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  1. Anything other than Medic preferably, thanks
  2. Added the Map Control feature to my Helios profile yesterday, this is a road test.


  3. An extraction profile I built today specifically for the AV-8B Harrier, that enables me to hit switches that are not available in the pit. Up until now we had to rely on keyboard short cuts, to set IFF, ILS, Landing lights, Oxygen & Anti-Ice switches. Also the RWR is not a feature in the standard Harrier that had been removed but thanks to Helios we have it back. This will replace my RTT Remote Client which seems a little primitive after creating this.


  4. Built this user interface with Helios, it runs on my Samsung Tablet beautifully.


    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX


      I love it!! :drinks: Very freaking cool!

    2. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Yeah Helios is pretty amazing, I'm getting so many ideas about what I could use it for, the mind boggles. This one is a great option if you dont have a dedicated ICP, and the Altimeter & HSI enable me to modify their settings without the need to look down. Helios connects to Falcon BMS via the Full BMS keyfile. Took me a little while to get my head around the mapping but once you get it sorted its a piece of cake.

      I'm going to create profiles for the AV-8B+ Harrier, F/A-18 Hornet, and the F-15C Eagle, this will enable me to use the tablet to control systems that are not available in the pit. It may also mean I could potentially use my slider to control the VTOL nozzles, gimme time to work that one out, its a biggie!


  5. Nice job Romesy!


    1. JudgeDredd


      ❤️  Yes, great job brother.... I can't wait to run with them.   JD

    1. JudgeDredd


      Awesome,  Just awesome Kav',    your determination,  leadership,  instructional abilities, and of course the master of your trade are just amazing Sir.    Thank You for the video,  we ALL appreciate it very much.   JD

  6. Hi @Sphee, great job from you and @=VG= Melon Muncher to present these retro maps, some of them were pretty nice graphics-wise, yes we were discussing the lack of bots during the games but that can be fixed or tweaked for next time. All the same these events are what help bring the VG community together, appreciate the time you guys put into this. Its not easy to get that balance right. Cheers!
  7. Are we all meeting up in the PR Discord Voice Channel or TS?
  8. Roger Wilco! Those were the days when I was a sniper fiend.lol.
  9. Mission Objective Mokum will be the Mission Commander, and be leading the DEAD flight, Cyborg 1, and will try to create a corridor for the OCA Strike flight, Falcon 2. An ESCORT Flight, Cajun 2, led by Romsey will provide air cover. This Mission should not be too difficult, but it is important that the SA2 and SA3 are taken down first, to create a green vector (corridor) for the OCA and its Escort to destroy the two runways at Koksan AB. A nice extra feature about this mission is that 3 two-ships taking off from 3 different AB's, so flying on the caret is therefor essential for a successful mission Next the briefing and note that load-out is only fixed for the DEAD (Cyborg 1), so the OCA and Escort can change the load-out. By default the OCA and Escort are clean, so no load-out at all. ATO: Wednesday February 7th. 2024 - 21:00:00 ZULU Flight 1: "Falcon 2" (VHF 15): OCA strike Lead: Kavelenko (Yardstick 15Y - IDM 11) Wing: JudgeDredd (Yardstick 78Y - IDM 12) Flight 2: "Cajun 2" (VHF 16): Escort Lead: Romsey (Yardstick 16Y - IDM 21) Wing: AI (Yardstick 79Y - IDM 22) Flight 3: "Cyborg 1" (VHF 17): DEAD Lead: Mokum (MC) (Yardstick 17Y - IDM 31) Wing: Stark (Yardstick 80Y - IDM 32) If you download and paste the file Mokum.ini to your xx:\Falcon BMS 4.37\Data\Campaign you will have threat circles and so on already loaded up-front for the mission. Mokum.ini
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