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  1. Well im in the Watch list forum where there is all admins.

    i just wanted to send a message to connor whisky and alucardednoc  ... Next time when i set a map don't change it. just because you sit in TS all day that doesn't give you power or permission to reset a map was set by an ADMIN. and if you have any other  thoughts or hate feeling against me for some reason i don't care ! you are free to .. but keep it out of this server. behave please. the map vote was set by me when players asked for map vote. another thing i tried be in TS and discuss maps setting matters with you but it doesn't work you don't agree with my map lists most of time and you mean to do it. i don't care to be honest but i'm asking you here to stop acting like Childs. in PR all are equal . if you think you are above others you are wrong. you are just admin to do a certain job keeping the server playable . if you don't like what i have said then there is no reason for me to stay and this server a single day more. can't stand your stupid behaves though 

  2. Dquar41 correct Unban Request form please.
  3. You know Blizzard. we as algerians we don't welcome some jokes like BOB the builder. this is not arrogant behave but its just something inside us. thought it was a funny one i just thought that this BTR with ATGM will be cool in PR right ? we know about guns and armored heavy things out there and we know power balance verry well. we know lot about the power and the technology out there we just don't care too much because it doesn't matter. i hope they can put ATG on top of a Peugot 505 or 504 because it's gonna be fun maybe i will have one on my Horse someday .. You never know.
  4. ranger_12


    can we have this in PR ?
  5. are you one of those lot of people ?
  6. When i started play PR first time we were focused on playing the dam game and how to be better and help others understand. communicate and play serious. none care about being admin and the head admins here pick admins they never knew they are going to be picked! today and don't get me wrong guys i was raised to tell what i think it's true no matter the cost ! today and im not talking about Zee. today lot of people set in TS just because they think they will be picked as admins. some just approach admins and play in their squads just because they think they will be picked . but on the battle field they are selfish and arrogant. i can count some of them never spam sorry when they tk a player just because they are admins.everyday a new admin. not because i don't like it but its just not how things goes according to what the head admins say and how they act. if you pick the wrong guy who act like a d**ck its gonna be a problem dealing with a ""brother admin""" don't get me wrong guys ... some ppl played this game more than 5 years and acted nice and good and helpful all the 5 years and they are not admins and they just doing better job than admins in the battlefield. today i can complain right here right now about making admins everyday. is not wise.
  7. Guys ! i'm here to say im goin away from PR for a while maybe long time maybe not. depends. As i said things are cooling now and im able to play not regularly daily but from time to time thx all for ur kind comments
  8. Shilka Max range 2000 - > 1500 + deviation increased i suggest give the bots with machine guns more range. and some deviation please !
  9. i Vote YES ! sorry but i find hovering harriers is cheating in a co-op server. try hover that in deployment servers please sir hovering cas choppers between flag under capture and another flag with no shield is not acceptable too in my opinion because its like destroying enemies reinforcement or bridges.
  10. This is a good point and i agree with you . i even think always that way. c.a.s should stay away and appear only when called to clear something inf can't or wont. hovering near friends is wrong. killing everything is also wrong. when cas squad don't get calls from inf they go bored and start acting their way. so this depends on how inf act. if there is no 1 inf with a spot kit or using hes mic to ask for help then don't blame cas for acting on hes own. and we see this a lot. there is no real communications that's the problem.
  11. Just to let you know those people have a better PC not because they are admins or veterans players. we spoke about this ages ago ! get a better PC. but! if we see that one or two players are whoring cas squad for like 3 or 4 rounds in a row we will resign them for whoring assets. don't get the wrong idea mate. i can spawn first 99% of the time but i never (for example) keep the cas or tank squad for myself. just clearing a point here.
  12. Longer AA range with less accuracy is not bad you know? better than 5000% accuracy . this days even if someone laze shilka for you and you are 600 alt you drop the bomb but you get shot down by that shilka while your bomb is on the way. (that's i don't like) Not sure thought if its accuracy or our assets have less health damage.
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