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  1. Sorry Sausage, too early for me, that's something like 4;30am! Have fun. That Medic system sounds like a nightmare anyway.
  2. Yeah this can cause problems if it catches on, we'll run out of squads very quickly. I don't really see any advantage to having a dedicated Logi squad it causes major problems if one squad controls all logistics and the whole team is reliant on one squad to build fobs etc.
  3. Masirah INF map has a spot where the Bots get stuck behind an iron fence. Here's two screenshots of the rough location near the flag.
  4. To be honest I was assuming that Alpha Squad would be leading the frontal attack on the main objectives, while Delta engages the enemy from their flanks and at long range. We could also call in air-strikes when needed. Depends on the briefing that Blizzard has in mind, and the role of the APC squad etc, either way I'm flexible. See who turns up on the day/night.
  5. I'd like to lead a Recon Squad if that's possible: Designated Marksman, Sniper, Spotter (JTAC), Medic, and AR.
  6. Thanks for the excellent work you guys put into making these events happen.
  7. BrokenArrow is probably a no show so there's one slot available in Bravo
  8. Nice Rig mate! Love the BMS User Manual too!
  9. Yeah, we lets see if he can install ARMA 3 first.
  10. My mate BrokenArrow will most likely play, his first time in ARMA 3 though, can you add him to Bravo squad.
  11. I've thought about this since our quick conversation and think that we should stick with what we've done with RHS. We've barely had 2 events and now you want to change the mods again. You guys want people to play ARMA 3 and then screw us around by changing the mods we need to download/install/drop. What happened to m8's survey on mods? Was there an outcome or does this poll super-cede that?
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