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  3. Nice! Like most people then, me included around 6 years ago now. Glad you are enjoying this ancient game! Hope to see you out there.
  4. Thank You for a warm welcome. From all of you! Indeed, when i said that i really do appreciate when squad leader is inspiring and helpful and good then yea, i had Acro1 in mind. He really knows how to keep squad together and focused. And he really-really takes care of newcomers. Of course, Acro! is not the only one. There are lots of others as well. As far as i can say by my own experience. So, Yea, as Badploy pointed out - most hospitable and team spirited gaming community on the planet. I found about this game through Youtube. I believe it was Youtuber Bluedrake who made vide
  5. hello! most players find this game on youtube XD
  6. Hey! Welcome. Quick question if I may; How did you find out about this game? I'm interested in how people still find this game today. Cheers!
  7. Hey! Nice to be here. Great community, indeed! But about...Ingo Checked...we have 48 Ingo in Estonia. But sadly, i do not know any of them personally.
  8. Alright, Time to judge Was Awesome [ Esp That Last Bit ], Now Go Make More
  9. Seen people use this and talk about it before. Never fiddled with it myself, I guess I could give it a go!
  10. welcome dude hope to see you in PR
  11. Great stuff. Looking to ditch Adobe Premiere and After Affects for this: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
  12. Welcome to the most hospitable and team spirited gaming community on the planet. It is a proven fact that good people will always find their way here. Especially as part of the overall philosopy still remains, "build it, they will come..." And Good People, Great Team Play! It is still being built, the stories are still being written. You are definitely in good company.
  13. Hey do you know Ingo? Maybe you guys are neighbors. Welcome to VG!
  14. Welcome aboard soldier!
  15. Hey Nozzu welcome to VG. Have fun !
  16. THERE HE IS! Welcome to the community @Nozzu Aww you're welcome. I like your spirit and your sense of responsibility man. You make a great squad member and a pleasure for any experienced player to be around. Shit happens but you learn very quickly. I'm sure that you'll learn the ropes very quickly and become great at both infantry and asset stuff. You can always ask more questions on this forum or in our Teamspeak at ts3.veterans-gaming.com. Port 9987. Come say hello, hehe. See you in the field man!
  17. hello and welcome, see you on the battlefield
  18. Installed PR about week ago. Got hooked since the first bullets hit the concrete wall next to my head. What a rush. Still lot to learn. Taking part of action as a simple rifle man so far. But enjoy that. A lot. Especially with a good and inspiring squad leader - then the game is extremely enjoyable. Have had lot of fun and memorable adventures already (bitter moments as well - when i wiped out half our squad with accidentally dropped nade, which i assumed to be a smoke nade). Anyway, keep looking forward. In real life I'm member of Estonian Defence League (voluntary mil
  19. Hello, my name is michael a.k.a "micha6969" ig, im a newbie but i can give support to my inf squad, ill use any kit that the comander tell me i had to use, but my favorite one is medic, im trying my best to became a good inf teamate, you most see me playing an average of 2-3hr and in the time 15-20 zulu, im training my best with the spell of eng for someday use the in game chat and give callouts at time, its a honor stay here with ya'll.
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