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  1. My favorites maps Gulf of Oman, Daqing Oilfields and Zatar Wetlands See you guys!!!!
  2. Amiguito este servidor es el de Veterans-gaming coop y estas pidiendo desbaneo de server [ESP] LATAMSQUAD ?

    no es lo mismo hermano, nosotros no tenemos server en deployment solo en cooperativo, verifica primero desde donde no puedes jugar.

  3. Hey fellas. I have installed arma 3 today, so I am ready when you need my "skills", I ask you for a little patience I have little time and I am trying to know the game well. So, we'll see you for the next event!!!
  4. Welcome GLassboy, will we see in the field
  5. What sad news, a guy with a solid conviction of what he considered correct, now I understand why he appeared in messages by prism. even though he wasn't playing, he always had an eye on the server... I called him "the eye in the sky, all seeing". These words in Spanish: Descansa buen hombre, que tus acciones en vida, te hacen eterno... Rest good man, your actions in life make you eternal...
  6. Hello everyone, in January I changed my cpu for a new one, and it was updated to windows 11 and since this has happened the game crashes more frequently than normal. I don't know if they have something to do with that.
  7. Hello everyone, is the installation of Arma 3 is the standard one or do I also have to install some additional mod of equipment or vehicles to be able to play with you? Thanks for the answers!
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