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  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Kn3F_rNkYMa9JOTMWgnNYY9HW2JC7fp/view?usp=sharing found an old effect for guitars...ibanez sm7 turns my td3 into a monster that burns everything down...^^ //edit: sound like you need full-range LS to hear it or it sound very ugly...^^
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  4. 0_0 they come back o NOOOOOOOOOOO
  5. Welcome to the VG Army @CallsignBeast, @Akagi_Aegea and @hovip1285!
  6. Ok we had Buttons, Stark, Daniel and AADITYA_31 and myself show up and we ran a TE mission. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1178382126 We're gonna run more next week and drill them until we can work well together.
  7. Hello you can call me Akagi, Im 16, been playing PR for about 10 months now. Majority of it spent on Coop. I like playing assets but can do inf.
  8. I made a new one like that vid and it worked thanks kav
  9. We'll be doing a TE Mission on the server tonight from Seosan Airbase with 12 F-16s vs 8 MiG-29s. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1177827480
  10. Last week
  11. It can be done, but enforcing TFAR might not be the best idea. I suggest we use the ingame coms which aren`t all that bad (not great either) and after a while see the results. 1 week should be enough.
  12. I really like the pumpkin picture is looks bloody amazing.

  13. @=VG= .Blizzard.@=VG= SemlerPDX@=VG= Sausag3 I've noticed in the last few weeks several new players enter our Mike Force server but they dont have TFAR enabled nor do they know about using the TS plugin. They tend to leave. I've also been on more populated Mike Force servers where they are not using TFAR at all, and even though they are less coordinated overall they still have the numbers. Can we at least try lifting the TFAR requirement for a bit and see if that helps to populate our server? Sure if we're going to run an event on the Mike Force server enforce TFAR but for most people its a pain in the ass, can we switch it off and just use vanilla ARMA 3 comms?
  14. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/video-create-pie-bar-and-line-charts-ce4beacc-7e25-4574-a8b9-a865dbb3e3d2 There's some basic tutorials built in to MS Office 365 for how to do them but this video might be easier to follow:
  15. ya i pay like 6.99 monthly for full ms office but I only use word and ppt lol.
  16. Yeah, I just tried right now to see if MS would allow me to install a trial version of latest Excel, but they want money and I don't have it. (One reason I've kept using my 2003 edition so long - hadn't needed anything more, and didn't want to give MS more money when what I had already worked well enough)
  17. IK sent you file needs to be line chart but I think your version too old
  18. I'm proficient with Excel, but the edition I use is SBE 2003 (as old as it sounds). But not sure how much has changed - you create your data cells, select them all, select Insert Chart, and follow prompts in the Chart Wizard to complete and insert into the existing sheet, or a new sheet in the file. I know this may not translate 100%, but I'm gonna try anyway and hope for the best... if anyone else has better/more modern step-by-step flow, please post up here! *TLDNR; This is a method from my Excel version from 2003 and may not be 100% applicable to a modern version, BUT this flow should be quite similar if MS still has the Chart Wizard in some form. Hope this helps - but it may not translate properly to the version you are using - had to try anyway. Set some data in cells: Select all cells including row/column labels: With these cells highlighted as selection, select Insert > Chart... Assuming the Chart Wizard still exists in the version you are using, select options for type of chart: Select the range of the chart in Rows or Columns, can set series here as well if applicable: Next, the Wizard should allow options for the look and appearance - set Title and Category/Value Labels and other options here: Choose the destination for this chart, either as a New Sheet or as object in existing sheet (just click Finish): Final Product should be a chart object with resize options and linked to all 4 data cells selected in step 2:
  19. =VG= BLuDKLoT

    Excel Graph

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a graph in excel but only 2 data cells out of 4 are graphing and I can't figure out the axis stuff, never tried this before, lol. Watched some vids, but still isn't working, I'm getting stressed. Anyone out there with mastery in excel? Please help! I can send you file. Thanks Blud.
  20. sometimes you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time...
  21. here is the soundtrack ; Windowpunisher - Minimal Attitude v1.666 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M15mI2TaNQtJKS9c8WowbiZkuu7DvpOU/view?usp=sharing
  22. I dont have access to the Mike Force server in my TC Admin, I thought I did but it was only the PR Coop servers and the SQUAD ones.
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