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  1. I'll be alpha Rifleman Side note:- No automatic Rifleman?
  2. Sign me up as wolf 3 team lead.....So i can get some
  3. Our good old @LangMaster is savvy when it comes to map editing so I thought maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for him to add different factions on the current maps for the server ; Input in regards to what factions people would like to see on maps would help him out I guess Example:- US Army on al baserah Germans on Kokan insurgents vs Hamas on ras al maseri (no co-op currently) Canada on kamisiyah 1980'S British vs militia on saaremaa Regular british on bamyan E.T.C Im sure we could get creative with this idea would love to hear feedback from you guys.
  4. Get some my man, GET SOME
  5. Im glad this came up cause I've been Bitching about this to admins almost everyday the EXCUSE that the maps are too hard for new players or unskilled players comes up but there never gonna get good treating them like babies and thts why I step up and lead the noobs into the deeps of hell and often times emerges victorious and thats where apart of the problem lies, not much people want to squad lead or train new people so admins settle for easily done maps and its become a habit for for doing THE EXACT SAME MAPS EVERYDAY instead of steping up AND GETTING SOME. Another Excuse is that the player count will drop well let me tell u this also factors in with the fact that if the map is hard its gonna be much harder if the experience players are in assets and letting unskilled inf run around getting smacked by unforgiving bots and then coupled with the fact that the harder maps are rarely done most people don't even have a clue WTF to do adding to the frustration leading to people rage quiting. With that said let me name some maps THAT I HAVE LEAD WITH 20 PLAYERS OR LESS AND WON:_ Korengal gaza HILL 488 Barracuda alt Vadso alt Qwai river inf Meserah inf Ramaeil Inf reichswald assault_on_mestia operation_archer carentan Alt Musa Qula sbeneh_outskirts INF ,STD asad_khal STD Op. Marlin inf I am positive there are admins that witness the amazing victories made on these maps when im leading woth low pop but if I ask for them I get the excuses mentioned above, I dont want to rant but most of the time I have dudes that dont have mics or speak english but we got through with pure determination and determination is what is lacking not unskilled players or low pop thats my two cents. I'll never agree with those excuses because i've proven it wrong way too many times and i'll be glad to prove it wrong some more if anyone wants proof, Im sure that if people are more determined to lead noobs we can get a greater playerbase the blame is within ourselves . GET SOME
  6. I'll be alpha Automatic rifleman
  7. I squad lead alot and its annoying to have to deal with another squad leader that doesn't have a Mic or worse be in a squad with a squad lead that doesn't have a mic. I don't think anyone has a problem with No-Mics but squad leaders should be able to relay real time orders, Coordinate with assets and other squads and most importantly update everyone about the situation on battlefield as events on fold all of which is best done with a Mic. I would like to know if this bothers anyone else and if it does can there be a rule that states you can only lead squads if you have a mic. Note:-There are players that can somewhat lead without a mic through typing but this isn't anywhere near as effective in my opinion.
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