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  1. ARMA III EVENT Players: 17 OPERATION PEPPERONI SATURDAY 9th JULY 2022 - 1900HRS GMT (PRT) Server Name: VETERANS-GAMING | Event Server IP: : 2307 Password: (TBC) MAP: Kastellorizo EVENT BRIEF: Insurgents has infiltrated and occupied the city! The Italian Special Forces has been sent to clear them out and maintain stability in the area. Objective: Clear out the red objectives that will be presented to you on the map while following commanders orders. Our Unit: Comando delle Forze Speciali dell'Esercito - COMFOSE 9° Reggimento d'Assalto Paracadutisti "Col Moschin" Our Assets: Light Transport/Support Vehicles Initial Halo Drop Paradropped Supplies Enemy Assets: BMPs, BTRs and Light Vehicles Rules: Standard =VG= Arma 3 Rules Apply MODS: TBC Sign up: [COMMAND] COMMANDER: =VG= Sausag3 [ALPHA] - HALO ASSAULT TEAM TEAM LEADER: =VG= Blizzard AT Rifleman: =VG= Batmeme MEDIC: =VG= Stixon ASSAULT RIFLEMAN: [BRAVO] - HALO RECON TEAM TEAM LEADER: =VG= System SNIPER/MARKSMAN: =VG= Deathdealer SNIPER/MARKSMAN: UAV OPERATOR/MEDIC: =VG= The_Polish_Guy [CHARLIE] - ASSAULT SQUAD SQUAD LEADER: =VG= Solarflame AT Rifleman: MEDIC: Hoops ASSAULT RIFLEMAN: =VG= SemlerPDX MACHINE GUNNER: MEDIC: AT RIFLEMAN: BREACHER: =VG= Kavelenko
  2. The Arma 3 Weekend Sale has just arrived! Get massive discounts on Arma 3 and its DLCs. The sale runs from June 2nd, 2022, through to June 6th, 2022. https://steamcommunity.com/games/arma3/announcements/detail/3344498886566445943?snr= Arma 3 base game - 75% off £5.99 Arma 3 DLC & expansions - 66% off: Arma 3 Apex £6.11 Arma 3 Contact £7.47 Arma 3 Laws of War £2.54 Arma 3 Tanks £2.54 Arma 3 Jets £2.54 Arma 3 Marksmen £2.54 Arma 3 Helicopters £2.54 Arma 3 Tac-Ops Mission Pack £1.52 Arma 3 bundles All of the individual product discounts in this sale, plus an additional 10-15% bundle discount Arma 3 Creator DLC Expand your Arma 3 experience even further with Creator DLC packs made by external third-party developers. Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany £5.77 Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire £15.99 Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain £8.24 Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara £5.09
  3. Faster than you can say: Nebeprisivideotinklaraštininkaujantiesiems.
  4. These two pictures look pretty sick! someone should edit it and slap VG on it somewhere lol
  5. Thanks for playing the event guys! A new event should be announced pretty soon so keep your eyes peeled
  6. modlist.html Last min small changes to modlist, Added: Zeus Enhanced + Zeus Additions
  7. Server connection details are up Server Name: VETERANS-GAMING | Event Server IP: : 2307 Password: deathsux
  8. Unfortunately due to highly personal circumstances I could not be present on that actual planned day for the event. (I'm sure blizzard has explained to u guys.) I'm sure waiting 2 weeks for a decent event is worth it without pissing on your chips
  9. Event is a go for tomorrow, 28th same time as before. Will post server connection details few hours before event start. Hope to see you all there :) cheers
