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  2. Will be going inactive until summer since my 2nd semester is starting

  3. Hi I keep saying the magic words but nothing happens, can't get into the editor. Out of all the core commands I can make the show program version work
  4. Check out this guide in the (WIP) VG Wiki page for AVCS4 BMS Radios - happy to say that it's pretty easy using the Quick Command Creator I developed for AVCS CORE: https://veterans-gaming.com/wiki/vg-labs-projects/avcs-wiki/avcs4-bms-manual/#Alternate Phrase Commands
  5. Yesterday
  6. You really should read the entirety of my post, incl hidden section.... I'm not entirely sure if the first statement was sarcasm or in jest, regardless, the foundation of facts isn't subjective interpretation but logical coherence, what this script does is nothing more than a manipulation of time, it alters nothing but progression of bots vs players, giving one a boost and tugging on the other. That said, this post is in no regards about features for PR, been there done that, over it, It's just me making an observation and exploring one of many possiblities in a public forum with like minded individuals like yourself. And like a majority of people who write code, 99% of what I write never sees the light of day, It's more about exploring possibilities than writing code in & off itself. I know, and I don't. If..else if the foundation of a great many things... need i say more.
  7. So you cannot run severside modifications yet a script that changes a map from what it is supposed to be is fine. Seems legit. I get it you are just sharing your thoughts though if you don't wanna go against the rules you might still wanna go somewhere else than the VG forums Connor.
  8. Considering he is talking about using the script on the VG Server, I think it is the exact place for it
  9. I also wanna mention that many maps that have a neutral flag at start gives you time and saves you from ticket bleed within 15 minutes. But if you wanna point this out, this place is not the best for it.
  10. Any map, and considering what you said yourself, It also gives bots a reason to spreadout, having neutral files capped by THEM on round start, gives them more time to do so, as such flags would need to be neautralized and then capped by players.
  11. Which map are you exactly talking about, my maps have neutral flags for a reason, black gold, adak, bijar, all of them have one neutral flag, so it gives the bots time to spread out aswell it gives players time to join and load up, i've recently added two flags to opfor on marlin inf aswell since that map was very simple with just the base. Interesting script though i can't do this shit at all.
  12. I'm just putting this out there, because It's one of those little things that bug me to no end, an itch in my brain. Neutral flags on round start just make maps even more boring than they might otherwise be, Muttrah, a shining example, attached is a trivial script that showcases a runtime fix that transfers ownership of neutral flags to bot team on round start, and yes, "VG does not use server side modifications...", just me sharing my thoughts here as i seldom do. Cheers. NeutralFlagsToOpfor - ExtractTo - mods,pr,python,game.7z
  13. This looks like some good fun keep it up bro hope to play this one day
  14. Last week
  15. Per PR DEV team: Goose Green, Omaha, Ghost Train and Ramiel crash clients and must be avoided for now
  16. PR:BF2 v1.7.0.2 Changelog (2022/01/21) ----------------------- Menu: Added Ukrainian fonts by Tymkolt. Vehicles: Added Apache AH64 without Hellfires and reduced gun ammo. Updated vehicle HUD to show guns in orange while delay to use. Updated vehicle HUD to show R next to ammo while reloading. Fixed some vehicles permanently showing guns as damaged. Fixed P51D guns not shooting from all barrels. Fixed Su-30 co-pilot unable to return to cockpit view. Fixed SdKfz 231 driver camera clipping into model. Fixed Vietnam A4C jet showing selection icons when selecting Napalm Fixed Bf109 landing gear floating below aircraft. Fixed Bf109 pilot showing medic kit geometries. Fixed Ju-87b POV cameras being too high. Fixed CH-146 exit positions. Weapons: Fixed WW2 hand grenades dealing less damage than modern ones. Levels: General: Removed re-supply and repair code from WW2 statics that should not have it. Adak: AAS128: Updated flags to be only capable by RedFor. Bamyan: AAS32: Updated flags to be only capable by RedFor. Field of Kassel: Fixed grass rendering issues. Fixed terrain issues. Fixed Artillery flag showing USA arty instead of German. Improved performance in Town. AAS16: Reduced tickets by 100. AAS32: Fixed missing bleed on flags. AAS64&128: Updated flags to be only capable by BluFor. Khamisiyah: COOP: Fixed AI spawn points. COOP: Fixed AI jets crashing into ground. Musa Qala: Added INS128 NL vs Taliban. INS16: Delayed SPG by 5 minutes. INS32: Decreased caches to 4. Added LAV-25. Added Mk-19 Humvee. INS64: Delayed SPG by 5 minutes.
  17. Done and done (was an easy one, just a patch, else I'd not have been able to get through the server settings files parsing/recreation slog)
  18. Hi my name is Hunter most of you know me by Undercover jihadi im 21 years old from Syria i started playing PR since 2018 and im looking forward to make new freinds see you on the battlefield
  19. Hi my name is AJ, I go by Holes, or Holeshot. I play a lot of FPS games such as Hell Let Loose, Battle Field 1-5, Starwars Battlefront 2 Titan Fall, etc. I really Enjoy Project Reality, and am a decent Helicopter Pilot. Thank you, hope to see you in the field!
  20. Neat! Well done then and good luck with navmesh i believe in you
  21. I'm the map author,PR Forum and moddb all uploaded. The current layout is for reference only.
  22. I was looking at this at the forums, i could not figure out if the whole map was ported from something else or made by you. Though i like it, seems to be something like another bobcat kind of map, but more buildings. I like the fact that it is 1:1 ratio. I do not recommend keeping all flags neutral for coop definitely give opfor some flags at start otherwise it will be a very quick round. Though good luck with the navigation, you are saved a bit as the majority is water, it is still very muh a tidious job to do and you will be happy at the end of the day that it generates perfectly without glitches
  23. this is minimap,I'm going to make navigation. when I finish, I will conceive the specific landing or defense layout. You will play the landing side and defense side in different map sizes.
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