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  1. Apologize.... also: git gud (practice offline or elsewhere) If it becomes a trending pattern, you may be grounded until you can demonstrate proper use of this asset. Don't let it come to that.
  2. Hello and welcome! Thanks for posting an intro - see you around!
  3. WOW!! Excellent work! Been wanting to get something like that as a permanent 24/7 server at VG for a very long time, like over ten years ever since I made a mission that had a shooting range and training area in the main base, for whatever. You could task a real mission from the command tent of all sorts, go out as inf, heavy vehicles, etc. Would be happy to dedicate one of the existing A3 servers to this, if there's one that is rarely or under used - I'm pretty sure a couple qualify. Cheers and thank you very much!
  4. FYI - we have some old friends from an eastern european group that play Arma 3 exclusively which will be hanging around for some months, or longer. The UA MilSim Community is mostly non-english speaking folks, yet their squad leaders all speak English as far as I understand it. We will be hosting a couple A3 servers for them in addition to providing a dedicated set of channels in VG TeamSpeak for them as well. Their modset includes ACRE, so this means that VOIP in their actual server channels will be restricted to those on their server and with the ACRE mod installed. If all goes well, and they are pleased with the servers and service we offer, after a 30 day trial, they will donate each month at a regular set amount for compensation of the hardware provided and service of assisting and maintaining these servers under our roof. Please also remember that not all of them speak English, and that they mostly will be doing their own thing with their own people. They may likely run events now and then, but it will be up to them whether it will open to just UA MilSim Community members, or including the general public and/or VG Arma 3 regulars. Expect to see users with the =JS= tag on VG TeamSpeak and other places here, and know that they are welcome members of the UA MilSim Community.
  5. We have decided that VG will be hosting a singular memorial event in June, every year. What began as a memorial for Vincent James will now evolve into a memorial event for any/all past members, and we will soon adjust the event details to reflect that long prior to the event taking place.
  6. Looks like a winner to me! I also opted for the "Super" line, back in 2018/2019 I got the ASUS ROG STRIX Nvidia RTX 2070 Super rather than the 2080 (non-super), and was a very good buy. Still going strong. I've not kept up with the latest cards or developments, all know is that they are power hungry. What I do know is that if/when I need to upgrade my 2070 Super, it will likely involve buying a new more powerful Power Supply and redoing all the painfully difficult (but well routed) cable runs throughout my case, and won't be a simple card-swap. My 750 Watts PSU just won't cover it with these new cards, and ya never wanna reuse cable runs if you get a new PSU, even if you have modular cables and the PSU is the exact same brand (or even model!), and imho it's one of the most annoying parts of building a case. Shit is too short to run the way you want, or too long and you have to make dumbass looking doglegs - and if you want it done right, you spend all the time and you definitely make sure you can replace just one fan (for example) down the road without having to yoink its cable out of a rats nest and undo all that fancy cable routing work.
  7. This is covered in the BMS Manual under Multiplayer TL;DNR ... IPv6 is already supported by BMS, and will naturally take over once everyone is IPv6 instead of IPv4. Until then, those with IPv6 provided by their ISP still also have IPv4 addresses. If using IPv6 for hosting in BMS, all players connected must have IPv6 available and use that only. You can find this section in the BMS Manual around page 79:
  8. chatbox gone? 

    1. =VG= =AMPH=
    2. =VG= BLuDKLoT
    3. =VG= Inch

      =VG= Inch

      He probably still fixing it rn, it will come back online as it used to be.

  9. @MinkyNeets Hello and welcome to the VG Air Force!
  10. Hello and welcome! Are you "trickla" on our PR COOP Server?
  11. WOW! Blast from the past! Can't believe it's been nearly 15 years of VG!!
  12. Still blows my mind I graduated from Waukesha South. 

  13. Sadly, I must share news of a long time member and friend of VG - a fellow Falconeer and BMS pilot many of us knew as RAM22 or Cloud9 has passed away. The notice was posted on the BMS forums which I will quote here in its entirety. RAM22 will be missed, and for those of us who knew him, will live on forever in our hearts and our memories. Rest in peace, RAM22
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