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  1. Nii-san R34/32 these tail lights scream f&f too bad it sells expensive and hard to come by in here edit: VIPER ACR
  2. just delete commander at this point lol
  3. A bit late but PR got Third Place https://www.moddb.com/groups/2021-mod-of-the-year-awards
  4. I suggest you also watch the Grand Theft Auto Documentary, I can't get enough of his videos! Great Creator https://youtu.be/poKPUS7pu5Y
  5. People who use Normal pitch are Aliens from Mars trying to decisive us into Believing that their way is the correct way
  6. I would also recommend: Internet historian, he does stuff like these but more in a cartoon-ish style, watch him if you want to chill and have a laugh :P : https://youtu.be/wTziIhu8yvU iI also recommend exurb1a, doesn’t have too many videos but his stuff is worth watching: https://youtu.be/K3W61Ae0M9g
  7. And And lastly, big fries and medium coke zero please
  8. Sure!. i'll text you when im free. PR is not better than life. PR IS LIFE! ;P
  9. Well i find myself coming to PR every time i leave it for a day or two. this game is the best imo, Can't wait to finish my exams and get back on the track :P. Every Arma i play has the same problem,i found my way to higher FPS by lowering the 3D res so it would look like "Minecraft" But playable. i've been in a trouble that i can't find any servers in-game or any Server launchers so that would decrease my chances of having a custom Map/Mod/Gamemode etc...But i will try those Game Modes Eventually Also. Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. ooh im glad i have BF3. IM COMING!
  11. My "pc" dosen't like new games. i wonder why ;p i need a change from PR since i've played it alot and yada yada. will get back to it eventually since it's my go-to when im bored ;D
  12. Hey It's me. I know its a dead game from 2009, but hear me out.Im looking for some people to regularly play Arma 2 with(i got CC) I'll play anything, Mods/Without mods. Just hmu in here or in Discord: Ereen#8210 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ErenIQ/ Cheers.
  13. I dont know the original route to profiles, but normally i delete the old profiles+caches from Appdata/Roaming+Local Documents Folder and Main game Folder.
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