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  1. I don't think it's necessary to set it up 24/7. I think it's enough to run it when it's needed and before events. The mission is and will be ready to go on the event server if someone wants to do some training or just show the game to some noobie. Everything is automated so there is no requirement for an admin/zeus to be online. Additionally the mission requires ACE3 for full functionality but lack of it should only break the medical training. CUP Terrains Core is required for the structures to work but at some point I want to make it CUPless so it can be played with any modset.
  2. Hi, I'm happy to finally show off the new training mission I've been working on. With no small help from @=VG= XOR it's finally ready and will take over the old training mission before events. trailer 70.mp4 The mission contains: shooting range (short to long range, vehicle) Grenades and explosives ranges ACE Medical training Dynamic Killhouse Off-Road driving course Land Navigation courses Virtual Garage Small scale town/village assault missions EOD course The mission is compatible with pretty much any mod. Big thanks to X0R for help with the scripting black magic and to everyone who suggested features. For event makers: let me know if you wanna use it, I'll gladly send you the files
  3. Delta SL pls Edit: add Lonestar (Mango) as AT in Delta too
  4. Yeah sure. This op. won't require you to have a lot of arma skill. If want any sort of training we usually run a training/TKing session beforehand. I can show you all the basics that you need. Also can give you some pointers on dc, since you should probably set up TFAR before the event
  5. Good. Check your discord next time lol And with that there is no more actor slots, unless we get lot more ppl
  6. Arma 3 Event Player count: 10 sign-ups + 5 Operation Gatekeeper SATURDAY 11th MAY 2024 - 1800hrs GMT (PRT) training session 1 hour earlier as per tradition Server name: VETERANS-GAMING | Op. Gatekeeper| TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM IP: Password: UN MAP: Chernorus (Autumn) OBJECTIVE: This one is special. The land of Chernarus is at peace after a long and bloody war. Well, thankfully for you, it's not really. You are sent to a UN checkpoint on one of the roads in the region. You will stop smugglers and insurgents, arrest criminals and most importantly irritate the local civilians. Grab your blue helmet and get ready for a long day. The UN players will conduct standard checkpoint duties (stopping, searching, arresting, etc.) while the actors will be my helpers and will act as the passing by locals. MODS (nothing new): Arma_3_Preset_checkpoint_req.html BLUFOR assets: Checkpoint infrastructure UN mobile towing tractor [UN Checkpoint Crew] Checkpoint Commander: =VG= Batmeme Medic: Hoops0320 Medic: Veselyy EOD Specialist: Lonestar (Mango) Rifleman: Asko Rifleman: Pew_Pew Rifleman: PVT.Daryl Rifleman: =VG= nabil999 Rifleman: Enfield Rifleman: Trojan [The Actors] Actor: Sphee Actor: =VG= Sausag3 Actor: =VG= X0R Actor: =VG= keed Actor: =VG= Deathdealer If enough people want to join after the slots have been filled, I'll see about creating more slots. I am expecting a lower turn-out since it's something unusual, but you're more than welcome to prove me wrong. This will be the first event with the updated ACE settings so more medical for medics and less medical for everyone else. The difficulty is still the same.
  7. oh that does sound good. I'll check it out thx
  8. All right the time has come. Thanks to everyone who answered the poll. I will go over a few of the questions and some answers below. If someone is interested in the specific data that I don't present or whatever, dm me and I'll send you the whole thing. First questions basically show some info about the group, so most play regularly, enjoy ACE and ACE Medical. Wound reopening was a NO (sadly but I'll get to that later). And advanced bandages was a big NO. Most people support allowing only medics to perform some actions. We'll get back to that soon. Action length seems to be fine for most. And now the interesting part. A lot of people suggested to make medics more important. This is something that I've been thinking about for some time now. This was shown in one of the questions above. If we don't include wound reopening this could make the medical system more enjoyable for the ones who enjoy it (because they picked medic) and less demanding for the people who don't want to be medics. Also might increase the tactical side of healing. So I'd say at least blood and morphine/epi just for medics may become a thing. Lastly I wanted to respond to some suggestions here. Most were very interesting to read. - So basically there is no official modlist in use, but we use basically the same core mods for each mission. We even use the same optional mods every time. So if someone just wants to know, we pretty much always use: CUP terrains and maps, all four RHS mods, CBA, ACE3, TFAR. Those are the heaviest mods we use and they pretty much never change, unless we use only some of them. - With this one I just don't agree. Of course I understand someone might not enjoy ACE (as the numbers show) but also as it is shown above only 20% of people said they don't like it and noone hates it apparently. But even without that, pretty much everyone active in the VG arma community joins events, even the biggest ACE hater himself. - If you're spending 10 minutes on one person, I'd be happy to show you how to actually use ACE medical. But hopefully with moving more actions to medics, only the people who don't mind spending some time healing will actually do that (besides some minor treatment). - I grouped these two together because I think it's the same issue. I'd like to do some 'nam ops but as always it's the issue of people not buying DLCs. Which I can't blame them for, I bought only a few myself. And whereas I can see why someone would buy Prairie Fire, I don't see a reason to buy West Sahara when it's just a couple of reskins and a new map. After all it's always the same question: Isn't there a free mod that basically does the job well enough? And to be fair, I really do want to make a Prairie Fire mission one day, but I always wonder how many people actually have the DLC. - I'd really love to hear more about this suggestion. I know people want different factions, I just need to know what factions you want to see more. To illustrate my point, US and Russia are both foreign factions to me but I assume this isn't what this suggestion means. There was more suggestions. Quite a few asking to give medics more responsibility which I mentioned before so won't go into it here. The ones mentioned are the ones I can respond to now to show you my perceptive on things. I welcome any form of discussion below regarding the poll or anything else.
  9. Hello everyone, some of you probably remember my last Arma poll where I asked for you suggestions regarding future events. Today I come to you with another poll. This one revolves around the issue of our ACE Medical setting but don't worry, if you have other issues/ideas/suggestions, there's a place for that too. Of course I urge anyone playing arma with us to answer the 12 easy questions. Please do not treat the questions as a preview of thing to come. This is only to gather your opinions. Personally I feel pretty good with where the settings are now, but there's always room for improvement. So here's the link to the poll. Of course all of your answers are anonymous. If you think you have something to add besides the questions in the poll, respond below or dm me here or on discord. Edit: I forgot to mention that in about a week I'll publish the results here and maybe I'll respond to some of the suggestions too.
  10. I'll set up a TS channel for it, we'll see who hops on
  11. I have one big problem with that game and that's ignoring no proper ai and so on. Basically every single time I decide to download it and give it a try, all the servers are completely empty. So I can't even try it myself.
  12. Thank you all for coming. I forgot about documenting the event and this is the only screenshot i have (system is the artist behind this masterpiece) Whoever has any screenshots or videos go ahead and post them here
  13. I have added a logi squad after realizing how messy reinserts usually are. In other words, two more non-reserve slots have been added.
  14. I'd like to remind everyone, to install their TFAR plugin before saturday and try fixing any issues with it. If everything goes according to plan we'll host a quick warmup/training before the event itself. If someone doesn't know or forgor here is how to install the TFAR plugin: YT link
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