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  1. Update: 18 Dec, 2021 @ 10:10pm [New] Mission will end and restart when all zones are captured [New] Added map markers for bases [New] Added expanded info for zones and bases [New] Trees that are chopped down will be removed on mission start [New] Configured additional Respawn and HQ buildings [New] Added new markers showing players class [New] Expanded list of vehicle markers [New] Added ACRE radio mod support [New] Added toggle for the welcome menu [New] Added feedback when attempting to consume an empty item [New] Added parameter for disabling player map markers [New] Added parameters for the snake system [New] Added parameters for the medical system [New] Added parameters to disable/enable RTO supports [New] Added parameters for limiting the number of players on a team [New] Added parameters for controlling hunger and thirst [Change] Zone names are now properly displayed in task names [Change] Rebalanced arsenal ranks and added missing bag for SCUBA gear [Change] Removed unused counter attack message [Change] You can no longer build inside a vehicle workshop [Change] Removed 2035 equipment from the arsenal [Change] Made explosive specialists a unique class instead of giving everyone the trait [Change] [Admin] Removed most RPT logging [Fix] Respawn points no longer occasionally disappear on mission start [Fix] Supply no longer disappears on mission start [Fix] Fixed vehicles getting stuck in a infinite respawn loop if destroyed on their spawn point [Fix] Fixed vehicles being able to be used as a building anchor [Fix] Fixed exploit with transport requests [Fix] Fixed players getting stuck in a locking vehicle [Fix] Admins now have access to the arsenal [Fix] NVA Mortar backpack removed due to exploit [Fix] The escape menu now closes when the welcome menu is opened [Fix] Fixed improperly placed jeep on Cam Lao Nam [Fix] Potentially fixed rare issue where a packaged wreck cannot be picked up [Fix] Fixed typo in options menu [Fix] Added missing respawn and logistics configs for some vehicles on Khe Sanh [Fix] Changed the mission image filepath to prevent a clickthrough error [Fix] Supply officers should no longer be attacked by the AI
  2. Agree with this 100%, recent change might make this new layer in the list of the least played in coop after pop dies down from people done trying out 1.7. If you want the bleed to not be annoying and actually playable then at least set the timer to 20 mins instead, that's defo enough to get players sorted on the beach on time with some leeway incase shit hits the fan.
  3. Put me wherever is needed. "As David Attenborough here, we see an enemy plane, the pinnacle of strategic warfare, about to be completely shat on by a guy with a Javelin."
  4. Hey guys! I am making a poll so that I can get a rough understanding of what wars people are interested in so I can plan some future events. There is lots to choose from. If you are interested in a war/conflict that isn't on the poll list then make it a suggestion by commenting below no matter how small or short the war/conflict is. (Note if you are suggesting a war then please have a dig through the workshop to see if there are any appropriate mods that can support it. All the wars on the poll are possible with the relevant mods.) Thanks
  5. That kind of fog on the server is not normal. It is a bug where when the server on for so long the fog mechanics can go haywire. A simple restart does the trick to fix it. I guess when you want that extreme fog when it happens sometimes then just don't restart the server lol
  6. Mike Force and Server has been updated... With both the old map and the new map installed! Mike Force Changelog (0.66.01): Update: 26 Sep @ 5:14am [New] Added content from SOG:PF 1.1 update to arsenal [New] Icons added for vehicles created at the workshop [New] FM radio now plays music when built [New] Customisation options for the view distance helper [New] Static weapon crates can be spawned [New] Trees can now be cut using axes [Change] Rebalanced arsenal ranks and added missing gear [Change] Updated default loadouts for players [Change] Contents of the medical supply crate improved [Change] Contents of the ammo crates improved [Change] Building categories are reworked [Fix] Sites are much less likely to spawn underwater or underground [Fix] Medikits not working to revive people correctly [Fix] Leghorn removed on Cam Lao Nam [Fix] Headless clients should connect correctly [Fix] Slingloading locked vehicles [Fix] Copilot seats are now correctly locked to team [Fix] AI will no longer mount static weapons loaded into vehicles
  7. Roger, Give me a shout whenever you are free.
  8. Alcohol will be served during flight from the Taliban-free Cabin Crew. You are also free to BYOA (Bring your own alcohol) Name, Age, where you want to sit. (Dont put real information, you can make it as memey as you want)
  9. London Luton (EGGW) - Hamid Karzai International Airport (OAKB) Come and book free tickets to be a passenger on one of the most totally luxurious and totally safest flight in the world at this time. Trip Length: About 7-8 Hours Date of Flight: Saturday 21st August 2021 Departure time: 0800HRS UTC Current Passenger Count: 4 Every person who books a ticket on this thread will: Receive a Boarding Pass in your PMs Be added as a passenger on the sim flight If you have booked or not, you will be able to watch the full flight stream on my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sausag33 The passenger count will start from 0, so the more of you that book tickets, the more shit I have to carry, So please tell all your friends, family, pets, rocks etc. Flight details: Plane: A32NX by FlyByWire - https://flybywiresim.com/
  10. Good stuff Biz! Will there be a way to save map progress? And a way to wipe progress once everything is taken? I can help with the editor stuff (Asthetics, anything else etc) and some scripting if needed and or general queries. - Just let me know what you need doing etc and ill be on it if I know how to.
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