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  2. Get yourself a server to run your game(s), create a home base using Discord and/or a website, attract like minded individuals and grow from there. Typically, clans form out of existing groups of gamers who regularly play together online and want to make something of their own - so they solidify their group into a clan and do as I described above. The endeavor requires technical knowledge relating to computers and running servers, or the ability to learn these things to make it work, and of course organization and leadership skills are a must. It is not a matter of, "If you build it, they will come..." - it takes dedication and vision, as well as passion. I've been doing this with great friends here for over a decade, and I'm still learning new things every day.
  3. Thanks yet again for a great event boys you did a good job on those map.
  4. it was fun unfortunately i had to leave very early because there were problems at work. I hope you had fun and that there will be another event like this soon.
  5. ouu i didn't know about those things. I thought it's easy to create a clan, i thought that we can create like we create in clash of clans and invite a lot of people. Like a team or something where they will show who are online and we will play in the server and same squad. Like some of the Teams. I m new to this, so i basically new to pc gaming and i didn't know many things, before i played andriod games and there the creating clans and teams was easy. So i thought like that. And PR is my first Pc game, i haven't played any PC games before so i don't how the things work here. Anyways, thanks for the help.
  6. Something has come up so... I won`t make it. Sorry alpha bois.
  7. the event was good thank you and waiting for more:D
  8. @=VG= Zeee thank you for the event my dude it was super fun
  9. These are my thoughts on how to and how not to. What to do. First, ask yourself why? There are lots of clans already out there. What would cause someone to join yours, potentially leave a clan they have already become a member of? What is it about this clan you want to create is so special others will want to be members of it? Second, can you afford it? You will need a website with quality content, a forum so your members can exchange ideas and converse. This incurs hosting costs and on going expense. Any clan worth a salt will have it's own server. Again incurring hosting costs, on going maintenance and a considerable amount of time administering it. All of this takes time and great deal of it not to mention some knowledge and expertise. My estimate would land around $2500 annual expense and several hundreds of hours in time. Third, what are your goals and what are the goals/ideals of this clan you wish to create? What not to do. Go on a clans website asking for advice on how to start a clan. Think about it. If you intended to open a restaurant would you really go the an other restaurant for advice on how to compete with them for customers? Good chance you will get bad advice or simply told to piss off. LOL I think its wonderful you enjoy the game so much that you want to do more than just play. It is admirable but to grow a successful clan takes a lot more than love of the game. It is hard work, requires dedication, the help and support of its members by way of expertise, financial support and the dedication of core members for it to be a success. I am sure you would be very surprised to know the number of people that work behind the scenes here at VG keeping the place up to date with content, maintaining the website and server(s). There are teams of people who look after licensing, maintenance of our forums, discord and games servers not to mention the number of game admins that give up their time ensuring the community has a quality server filled with like minded players. ( keeping the trolls and disruptive types out ) Lots of clans come and go with few lasting very long when it becomes clear a clan is a lot more work than just getting a bunch of people together in one place. Hope this helps. Skiddles
  10. basically i want to create a clan for project reality. does anyone know how to do that?? it will be a great help.
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  12. Have you tried recently? I just did a search on your ID and you are not on the banlist.
  13. Thank you everyone for joining hope you enjoyed
  14. Good one Kav! Corridor is freaking hilarious!! Came across this one recently, too (not Corridor):
  15. Video aside, Corridor Crew make some super interesting videos. If you find CGI/Animation/Stunts for movies and pretty much anything else behind the scenes, they make super interesting videos on it and explain them so well. Love watching them.
  16. This absolutely cracked me up, real funny shit rofl.
  17. Last week
  18. Poly-Ticks - Those were militarized Kindegartens! DAWless, onetake. Drums: M:Samples Melancolic Space: Neutron Synthie: Crave Bass: Pro1 Bass2: TD3 Perc/Noises: TG500 1 VST Reverb 1 Motu Reverb 1 Fx600 Delay 1 Alesis Ringmodulator 1 Comp on BD, Sidechain on Bassline Post-edit with EQ, COMP, Width, Limiter
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