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  1. This Extra Dark Sea colour scheme on the Sea Harrier FRS.1 was dubbed by Argentine pilots “La Muerta Negra” (The Black Death), it was very difficult to spot over land or sea.
  2. until

    Buttons, ZaPanzer, Stark and myself tried out the practice event, Buttons and ZaPanzer were excellent in the Escort Flight, ahead of Stark and myself who flew the DEAD part of the package. A few losses here and there but overall pretty well done. Part 2 of this session Buttons, Stark58 and myself took on the Kuznetsov Carrier Task Force and wiped it out, well done! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1210966955
  3. I think that's Seosan.
  4. Unfortunately that's not Osan.
  5. until
    Ok this is a regular training event for those wishing to learn how to fly Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.35.3. We will be meeting in the BMS lounge on VETERANS-GAMING TEAM SPEAK server for initial comms. if you are new to Falcon BMS, you may need some help with HOTAS setup or gauge extraction, whatever the case feel free to bring your problems along and ask for some help. Otherwise the rest of us will be flying custom TE Missions or flying on the BMS server on the current dynamic Campaign. Dont be shy, if you need help just ask and someone may be able to help get you through an issue. cheers, =VG= Kavelenko
  6. We're gonna run this TE Mission tomorrow night at 15:00:00 ZULU, all welcome to join us in TS or Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1202866086
  7. Question: Is he inside or outside my turn circle? The key to Offensive BFM. If a good pilot is on your six you are fucked.
  8. Yup that's why I always install the maps well before the event and test them in local to see if they work.
  9. For me the Ramiel event was probably the best because it was quite a challenge to defend the Black Hawk crash sites with only a few infantry at times. The other three events were a bit too easy for the skill base we had on the night but ramping up the Bots would fix that issue. I liked the idea of no spawning on the SL, which gives the TRANS squad more to do bringing players back to the front-lines, that was great. Yes you could add more vehicles or CAS but THEN it would probably turn into a CAS festival with very little for the infantry to do. We could do a Desert Storm event on Kashan or Khamisiyah, Tank Battalions, APC Battalions, AAVs, Logistical Support (TRANS & Logis) and Infantry to cap flags or bunkers. against MiG-29's and SU-25s, and a decent opposing Armored Division.
  10. Bought the AV-8B Night Attack DLC for DCS (50% off), so been busy doing the ramp start tutorials and getting familiar with the systems and comparing them to Falcon BMS.

  11. Good video by Max Waldorf on how to setup your controllers for Falcon 4.0 BMS, its an earlier version 4.34 but still relevant.
  12. Ok we have a TE Mission tonight that involves multiple flights including SEAD, DEAD, TASMO, and CAS. Three missions in total. 14:00:00 ZULU tonight. Each flight has four seats, so plenty of room for drop ins.
  13. That was much better having AADITYA_31 as my FL, we kicked the Kuznetsov in the ass!. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1182736544
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