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  1. Project 27 The regular players who play Project 27 are inviting you to join with them on their OP. Saturday 10th September 2022 Prep at 1600 UTC / Start at 1700 UTC Server Name: =VG= | PROJECT 27 | Leskovets IP: : 2392 Password: letmein MAP: Leskovets Modlist: Arma_3_Preset_p27_lesk.html SIGNUP: H-1-3 - HMMW M2 TL: =VG= The_Polish_Guy MED: =VG= System AR: whtz LAT: dogenamite GL: QZ H-1-4 - HMMW CARRIER TL: MED: =VG= Squirrel GL: RFL: NeroJ AT: =VG= Sausag3 AT assistant: Pew_Pew MG: panzerkillerII MG assistant: ConfusedMaster CAS - Mi-35 Pilot: =VG= Keed Gunner: =VG= Deathdealer ACE MEDICAL and other realism mods are enabled on this OP. Make sure to refresh yourselves on both ACE and TFAR before the OP
  2. EVENT POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! Apologies guys, This Saturday evening I have very important matters to deal with so I will not be around at the event time... I do not think I will be free enough to just postpone this next weekend. So please keep a look out and I will update you with the new date soon.
  3. So is anyone going to take SL for alpha? come on guys it's not hard. If it's not selected I will just move people around. Or just postpone until people can be arsed to take the roles.
  4. Guys just be aware that the only people that will have radios are the squad/team leaders with Long range radios, As in WW2 you didn’t have squad based Personal radios. The rest of the team has no radios and you will need to stay in shouting distance with each other. Hopefully this should train some of you guys to stay with the squad and always check on them, the hard way :)) The only exception is the LTS team as they have no other way of communication.
  5. ARMA III EVENT Players: 30 Operation Overlord EVENT POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! Apologies guys, This Saturday evening I have very important matters to deal with so I will not be around at the event time... I do not think I will be free enough to just postpone this next weekend. So please keep a look out and I will update you with the new date soon. Server Name: VETERANS-GAMING | Event Server IP: : 2307 Password: Btw image above is my first time playing around with animations from the editor, now all my preview photos are gonna look dope! MAP: Omaha Beach EVENT BRIEF: D-Day has started! The Allies are carrying out naval invasions along the coast of Normandy to begin the liberation of France. Our task is break through the defenses and slowly liberate the villages nearby, to allow an establishment of a safe makeshift harbor to allow further reinforcements to flood in. Objective: Carry out orders given by the commander during the event brief. Our Units: 1st Infantry Division (United States) Our Assets: Naval/Land Transport/Support Vehicles Mortars from Delta Supplies Enemy Assets: Heavy Emplacements (PAK 40s, FLAK 36s) Light Emplacements (MG-42s) Armored Vehicles (Panzer IVs, Stug IIIs, Sd.Kfz 251s) Rules: Standard =VG= Arma 3 Rules Apply MODS*: OP-OVERLORD-MODLIST.html Sign up: [COMMAND] COMMANDER: =VG= Sausag3 [Alpha] - Infantry Squad Squad Leader: AT Rifleman: Pew_Pew Medic: Dogenamite Automatic Rifleman: PierreC Engineer (Explosives Expert): Team Leader: Whtz AT Rifleman: =VG= Batmeme Medic: =VG= Condrad Automatic Rifleman: =VG= Stixon Grenadier: =VG= Deathdealer [Bravo] - Infantry Squad Squad Leader: AT Rifleman: Medic: Automatic Rifleman: Engineer (Explosives Expert): Team Leader: AT Rifleman: Medic: Automatic Rifleman: Grenadier: [Charlie] - MG Team Team Leader: Rifleman: Medic: Machine Gunner: Ereen Machine Gunner: Panzerkiller [Delta] - LTS (Logistics, Transport, Support) Team Team Leader: =VG= Keed Rifleman: =VG= SolarFlame Rifleman: =VG= The_Polish_Guy Medic: =VG= Squirrel Engineer: Chickenjason
  6. For the event, the only optional mods you are able to load in are: JSRS Soundmod + AIO RHS Compat Enhanced Soundscape Enhanced Visuals If you try to load any other mods that may appear on your suggested and additional mods from the launcher.. It will just kick you straight back out with an error. DO NOT LOAD THE OTHER MODS!!!
  7. Roger, Hope it's better soon, take care bud!
  8. I've put you down as AT with Alpha. Make sure you have your TFAR set up on TS PRIOR TO THE EVENT! TY
  9. Are you okay with going charlie instead?? sorry dunno what i was smoking but i thought delta was charlie at that time lol. If not I am happy with expanding the logistics squad to add you in there instead.
  10. You are. AR = Automatic Rifleman You will be able to choose what weapon you want to bring with you.... So AR is really just a name. I would also recommend you disable your TrackIR for the event... I saw the stream and it seemed you were struggling to hit anything quickly with it on. you would be much more effective with that off imo.
  11. @=VG= Batmeme @=VG= XOR @Ereen Please note that if you all make it to the event and alpha is still missing slots then I will merge you guys with alpha to fill all the slots. If you 100% know that you can make it then join alpha instead please. As the reserve team is there as an overflow to alpha and for those that are not sure if they can make it.
  12. I've put you down as Machine gunner for alpha instead. I won't go into too much detail, but due to the objectives (There are secret ones) the SAS strictly needs regular highly experienced players. As you have only just came back to Arma 3 after a long break, there will be a lot for you to still relearn and refresh. I've put you in a more simpler squad, and recommend any other players to do the same if you have not touched the game for a while.
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