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  1. I would also recommend: Internet historian, he does stuff like these but more in a cartoon-ish style, watch him if you want to chill and have a laugh :P : https://youtu.be/wTziIhu8yvU iI also recommend exurb1a, doesn’t have too many videos but his stuff is worth watching: https://youtu.be/K3W61Ae0M9g
  2. And And lastly, big fries and medium coke zero please
  3. Sure!. i'll text you when im free. PR is not better than life. PR IS LIFE! ;P
  4. Well i find myself coming to PR every time i leave it for a day or two. this game is the best imo, Can't wait to finish my exams and get back on the track :P. Every Arma i play has the same problem,i found my way to higher FPS by lowering the 3D res so it would look like "Minecraft" But playable. i've been in a trouble that i can't find any servers in-game or any Server launchers so that would decrease my chances of having a custom Map/Mod/Gamemode etc...But i will try those Game Modes Eventually Also. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. ooh im glad i have BF3. IM COMING!
  6. My "pc" dosen't like new games. i wonder why ;p i need a change from PR since i've played it alot and yada yada. will get back to it eventually since it's my go-to when im bored ;D
  7. Hey It's me. I know its a dead game from 2009, but hear me out.Im looking for some people to regularly play Arma 2 with(i got CC) I'll play anything, Mods/Without mods. Just hmu in here or in Discord: Ereen#8210 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ErenIQ/ Cheers.
  8. Ereen


    He's Mr.Worldwide. Welcome aboard
  9. I dont know the original route to profiles, but normally i delete the old profiles+caches from Appdata/Roaming+Local Documents Folder and Main game Folder.
  10. Welcome back Connor!.Got in a match with you in PR. See you in the battlefield
  11. Weird, didin't hear nor see anything about this game in my entire life. deserves attention
  12. well, you don't want to accidentally TK someone and lose the whole game, that's why there is admins in here
  13. soooo EXCITED, Best of luck to you guys. have a nice time playing this op <3
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