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  1. Put me wherever is needed. "As David Attenborough here, we see an enemy plane, the pinnacle of strategic warfare, about to be completely shat on by a guy with a Javelin."
  2. Hey guys! I am making a poll so that I can get a rough understanding of what wars people are interested in so I can plan some future events. There is lots to choose from. If you are interested in a war/conflict that isn't on the poll list then make it a suggestion by commenting below no matter how small or short the war/conflict is. (Note if you are suggesting a war then please have a dig through the workshop to see if there are any appropriate mods that can support it. All the wars on the poll are possible with the relevant mods.) Thanks
  3. That kind of fog on the server is not normal. It is a bug where when the server on for so long the fog mechanics can go haywire. A simple restart does the trick to fix it. I guess when you want that extreme fog when it happens sometimes then just don't restart the server lol
  4. Mike Force and Server has been updated... With both the old map and the new map installed! Mike Force Changelog (0.66.01): Update: 26 Sep @ 5:14am [New] Added content from SOG:PF 1.1 update to arsenal [New] Icons added for vehicles created at the workshop [New] FM radio now plays music when built [New] Customisation options for the view distance helper [New] Static weapon crates can be spawned [New] Trees can now be cut using axes [Change] Rebalanced arsenal ranks and added missing gear [Change] Updated default loadouts for players [Change] Contents of the medical supply crate improved [Change] Contents of the ammo crates improved [Change] Building categories are reworked [Fix] Sites are much less likely to spawn underwater or underground [Fix] Medikits not working to revive people correctly [Fix] Leghorn removed on Cam Lao Nam [Fix] Headless clients should connect correctly [Fix] Slingloading locked vehicles [Fix] Copilot seats are now correctly locked to team [Fix] AI will no longer mount static weapons loaded into vehicles
  5. Roger, Give me a shout whenever you are free.
  6. Alcohol will be served during flight from the Taliban-free Cabin Crew. You are also free to BYOA (Bring your own alcohol) Name, Age, where you want to sit. (Dont put real information, you can make it as memey as you want)
  7. London Luton (EGGW) - Hamid Karzai International Airport (OAKB) Come and book free tickets to be a passenger on one of the most totally luxurious and totally safest flight in the world at this time. Trip Length: About 7-8 Hours Date of Flight: Saturday 21st August 2021 Departure time: 0800HRS UTC Current Passenger Count: 4 Every person who books a ticket on this thread will: Receive a Boarding Pass in your PMs Be added as a passenger on the sim flight If you have booked or not, you will be able to watch the full flight stream on my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sausag33 The passenger count will start from 0, so the more of you that book tickets, the more shit I have to carry, So please tell all your friends, family, pets, rocks etc. Flight details: Plane: A32NX by FlyByWire - https://flybywiresim.com/
  8. Good stuff Biz! Will there be a way to save map progress? And a way to wipe progress once everything is taken? I can help with the editor stuff (Asthetics, anything else etc) and some scripting if needed and or general queries. - Just let me know what you need doing etc and ill be on it if I know how to.
  9. Would love to play a minecraft modded survival with server plugins like community shops etc so you can sell what you get
  10. EVENT DELAYED FOR 1 HOUR to 2000 UT. Sorry for the inconvinience
  11. For a weird logical reason I use both. I use inverted on keyboard and mouse, As treating my mouse like a joystick feels very weird, so I treat my mouse with the, If my mouse goes down, my nose goes down. But with a Joystick I will always use normal pitch. It does not feel right playing inverted. Think you guys are after the wrong people, It's the joystick inverted players that are secretly serial killers, Not mouse inverted players.
