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  1. Get some my man, GET SOME
  2. Im glad this came up cause I've been Bitching about this to admins almost everyday the EXCUSE that the maps are too hard for new players or unskilled players comes up but there never gonna get good treating them like babies and thts why I step up and lead the noobs into the deeps of hell and often times emerges victorious and thats where apart of the problem lies, not much people want to squad lead or train new people so admins settle for easily done maps and its become a habit for for doing THE EXACT SAME MAPS EVERYDAY instead of steping up AND GETTING SOME. Another Excuse is that the pla
  3. I'll be alpha Automatic rifleman
  4. I squad lead alot and its annoying to have to deal with another squad leader that doesn't have a Mic or worse be in a squad with a squad lead that doesn't have a mic. I don't think anyone has a problem with No-Mics but squad leaders should be able to relay real time orders, Coordinate with assets and other squads and most importantly update everyone about the situation on battlefield as events on fold all of which is best done with a Mic. I would like to know if this bothers anyone else and if it does can there be a rule that states you can only lead squads if you have a mic. Note:-There are
  5. I'll be Blizzard's Rifleman. Good old fashioned ground pounding is my speciality.
  6. I recommend DHI Battle dress uniforms, Its a mod that adds old school BDU'S like tiger stripe, ERDL , Choco-chip ,Etc plus matching helmets and web gear of the time. Another mod I recommend is RH Pistol pack 1.11-A3 , This adds pistols like the sig p226, HK SOCOM , re-textured and updated sounds for the M9 &M1911 , ETC , a mod for handgun lovers
  7. I use FL studio 20 for music production and sound editing but sound design isn't my strong suite. I can mix the hell out of any sound provided though.
  8. I play so I can 'GET SOME' along side all the people in veterans gaming cuz ya'll a bunch of cool dudes
  9. I don't have stargate but I have the torrent file for FH2(Forgotten hope 2) and Links to download EOD (Eve of destruction) https://www.moddb.com/mods/eve-of-destruction-21/downloads Fun mods u might like fh2-client-3.7.606.torrent
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