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  1. I use FL studio 20 for music production and sound editing but sound design isn't my strong suite. I can mix the hell out of any sound provided though.
  2. Kvsh_420

    Why We Fight?

    I play so I can 'GET SOME' along side all the people in veterans gaming cuz ya'll a bunch of cool dudes
  3. I don't have stargate but I have the torrent file for FH2(Forgotten hope 2) and Links to download EOD (Eve of destruction) https://www.moddb.com/mods/eve-of-destruction-21/downloads Fun mods u might like fh2-client-3.7.606.torrent
  4. I've started a passion project to cover all small arms located in game as the large amount of detail and history of the of these weapons can't go unnoticed plus I realize there isn't anybody really doing this so this is basically my love letter to the project reality community. My first video is on the M249 and its the first of many to come. This will most likely take months to actually complete (years if we get more factions.....) so I wouldn't mind people sending links to citable information as the only site I used for that my M249 video was wikipedia and I don't know how credible
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