that club as dictated by individual club rules. Each Member Group progression evaluation above 'Enlisted' is performed by VG Clan Administration and/or VG Clan Members, with VG Clan Membership requiring a vote


    *(as appropriate per game played, if not hosted by us then as it pertains to online group management and activity on a per game basis)

    Club Wings Rank from '2nd Lt.' through 'Captain' is an alternate leadership designation within Official VG Clubs, unlike VG Community Groups from 'Enlisted' through 'Officer', and may include game skill and teamwork based milestones, depending on the club.  The purpose of VG Club Wings Ranks are to help us recognize those we can look up to for direction and leadership in these VG Clubs and the game(s) played in that VG Club, and to encourage members to take on leadership roles in their games and the VG Community.


    We never require game skill checks for VG Community Groups from 'Enlisted' through 'VG Clan Member', this Club Rank is just for fun and for leadership progression in Clubs.  Member Group advancements from 'Enlisted' through 'VG Clan Member' may instead include player history evaluation for good attitudes, integrity, and active participation on our game servers, including in-game Admin logs or input from other in-game Admins.

    Club Rank (Wings) Leadership Milestones and Expectations:

    • vgarmy-second-lieutenant.pngvgaf-second-lieutenant.png
    • '2nd Lt.' is the first level of our public Club Leadership ranks, apply and let us know you are interested in leadership progression within an Official VG Club
      •   To award 2nd Lt. Wings in a given club, Club Leadership should ask themselves the following questions. If the answer to all is "YES", the Wings should be awarded:
        1. Has the member been in the VG Club for at least 30 days, and a known player on a VG Game server to Club members?
        2. Does the member know the basics of the game well, and observed or able to demonstrate if required by the particular VG Club?
        3. Is the member interested in game leadership roles such as Squad Leader or Flight Leader, or learning them?

      vgarmy-first-lieutenant.png   vgaf-first-lieutenant.png
    • '1st Lt.' is for well known regulars in the given VG Official Club, each club may have it's own milestones for this progression, such as flight hours or game time, or knowledge
      •   To award 1st Lt. Wings in a given club, Club Leadership should ask themselves the following questions. If the answer to all is "YES", the Wings should be awarded:
        1. Has the member been in the VG Club greater than 60 days and a frequent player on the server enough to be considered a well known regular player?
        2. Does the member demonstrate increasing confidence in the game with regards to positive communication, attitudes, and leadership?
        3. Is the member knowledgeable and capable (or mostly capable) of leading players in-game, observed or able to demonstrate, as required by the particular VG Club guidelines?

      vgarmy-captain.png vgaf-captain.png
    • 'Captain' is an advanced role in the given VG Official Club, again based on the club, milestones may include deeper knowledge of game/sim, and leadership proficiency
      •   To award Captain Wings in a given club, Club Leadership should ask themselves the following questions.  If the answer to all is "YES", the Wings should be awarded:
        1. Has the member been in the VG Club greater than 90 days, and with a reputation as a friendly & welcome player on our game servers and in this VG Club?
        2. Does the member know the server and its members very well, and know VG well enough to correctly answer questions about the game, server, this VG Club and it's SOP's?
        3. Is the member well known to be proficient with in-game cross-squad cooperation, communication and leadership?


    Member Groups Community Privileges and Responsibilities:

    • vg-club-enlisted-ribbon-th.png
    • 'Enlisted' is the entry website group for anyone who plays games here and joins an Official VG Club, just read and agree to the community rules, and post up to say hello
      • Enlisted Members are allowed to access profile signature options immediately, bypassing the 30 day wait for new website accounts, and increasing the maximum numbers of lines, images, and links up to 3 each within the standard member sized space of 600px (wide) & 120px (tall)  We expect these members to read and become familiar with the rules of the server they play on, the VG Club(s) they belong to, and to do their best to follow them at all times while at VG, and to be honest about mistakes (we all make them!).

    • 'Jr. Officer' is the next level, members may apply after at least 30 days in the 'Enlisted' group to let us know they are interested in progressing in the VG Community
      • Jr. Officers may also be appointed or nominated directly (bypassing 'Enlisted') into this group by Officers, VG Clan Members or Server Teams, often when already well known in game regulars and who may be training to become in-game Admins.  Jr. Officer Members gain access to additional private areas of VG depending on the game(s) they play, and are allowed to use a forum signature space of 750px (wide) & 200px (tall), and an increased maximum number of lines, images, and links up to 4 each.  We expect Jr. Officer Members to behave as examples for other players to follow, and to demonstrate friendly team play attitudes while helping to maintain and learn to administrate the VG server(s) they play on.

