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  1. This might be interesting for some players but for most it's just annoying when a bot gets in the gunner seat. From what I have seen there's no point of using bots as gunners in any vehicle except parked jeeps, as they are never as effective as a player. Edit: also the poll is kinda biased, there is no option for PvEvP only on weekends
  2. I feel like there wouldn't be many people on any of the servers if we run it in the week, but I don't see why we should try just for a week or two. Also of course there are some problems with balance but a lot of layers are actually quite fun to play and well balanced. There is some stuff to polish like making sure the auto-balance doesn't move over bots but players only. Also it would be helpful to allow players to take squad-lead position when joining a bot squad. Also there seems to be an issue with asset squads, since we can make like 3 squads, it's sometimes hard to enforce asset rules. This could be solved by allowing players to lead bot squads or by making a separate set of rules for PvPvE Server.
  3. sadly my only screenshot from the event
  4. True that was some nice teamplay but we still died to an M10 behind a bush.
  5. There's more to it than that: Lack of transport on a huge map Actually I'd say it might be the distance not the amount of vehicles but still a logistic nightmare Trees and mostly those French bushes 2 logis that take for ever to resupply and drive back to the battle Bots shooting Garands as quick as AKs or M4s The insane amount of enemy armor that we can't counter because we have no supplies and the friendly tanks just get LATed through trees Not seeing any enemies on the first few flags... ...that leads to only CAS having fun for most part Of course if a tank is hit and needs repairs it takes ages just to get a repair from a logi (and even longer to get to main and back) There's probably some more staff too. I think that's sadly not possible. The Vietnam maps didn't really change. We adapted our tactics, we can use smoke now, but most of them are maps with at least some cover, terrain changes and most importantly trans helis and logis that allow for quick transport and a proper supply chain. On Kassel there is of course some cover but between the objectives there is just an open field (and some trees but that doesn't really help). On Vietnam maps we can just call a trans heli to not waste time trying to cross an open field but that's not possible on Kassel. The change I think would be the best is making a smaller layout for it. It would concentrate the enemies more and allow for better logistics. But of course as this is not a game made by a multi-million dollar company but by DEVs working quarter-time for free, we can't expect everything to be perfect. Suggestions and discussion are always great but we need to also remember that those people have a ton of other staff to do. Also probably dragging LangMaster into this thread would help to show his perspective on those issues.
  6. From my experience if you play the singleplayer missions you can learn basics in an hour and some more complicated stuff in the rest of the missions. And I haven't played any of the ArmA games before.
  7. Come on we're Slavs, that's how we say hello.
  8. If so, sign me up for kornet squad medic.
  9. You better correct Sausag3, because in the list he is the SL.
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