  10. OP Javelin Mod List.html Mod List is up! apologies for the late upload, workdays have been busy lol.
  11. As interest in the event has built up really quickly really early. I have made the decision to increase the amount of player slots in the event to 18 slots (16 Players + 2 Spectators) At the time of this post there is 2 more player slots available (Medics). So if you want in then grab it before its gone. I have also corrected the mistake with "Cornetto" being led by Qiezi and instead I have replaced it with System, so SL's you can be relieved not having to hear random useless chatter on SL comms every 10 seconds lol Apart from all that, event is looking great so cant wait for the weekend :))
  12. ARMA III EVENT Players: 18 OPERATION JAVELIN SATURDAY 28th MAY 2022 - 1900HRS GMT (PRT) PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST BEFORE YOU START MOANING!!! Server Name: VETERANS-GAMING | Event Server IP: : 2307 Password: deathsux Map: Bystrica EVENT BRIEF: With the Russians capturing the nearby towns of Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk and Stary Sobor, The local Ukrainian Volunteer Brigade is almost encircled on all sides. The only escape corridor for Ukrainian Forces is to the North East, Past the town of Orlovets. Your task is to delay the Russian advance towards the North East, ambushing and completely destroying as many enemy units as possible, To allow the remainder of the Ukrainian Forces to escape safely. Objective: Carry out the objectives that will be presented to you on the map. Assets: We have a very limited supply of vehicles available for use. Once its gone, its gone. If you don't want a walking simulator, use the vehicles conservatively by only using it for transport or last ditch defensive purposes. 1X HMMWV (2 Door) 1X Scout BRDM We do however have a very fruitful supply of both captured and imported Anti-Tank weaponry such as: FGM-148 Javelins NLAWs RPG-26s RPG-7s 9M113 Kornets Enemy Assets: The picture below provides you with an example of the type of forces you will be dealing with. Good luck :p Rules: Standard =VG= Arma 3 Rules Apply MODS: modlist.html Sign up: REQUIRED! Due to the very limited amount of player slots, Sign ups are on a first come first serve basis. If someone chose a role you want before you, tough tits, pick something else. Anyone who is seen joining the server without being signed up for a slot on this thread 3 Hours before the event starts, will be automatically kicked! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! No Excuses! Press Team (Spectator) Journalist: =VG= Skitalez Journalist: RECON TEAM - CALLSIGN: GHOST RECON LEADER: =VG= Deathdealer RECON AR: Stixon RECON RIFLEMAN/MEDIC: =VG= Sausag3 UAV Operator: =VG= I3RYAN JAVELIN TEAM - CALLSIGN: JAVELIN ATGM Operator (Javelin): =VG= Solarflame ATGM Assistant (Javelin): =VG= Squirrel ATGM Assistant: SoldierOfMisfortune Medic: =VG= Keed NLAW TEAM - CALLSIGN: FUCKBOY AT Leader (NLAW): Batmeme AT Rifleman (NLAW): dogenamite AT Rifleman (NLAW): Medic: =VG= XOR KORNET TEAM - CALLSIGN: CORNETTO ATGM Leader/Radio: =VG= System ATGM Operator (KORNET): =VG= Blizzard ATGM Assistant (KORNET): whtz Medic: =VG= The_Polski_Guy Disclaimer: While the subject matter of many games or simulators we play may include recreations of real life conflicts throughout the world, we ask that all members avoid posting content of a political nature, or engaging in discussions or commentary involving politics or religion. We discourage excessive 'role playing' comments in posts/chat (or while playing) which include statements or rally cries of real life belligerents from past or current conflicts - it's okay to have fun but use tact when you joke around, and do not take things too far. As a general rule for everyone, leave politics and religion out of our gaming community, and focus on the games. This event is not political and accurate in any way, the only resemblance to a present conflict in this event is just the country factions, nothing else. If you have a problem solely because it uses units from those countries then I seriously advice you not to participate in this event. Thank you for understanding OP Javelin Mod List.html
  13. Update: 18 Dec, 2021 @ 10:10pm [New] Mission will end and restart when all zones are captured [New] Added map markers for bases [New] Added expanded info for zones and bases [New] Trees that are chopped down will be removed on mission start [New] Configured additional Respawn and HQ buildings [New] Added new markers showing players class [New] Expanded list of vehicle markers [New] Added ACRE radio mod support [New] Added toggle for the welcome menu [New] Added feedback when attempting to consume an empty item [New] Added parameter for disabling player map markers [New] Added parameters for the snake system [New] Added parameters for the medical system [New] Added parameters to disable/enable RTO supports [New] Added parameters for limiting the number of players on a team [New] Added parameters for controlling hunger and thirst [Change] Zone names are now properly displayed in task names [Change] Rebalanced arsenal ranks and added missing bag for SCUBA gear [Change] Removed unused counter attack message [Change] You can no longer build inside a vehicle workshop [Change] Removed 2035 equipment from the arsenal [Change] Made explosive specialists a unique class instead of giving everyone the trait [Change] [Admin] Removed most RPT logging [Fix] Respawn points no longer occasionally disappear on mission start [Fix] Supply no longer disappears on mission start [Fix] Fixed vehicles getting stuck in a infinite respawn loop if destroyed on their spawn point [Fix] Fixed vehicles being able to be used as a building anchor [Fix] Fixed exploit with transport requests [Fix] Fixed players getting stuck in a locking vehicle [Fix] Admins now have access to the arsenal [Fix] NVA Mortar backpack removed due to exploit [Fix] The escape menu now closes when the welcome menu is opened [Fix] Fixed improperly placed jeep on Cam Lao Nam [Fix] Potentially fixed rare issue where a packaged wreck cannot be picked up [Fix] Fixed typo in options menu [Fix] Added missing respawn and logistics configs for some vehicles on Khe Sanh [Fix] Changed the mission image filepath to prevent a clickthrough error [Fix] Supply officers should no longer be attacked by the AI
  14. Agree with this 100%, recent change might make this new layer in the list of the least played in coop after pop dies down from people done trying out 1.7. If you want the bleed to not be annoying and actually playable then at least set the timer to 20 mins instead, that's defo enough to get players sorted on the beach on time with some leeway incase shit hits the fan.
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