  12. You'll find me and a lot of others on Arma 3, Get it and you'll have a blast playing with us!
  13. Posting this on the Arma 3 Thread so more people are aware! This Event is hosted by: @X0R I Believe he is hosting his first Arma 3 Event with =VG=! As it is his first, Lets get this turnout for this event MASSIVE!, Tell your friends, Tell your kids, Tell your Wife, Tell your fucking dog! We want a full house boys! If anyone else is interested in hosting Arma 3 Events within =VG=, Please hit me up! I had an exchange with @=VG= Sausag3 and figured I'd do one of these, as I don't play Arma 3 on VG a lot, actually hardly if ever because I usually play elsewhere at the normal time such events are held, so here we are, I've checked out past events & how many players usually attend and figured I'd put my own little spin on it with that in mind, and make something enjoyable that you're otherwise less likely to encounter on a public server, because I figure I might as well make it worth your while to attend if indeed you do, for which I'm preemptively appreciative. EVENT TIME: Sunday, 18th of July 2021 - 1900UTC/1300CST REQUIRED PLAYER SLOTS: 12 TOTAL PLAYABLE SLOTS: 42 EVENT SERVER: VETERANS-GAMING | Arma 3 Testing | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM SIGN-UP: RSVP on this calender link: late joiners may use available slots. PASSWORD: venividivici REQUIREMENTS: ARMA 3 installed and up to date All Steam Workshop Mods here ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2540017521 ) downloaded and installed [SIDE NOTE ON MODS] Let me be absolutely clear, linked modset contains 4 of the RHS Mods, most of you already have and 15 Additional Mods which are less than 50MB combined AND ARE EXPLICITLY INCLUDED FOR AI & GAMEPLAY ENHANCEMENT, so you'll find no bloat here. RADIO: Teamspeak Is not required, though feel to join the VG Arma 3 Teamspeak if you need help or think you may, I will be found on Discord. Instead of TFAR, Addon Free Scripted Radio is used with no requirements for any additional downloads, It's a script included in the mission, to enhance vanilla Arma 3,& uses vanilla keybinds, It basically rmoves needless TFAR - TS bs,and provides a simple yet efficient VOICE CHAT similar to PR if your familiar, by extending vanilla Arma 3 functionality. I've configured It to allow CHANNEL SWITCHING KEYBINDS, Arma 3 default ',' and '.', so DISREGARD last line in image above. BLUFOR[ MARSOC, USMC ] Aboard the USS Freedom OPFOR[ RUSSIAN VDV, AAF ] On the Island of Stratis AO[ The Whole Island, Might As Well. ] SQUADS (Dynamic Groups Enabled) Zeus [Platoon Lead has access to LIMITED ZEUS with access restricted to MODULES only, with edit & object placement disabled] Command Platoon Lead: @=VG= Sausag3 [I'd appreciate If You Took This] FAC: Keed Platoon Medic: The_Polish_Guy Alpha Squad Lead: KVSH_420 Rifleman: Timan Engineer: Medic @X0R Bravo Squad Lead: Life Rifleman: SoliderOfMisfortune Engineer: Terminator Medic: Stixon Phantom 1 Pilot: Connor Phantom 2 Pilot: Deathdealer [AIR ASSETS AVAILABLE] 5x AH-9/MH-9 Mission Enhanced Little Birds & 1 CH-53 Stallion 2 pilots, switching aircraft per mission/task requirements, with access to Dynamic Vehicle Load-out for Armament Romeo 2-1 12 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED Romeo 2-2 6 Playable Reinforcement Slots FOR PILOTS, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS PHANTOM Romeo 2-3 6 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED Romeo 2-4 6 Playable Reinforcement Slots, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS SLOTS ABOVE FILLED You will not be limited in what tools/loadout/methods to use other than being restricted to assets on the USS Freedom & gear that belongs to your faction available in a restricted Virtual Arsenal, Mission briefing available in map view will instruct you on your objectives and, how you choose to accomplish your objective is left to the discretion of your Platoon Lead & respective Squad Leaders, you may restructure your squad's loadout & configuration at your SL's discretion & minimally to yours as well. The Size Or Composition of Squads Is Not Fixed, Anyone Can Join Alpha or Bravo after slotting in as one of the Romeo units, using Dynamic Groups, default key 'U'. [BRIEF] Russians have occupied a Greek island as part of an agreement with a nationalist government in Greece, as part of a ploy to force the EU to expel Greece from the