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  1. PT-76 hits helicopters no matter what. Looks like it maybe has aa ai logic or something. I think it may have been a problem before too but I'm not sure.
  2. If you mean the F-16's bombs, they have been broken earlier. Even before 1.7 the kills didn't count if we killed something with the bomb on Bijar. And personally I am 100% positive I didn't drop bombs on friendlies. Just saying though to make sure you know the bombs were broken before.
  3. You are missing my point. I like hard maps, but not the kind of hard that requires perfect actions of the hole team to even play more than 10 mins. I prefer hard maps that are hard because of a lot of enemy assets or/and lack of friendly resources or just terrain working to our disadvantage. Sure, and Charlie's can be finished in 15 minutes, but that doesn't really prove anything. Well I wish you good luck, but probably not a lot of admins will want to set this map since it can be a waste of time and loss of a lot of players.
  4. That sucks. Most of the time we will lose it not even because of wrong decisions but random events leading to and during the map. And every time we just lose 15 minutes. Lose a few ppl on map load? 15 minutes and probably a few more players lost. Got a teamkiller at the beginning? 15 minutes lost. Got a slow loading team? 15 minutes lost. Driver's or SL's game crashes? 15 minutes lost. And I don't care if we lose. I just want to have fun playing games and this map will be either tryharding or losing 15 mikes, neither of those are fun. So the only thing this change will achieve is convincing more ppl not to play this map.
  5. =VG= The_Polish_Guy


    Guess how many Russians can fit on a glitched ladder in Grozny.
  6. The only place you can hide on Charlie's
  7. I meant the farmer outfit, the helmet was kinda meh
  8. Ohh come on my idea was perfect! Put me as a Medic in Alpha. I can switch if I'm needed elsewhere.
  9. Event was very fun on every map. So huge thanks to Melon for making the maps and to everyone for playing. I love the idea of cutoff infantry defending a crash site and waiting for others to come help. So would like to see more maps like this in the future events. The only problem I noticed was that only on certain objectives we were actually fighting enemies. For example on Khami we killed maybe 10 enemies in the bunkers on the western side. If we could have more consistent numbers on each flag that would be great. (Not talking about Ramiel bc I was stuck on one flag for most of the time) Also loved Masirah for ability to attack from two directions and the idea of clearing AA sites for TRANS support. In general, great event please more.
  10. Sign me up for the last opfor unit if it's fine. Sorry for last minute signing up but I wasn't sure if I can make it.
  11. Maybe 5 jets entered into the contrail layer just for a bit? Or part of it was blown away by wind? I'm not an aviation expert though so probably just UFOs
  12. This was a masterpiece made by a genius.
  13. =VG= The_Polish_Guy

    As always USMC disturbing the lives of peaceful citizens of Jabal al Burj with a loud party.
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