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  1. If you're gonna spend over $1000 why not get three of the monitors batmeme suggested and have a panoramic 105" inches!! Have you got enough room on you desk though? Might need a quantum computer to run it lol!
  2. Hi @=VG= Fastjack, if your Insurgency Maps are playable could you perhaps create an Event on the VG Army Club so the community could show up at a given time? I can't always be on the server 24/7 but I would make time if I knew there was going to be an event for Insurgency in the weekend, I just need some notice. This should be an easy thing to do now with the events calendar - "Group Operations".
  3. Nah that's just what PR does with the score, it maxes out at 2047 but you do see the final score for everyone at the end results screen.
  4. Check your mic or headset is actually connected and is the default input/output device, by clicking on the sound icon in the tool bar. Open Sound settings. If your headset is not listed or is not the default then change it by clicking on "manage sound devices".
  5. I play PR to win Charlies Point or Tad Sae Add Omaha Beach to that! Yeah but you're right X0R, we play because of the players who are alongside us generally. It takes a bit of getting used to the comms in PR but it becomes THE reason why so many get hooked. Communication is essential in PR and a team doesn't do too well without it. I think eventually we'll make the transition to SQUAD but currently it isn't happening, we have the server but its not populated at all, so why is that?
  6. Welcome to VG, hope to see you on the battlefield.
  7. Download and install the Team Speak Client from: https://www.teamspeak3.com/support/teamspeak-3-install.php Find and Connect to the Veterans-Gaming TS server: https://www.teamspeak3.com/support/teamspeak-3-connect-to-server.php The IP address for Veterans TS server is here: https://veterans-gaming.com/game-servers/
  8. Hi JudgeDredd, Mokum and I will be on Team Speak tomorrow night at 14:00:00 ZULU (see the clock on the home page of this site), between us we could get you on the way.
  9. Good work there Mokum, I have the TM Warthog so anyone having difficulties with that HOTAS can contact me too. The Cougar is a whole different ball game!
  10. !setnext dovre coop std for the standard version !setnext dovre_winter coop std for the winter version. You could probably type winter instead of the whole name and it should work because its unique, there's no other maps with the word winter.
  11. Maybe the PR server needs a reboot with the number of people having these CTDs?
  12. Are you installing BMS 4.34 for a reason, we're up to 4.35 now?
  13. Have you got mouse trails on by chance?
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