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    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Awesome OCA!  Beautiful money shot at 7:00!!


    2. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Yeah thanks, finally mastered the HSI now and can hit those runways 100% every time.

      Stark is coming along nicely with his SEAD skills too!

  1. hey, been away for a minute but been very busy, i have now 2 MFD's working and a a working ICP /DED so nice


    1. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Great job @Netraider, you still waiting for that HOTAS to arrive?

    2. JudgeDredd


      See what is on the back of my chair ? 

      Helmet Bag 2.JPG

    3. Netraider

    1. Netraider


      Just bought a new Combo JS/Throttle

      Orion2 HOTAS F-16 Viper.png

  3. Scrub all that, I dont know what the hell I'm talking about. Just found some info from the old forum. To work the pinky switch functions its a tap and release, when its held in it acts as a SHIFT button. If you have it set like this in AL its fine. https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/content.php?153-DirectX-Shifting-Facility
  4. Yes that's one of the issues with AL, because the pinky switch is now the main DX SHIFT control a side effect is that you lose the original pinky switch functions. You can prove that by using the "V" on your keyboard, I think this has already been raised with the Dev who created AL. One solution is to use Target to create a long press but I'm not really interested in using TARGET myself, so I've mapped the original pinky switch call back as a shift combination with the CMS UP button. Its a bit ironic that I'm using the pinky switch to control the pinky switch lol.
  5. @JudgeDredd @Netraider You guys are very welcome, so great to meet up with fellow pilots who are real keen on Falcon BMS, with your former experience in Falcon it certainly wont be long before you are destroying enemy jets and battalions galore! I was just digging around in the docs folder of my BMS installation and came across some layouts that you both may be interested in. If you haven't already downloaded them you could edit these .PDF files to record the call-backs you have set today. I noticed most of them on the layout are out by one DX position i.e. Dogfight Switch - DF override - DX:24. The Cougar Print layout can be found here: D:\Falcon BMS 4.37\Hotas\TM Cougar\HOTAS Print Layout.pdf The MFD's that @Netraider intends to set up in RTT are here: D:\Falcon BMS 4.37\Hotas\TM Cougar\TM Cougar MFDs\MFD Print Layout.pdf Good luck with the training this week, as you know Stark and I will be on the server next weekend, same time. Maybe we'll be able to fly a few sorties together, that would be awesome! We had a lot of fun sorting you guys out, I remember how complicated it was for us too. Well done!! Kudos to @MOKUM too for being such a great help with your Cougar setups. Kav
  6. Can you get the stick and throttle quadrants to work in 4.37 setup page? Drop by tonight in TS at 20:00:00 ZULU and I might be able to help. I just tried loading the DX TM Cougar profile and it pretty much did the same thing for me, so I re-loaded my latest profile and everything was back to normal. Sounds to me like you have the most important things working which are that the BMS app is reading your HOTAS stick and throttle quadrants. I've read on the BMS forums that some guys claimed they imported their key files from 4.36.3 into 4.37 and that worked for them which is something you could try but I would back up the entire config folder before doing so just in case it screws something up. If that doesn't work then perhaps look at mapping everything from scratch manually which is what I do, works every time. I have my layout profile with all the DX switch mappings and I just following that, using the "BMS - Full" key file. What happens is when you click on the axis and key mapping section in the launcher, it automatically generates a new key file named "BMS - Auto" from that file, you use the alternative launcher to set and bind all your keys. You could try a hack and rename the DX TM Cougar key file to "BMS - Full", then click on the launcher and that will auto generate your new key file named "BMS - Auto" but it will be based on the Cougar profile, that's probably the quickest way to automate the process, otherwise I'd do it manually.
  7. @=VG= XOR I updated my graphics drivers, and seems to be a lot more stable. No ARMA crashes touch wood.
  8. Hi Dani_warrior, You need to fill out a ban appeal in English at the following link. https://veterans-gaming.com/unban-requests/pr/
  9. First thing you need to do @Skiddles is jump on one our servers with a few newbie buddies and share notes. Understandably the veteran players dont really want to spend hours teaching you how to do things, especially in the middle of an event. Its the same with Falcon BMS which is even more complex than ARMA. So us noobs need to meet up on a server and stuff around for a few hours to sort things out.
  10. No it was a complete computer crash, blue screen standby we're collecting shit for Microsoft etc. Definitely co-incided with that Battleye issue, which kicked me from the server but even then it never returned me to the ARMA launcher page, it just crashed the computer, the client didnt even get time to CTD lol. I've never had my laptop crash like this in any ARMA event before. I took a screen shot of the error when it happened the first time.
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