union, after Greeks voted to remain. The Russians get a Naval Base in a small Mediterranean Island and the Greek Government gets to bypass the popular vote by forcing the EU's hands. You are tasked with denying the Greek government diplomatic leverage by forcefully & covertly removing the Russians from NATO territory. Detailed Brief in Mission. [OBJECTIVES, OVERVIEW] 2 Primary Objectives and 6-12 Procedurally Generated Chained Secondary Tasks *this sometimes results in an obviously bugged task, Platoon Lead can through LIMITED ZEUS force a 'completed' status for such tasks using Zeus Modules* Mission Succeeds when All Objectives Are Complete and ALL PLAYERS EXTRACT TO THE USS FREEDOM Mission Fails if more than 10 civilians are killed which surrendering enemies are considered to be, so beware, there are civilians & ai do surrender. Mission Fails if all players die. Mission Fails if friendly fire results in more than 5 deaths. [ENVIRONMENT] Due to time acceleration 24minutes irl is 24hours ingame, so tailor your plans to a rapidly alternating day/night cycle and accelerated dynamic weather. [CONSTRAINTS] *for gameplay purposes, because AI at their best, aren't as smart as a mediocre human[possibly]* [RESPAWN] NONE, however.... [SERVER SETTINGS] No Crosshairs, First Person Only, Standard Flight Model *Ai Difficulty overridden by mission* Weapon Sway & Fatigue Enabled (Manage your load-outs REASONABLY or suffer the CONSEQUENCES) Remember, everything that can kill you, can be killed by you, and credit where credit's due, the level of complexity is entirely thanks to THIRD-PARTY dynamic mission modules included as Mods, that I use, and others seldom do, so yea, I'm just a grunt who put the pieces together, at most scripting a few minor things here & there. P.S I'd very much like for @Connor to get banned if he fails to attend, as he nudged me to do this Cheers.
  14. Good job lads! Operation Fallujah Freedom
  15. *Bump* Need both crewman slots on BTR80 filled. If slots not taken I'll have to start reallocating people
  16. Operation Fallujah Freedom - ARMA 3 EVENT EVENT TIME: Saturday, 10th of July 2021 - 2000 GMT (PRT) PLAYER SLOTS: 21 EVENT SERVER: VETERANS-GAMING | Arma 3 Testing | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM SIGN-UP: Sign ups are MANDATORY to play this event PASSWORD: sumboody REQUIREMENTS: ARMA 3 installed and up to date All Steam Workshop Mods here (Link AVAILABLE NOW! CLICK HERE) downloaded and installed Fallujah Map Downloaded and Installed - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=908733096 Teamspeak 3 - With TFAR (BETA!) Installed and Set up! Discord, if Tech Support is needed SIGN UPS: Please comment below on this thread what TROOP and what ROLE you want to take BEFORE the event 2nd Iraqi Motorized Platoon Command: Commander (Zeus): Sausag3 Alpha Squad (BTR-80): Squad Leader: System Rifleman AT (RPG-7): Batmeme Machine Gunner (PKM): Life Marksman: Terminator Combat Medic: The_Polish_Guy Section Leader (2IC): Kvsh_420 Grenadier: Deathdealer Combat Medic: Kavelenko Crewman (Driver): Kimakeru Crewman (Gunner): Stixon Bravo Squad (Infantry Truck) Squad Leader: Rifleman AT (RPG-7): Machine Gunner (PKM): Marksman: Combat Medic: Section Leader (2IC): Grenadier: Combat Medic: Machinegunner (MG-42): Rifleman: Brief: ISIS has taken over the city of Fallujah, The 2nd Iraqi Motorized platoon is tasked to clearing out the following objectives to significantly weaken the enemy presence in the region: Objective Alpha - School Objective Bravo - Broadcasting Tower Objective Charlie - Hospital A more in-depth brief will take place in-game. Respawns Available.
  17. *BUMP* There is a fireteam leader slot and an assault specialist slot left on the signups. Get it hot while you still can. Note: The event will start with everyone in mini submarines traveling towards the RV point on the map. Please beware that radios are not that effective underwater. Local communication is limited to. So barely any comms + pitch black darkness, could = disaster. Please don't panic if you cannot communicate with others, If you are inside the submarine and drive. Please travel to the RV. Make sure the ones who are driving the submarine are aware of the controls. as the way to control the submarine has different key binds than any other vehicle around. Looking forward to the event, See you all on the battlefield.
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