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  1. I'll set up a TS channel for it, we'll see who hops on
  2. I have one big problem with that game and that's ignoring no proper ai and so on. Basically every single time I decide to download it and give it a try, all the servers are completely empty. So I can't even try it myself.
  3. Thank you all for coming. I forgot about documenting the event and this is the only screenshot i have (system is the artist behind this masterpiece) Whoever has any screenshots or videos go ahead and post them here
  4. I have added a logi squad after realizing how messy reinserts usually are. In other words, two more non-reserve slots have been added.
  5. I'd like to remind everyone, to install their TFAR plugin before saturday and try fixing any issues with it. If everything goes according to plan we'll host a quick warmup/training before the event itself. If someone doesn't know or forgor here is how to install the TFAR plugin: YT link
  6. If you are not sure if you'll be able to make it, I can put you into reserve, that's what it's for. Also just to be clear I moved you from the medic slot as we often do with crucial roles. Once you actually experience what ace medical looks like live during a game, I'll be happy to see you play as medic. I'd do the same if you picked a squad/team lead role.
  7. I'll put you down for autorifleman. Medic is an essential role and we usually give them to people experienced with ACE Medical.
  8. Arma 3 Event Player count: 15 sign-ups + reserve Final Foray SATURDAY 10th FEBRUARY 2024 - 1800hrs GMT (PRT) training session 1 hour earlier as per tradition Server name: VETERANS-GAMING | Final Foray| TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM IP: Password: rifle MAP: Takistan OBJECTIVE: Go up against the US army in the mountainous region of Takistan. Prepare ambushes, storm villages and fight for FOBs. I come to you with the first mission this year. It's pretty straight forward. The UAV operator gets normal and FPV drones. OPFOR assets: Infantry Light vehicles UAVs BLUFOR assets: A mechanized force stationed at a well garrisoned FOB MODS (shouldn't change): Arma 3 Preset t_mand.htmlArma 3 Preset t_optional.html [Team 1] Squad Leader: =VG= X0R Autorifleman: =VG= Batmeme Rifleman: =VG= nabil999 Medic: =VG= Deathdealer Rifleman AT (RPG-7): =VG= .Blizzard. [Team 2] Team Leader: =VG= Polish Autorifleman: =VG= Stixon Rifleman: System Medic: NikSRB Rifleman AT (RPG-7): =VG= Sausag3 [Team 3 - Scouts] Scout Team Leader: Hoops0320 Marksman: =VG= Solar UAV operator: =VG= Keed [Reserve] reserve UAV operator: =VG= Connor reserve: =VG= Ingo reserve: =VG= Nyther reserve medic: Sphee [Logistics] engineer: TEDF engineer: If enough people want to join after the slots have been filled, I'll see about creating more slots.
  9. Calls the meme relatable. Continues to describe what the meme isn't about.
  10. When I have one ready but don't have time to test and run it
  11. This time I have something for the arma crowd
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