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  1. I'd love to play some SWAT4 again! Glad to see it's on GOG for $5 goddammit I missed the sale
  2. obigatory-teaser#1 Beginning Hour 2 with a new baby.... those first few minutes are so precious... everything so shiny and new... 0% usage (adorable) (current server, for contrast)
  3. I always fly with normal pitch: You pull back on the stick, and the nose goes up.... it's video games that consider this abnormal or inverted (well, some... it's a relative term... depends on the game/simulator, really)
  4. I'm gonna try to be online in 'Nam on Sunday, got a heat wave coming so gonna hunker in the bunker and play some SOG. Hope to see some regular faces around, and if anyone is new, happy to run through some basic training.
  5. was reading the brief before signing up, came across this... oof... I guess I'm gonna sit this one out Best wishes and good luck!! I am definitely not patient (or gud) enough with the Armas for proper milsim/onelife op yet, I just started playing again and still finding my controls, etc... lol. I'd be happy to be a cameraman someday when we can code in a role like that (flying cam/god cam, etc. but would need comms for audio, of course) but I know we're not quite set up for that yet. Take a group screenshot when you all can (before heading out would be the wise way to do that in one-life/no-respawn events)
  6. VincentJames96 Memorial Redux - 24 Hours at Muttrah Tuesday June 29th, 2021 - 0600 GMT (also known as UTC or PRT or ZULU) "If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing right. This is the American Dream in action." See you all again for the Redux Event of VincentJames96 Memorial 24 Hours at Muttrah next Tuesday! This is an All Day Event, and the maplist will be changed and fixed to Muttrah beginning at 0600 ZULU (aka PRT/UTC/GMT) and reset to standard 24 hours later. Layer Rotation will be 16, 64, 32, 128, and of course any of these can be manually set by Admins. No other maps can be set, levels other than Muttrah are unavailable during the event, which should help curb any confusion for those who don't see this memo of a Redux Event. Happy we can try to make this right - and thank you all for your patience and understanding!
  7. Thank you for the link! I've gone ahead and turned it into a redirect to our VG Wiki Server Guide to Falcon BMS. The whole idea is to funnel all information to one place to make it easier to edit when the server is updated. We've been around for ten years, and pages pile up and spread out. Just trying to get it under control and manageable. Cheers!
  8. (sorry, I merged these two because they seemed connected enough...) Yeah, the posts where edited as early as May of this year, which is what I was referring to -- found one thing, then decided to hunt down every reference I could to the version of BMS we host to link it to our VG Wiki or state clearly that we will always be running the very latest version of the sim or make a very visible notice as to why not. Glad you got connected, that blinking issue rings a bell, but I can't recall where I heard it before. Either way, once you're set up, you are good to go and that's the Falcon BMS way, amiright? hahah! PAIN IN THE ASS to get in the door, but once you are in, you can come and go as you please for quite some time... until you stop, then have to get back in that door... then it's PAIN all over again! BLuDKLoT and myself are sorta doing that this year as well - i've not flown in a year or two and same with him, and just getting controls set up again is a bitch and a half. I think we left of with him still needing help with radar cursor, and I left off having issues with MFD extraction (using whatever I had setup before needing update or a new method). Fun fun! We're starting a public VG Air Force with a path to VG Clan Membership for those interested, too - more casual than most VFW's or VFS's, and hopefully with some regular group events and training ops before too long. See you around! (I am literally still back in offline ILS training, controls setup stage, but be back real soon!)
  9. Do we need to run this again next week and get the date correct? Happy to do so... RSVP
  10. We cannot account for what other servers do, but I can personally assure you that our Hades Peak level is exactly default as the PR Dev's designed, since I worked with the levels files just yesterday following our 24 Hour Muttrah event - they all have correct/unchanged 'last-modified' date/time indicating that they have not been changed since updated/downloaded through the PR updater
  11. Don't worry - you are not the only one... turns out that by letting the same event simply repeat each year, it messes up with the actual posted date/time - this is also repeated in my own calendar and notifications. From my point of view, the 24 hours event was slated for an All Day Event on the 21st, same as the day it originally ran in 2019, and through some digging I found that something on the website calendar pointed this as something like 11pm (PST) on the 21st through 11pm (PST) on the 22nd - and separately a post here states the 22nd as well - I have no idea how or why, or whatever went wrong but all apologies!! Enough to make a grown man cry - I thought all our notifications and promotions and reminders made it clear that a 24 hour event was occurring on the 21st and even though I see now how this was all miscommunicated thanks to the calendar, there's nothing much to do about it. I couldn't feel more awful about this, I could have sworn I saw a few of you three on the server playing Muttrah yesterday, but I guess I was mistaken. I've fixed the calendar event so that this does not happen in future years, and if there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask... Apologies
  12. Is this what the forums somewhere for our server say? I thought I had tracked down everything showing a 'version' and linked it to our new VG Wiki to finally rid us of that issue (forgotten posts all over the place not getting updated every time the sim updates) If you have a link, I can fix it so no one else gets that same issue. (Glad you got it sorted! Welcome back, Minrah!!)
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