    • 'Officer' is an advanced role in the VG Community and website, and may also include a position as an in-game Admin at a 'Full' level (ban/unban responsibilities if applicable)
      • Officer Members have limited access to most private areas of VG, particularly Admin Tools and forums as needed, and are allowed to use the same forum signature space of 750px X 200px with an increased maximum number of lines, images, and links up to 5 each.  Officer Members are expected to hold themselves to a higher standard with regards to following the letter and spirit of the rules for any VG server where they are an in-game Admin, and to help ensure their fellow game admins are on the same page and acting as a team with a unified concept of our rules and expectations.   Officer Members should be well known regulars in the VG Community, and interested in helping to keep our servers a fun place to hang out and play.

    • 'VG Clan' is the final group in the VG Community and the only group allowed to use =VG= Tags, and includes Admin access to any game server or VG resource
      • VG Clan Members can access all areas of VG, and are allowed the largest forum signature space of 1000px (wide) & 350px (tall), with 6 maximum lines, images, and links.  VG Clan Members are expected to uphold the values and ideals of friendly coop gaming spirit and team coordination.  Members who are nominated for VG Clan Membership are expected be long time and well known members of the VG Community.  They must be voted into the Clan by a majority of active members with no valid concerns, and must be well respected members who are known to be good people with integrity and worthy of trust without question.  VG Clan Members are also expected to know and follow the rules of any server or game they play anywhere even if not at VG, in order to not reflect poorly on all members in the VG Clan. When in doubt, Clan Members are expected to simply use our own common sense rules for gaming, "don't be a dick".



    NOTE:  VG is a Round Table and Club Rank or Website Group is not entitlement over our peers, but levels of privileges and trust granted by our peers at VG to help manage games and activities, participate in group progression, or eventually become part of the =VG= Clan. Expectations of friendly team play spirit, trust and integrity increase at each stage, up to and including Clan membership.

    Jr. Officer Opportunities

    Any Member who has earned a 'Jr. Officer' role in the VG Community may be considered for in-game Admin privileges in at a 'Lite' level (no banning, etc.), and eligible for 'Officer' group as 'Full' game admin in future with additional access to forum tools and resources.*  Likewise, any player who is nominated for and approved for a Game Admin role may also be placed in the 'Jr. Officer' website group, and moved to 'Officer' once given a 'Full' game admin role.

    Any Member who has earned a 'Jr. Officer' role in the VG Community, may be nominated for or apply (after 30 days) to be considered for the 'Officer' group role. As noted above, any member who is or has been approved to be a Game Admin for a VG Server will be placed in the 'Officer' website group.

    *(as appropriate per game played, if not hosted by us then as it pertains to online group management and activity on a per game basis)


    Officer Opportunities

    Any Member who has earned an 'Officer' role in the VG Community, typically after several months, may be nominated for or apply to be considered for a Clan Member sponsored vote in order to become a full and trusted =VG= Clan Member. Votes that do not pass may get revisited after at least 60 days, sometimes longer, but all are welcome to continue and remain as trusted 'Officer' group members in the VG Online Community. Officer Members who are Game Admins may request or be given access to our TCAdmin web panel for managing server(s) they frequent, and permissions or access levels are given out on a case-by-case basis.


    VG Clan Opportunities

    Any Member who has earned a 'VG Clan Member' role in the VG Community, after 30 days, may nominate other members or propose another member to be considered for a Clan Member sponsored vote in order to become a full and trusted =VG= Clan Member. VG Clan Members also gain access to VG Clan Systems Proposals and may elect to found a new game server or mission type if server capacity allows. VG Clan Members may also access VG Labs Projects and create their own projects including any support and access to any VG resources within limits, such as creating new dedicated VG Wiki categories, webpages or web databases, game servers for development, and support from willing VG Tech Team members or VG Clan Administrators.




    Official VG Clubs
    Open Public Clubs for players at VETERANS-GAMING









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