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  1. Promoted from Rimmy's video, looks like he found a pretty cool AI management mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1877858319
  2. You can't talk until you do it too!
  3. POV, when you are finally playing in yamalia
  4. * Updated the list to add some more games thanks to @Connor! Thank you Those game keys are really old which is shown on the list. They may or may not work and there Is no way to find out unless someone claiming it tries it out.
  5. @The_Polish_Guy Unfortunately @Zeee has claimed that game already. Sorry! Is there any other game you'd like instead?
  6. Steam Games Giveaway So I have a metric f*ck ton of unclaimed steam games lying around and I wish to give them all away here as I know I wont redeem and play them myself. Please claim a maximum of 1 game over £20 AND 1 Game under £20 , The first one that claims the game, will receive the steam code in a PM to the claimant. To claim a game, reply to this post with the game/s you wish to claim. Games already claimed will be crossed out. All of these games total to £382! (That is 87 McDonald's Big Mac meals for you American folks ) Color Codes: Green
  7. Well with this poll it will eventually inform you what the current availability of most people who play the game is, So the results might influence your decision compared to if you wasn't informed about it. But If you are trying to ask if this "Standardization" is going to be forced upon all the event makers, then NO!. If you, as an event organizer would like to set the date to a Friday instead of what the poll results are then you are free to do so. You are your own boss as a mission maker and event organizer. And that's how it should be within VG, The whole purpose of this is to m
  8. Please vote on the poll so all the Misson DEVs can be informed on a standardized event time that suits the majority of people on here. Of course we had successes with event numbers in the past. but there is always room for improvement, by starting with fully understanding what everyone's typical availability is through the year
  9. @=VG= Fastjack, Only just seen this... If this is still ongoing and he needs a few testers then let me and the lads know!
  10. Happy Birthday, Matey!!

  11. Here's a Teaser for an upcoming Arma 3 Event - Keep your eyes peeled as full announcement and details will be released in the near future
  12. @=VG= SemlerPDX Yes, Dev on this is put on hold for now.
  13. *Update* I've made a Github for this development so there is a space where everyone can collaborate effectively once we are set up: https://github.com/Sausag3s/VG-A3-DEV There is also a discussion section on there to discuss everything related to this instead of flooding this thread and forums. Thank you all for the suggestions and volunteering so far.
  14. Hi fellas! I am looking for a few volunteers (Especially those who know Scripting/Modding and Arma 3 in general) to help develop a new persistent mission for this clan. It will be called VG ArmaZ - A persistent Zombie Survival mission on the map Chernarus Redux - With alot of features that originate from Dayz, Plus alot of extras. Here are the planned features: Persistent Character, Bank Accounts, Vehicles and Objects Random Respawn System Selective Respawn - E.G Spawn at Base if possible or Random Hunger + Thirst System Hunting/Fishing System
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