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  3. I know i've seen this before, i would love to have a standalone Milkor MGL in PR. Say for SANDF, might be in future.
  4. Last week
  5. Hello, please fill out the unban form, it will make it easier for everone. https://veterans-gaming.com/unban-requests/project-reality/?do=form&d=7 Thanks!
  6. hello I was banned on February 25 because I killed a friend who was on an enemy mortar where I placed a c4 to destroy it and I was banned I understand my mistake this will no longer happen
  7. Some of those maps were visually very stunning. I hope we will repeat this event sometime.
  8. Maps looked very nice, thanks for the event
  9. Hi @Sphee, great job from you and @=VG= Melon Muncher to present these retro maps, some of them were pretty nice graphics-wise, yes we were discussing the lack of bots during the games but that can be fixed or tweaked for next time. All the same these events are what help bring the VG community together, appreciate the time you guys put into this. Its not easy to get that balance right. Cheers!
  10. Thank you to everyone who attended and I hope you enjoyed it despite not being free to attend it myself it's been a pleasure setting it up with melon. I wanted to do something new after playing on COOP and playing the same maps over and over and let people experience a breath of fresh and old air. Apologies for the maps being too easy, it's been noted for the future and will be worked on in the next retro maps event, which could be on the PvP only maps there like Qwai River and Retro Muttrah/Basrah, or on the OPFOR side in coop, depending on what people will prefer when a new event is planned.
  11. That was pretty good. Thank you all for making me feel like a kid again.
  12. Nice to see the old maps , thanks .
  13. "street" in 5min was fun it was nice but too easy...but some maps would be great for lowpop on our server.
  14. There's 2 links, https://files.realitymod.com/mappacks/PR_Retro_Map_Pack_v2.exe And https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lnks7ixxlh1uo/PR_Retro_Maps_Event
  15. Yeah I wanna join the server and play,but I have to download the maps. Can someone send them to me as a torrent files?
  16. Since im not using TS, i will be on Discord
  17. I'll set up a TS channel for it, we'll see who hops on
  18. Since I got like 300 KB/s tops while downloading the map pack, I've made a Mediafire mirror so others don't have to suffer. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lnks7ixxlh1uo/PR_Retro_Maps_Event
  19. Are we all meeting up in the PR Discord Voice Channel or TS?
  20. I mean, I wish we could copy the code for those weapons and colors to pr not the maps or the haul but the way it looks.
  21. I love the colors. weapons and grafics
  22. Aye, I'll update the forum post like an hour or two before 6 PM so people can join and get comfy
  23. I'm in! Can the PW be posted here as well? I don't have discord.
  24. Daqing Oilfields brings childhood memories ngl
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