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  1. I still have not had a update from the dev, hoping soon they will give me a update.
  2. Several things you'll need or want. Following below. 1. VU: https://veniceunleashed.net/ (The download has both the server and client pre-packaged with it) 2. BF3:RM Server App Form: https://forms.gle/WLDDFw2nmpDauocE8 (Fill this out to request access to the server files and as a note, you'll need to be in their discord such like PR's Server Admins discord to speak as a server rep for your server.) 3. Procon: https://myrcon.net/files/file/29-procon-client/ (The ability to remote control the server, map, name, player count, map list, etc remotely) 4. Procon Plugins: https://myrcon.net/files/category/7-plugins/ (If you ever wanna add stuff to procon that might allow like Motd's in chat, better administration in chat, etc) 5. VU Mods: https://community.veniceunleashed.net/c/modding/10 (If you wanna add some cool mods that aren't possible with VU) 6. Fun-Bots: https://github.com/Joe91/fun-bots (The ability to add bots to either both teams or just one team with tons of customization included, I also wanna add that the bots will utilize vehicles, so AT and what not is a thing that is needed for the game, so every role is pretty much like PR. ) 7. Fun-Bots Documentation / Wiki: https://github.com/Joe91/fun-bots/wiki (So you can look up the info you'd need to change the various config options in the mod) (Feel free to edit this list if you find any newer or cooler things you'd like to add or put into this list as a requirement. I should also add that mods like Fun-bots and RM and all that are downloaded automatically on server connect as well!) I also have quite the bit of experience running VU Servers if any help is needed getting one running and or administrating it.
  3. It is now out. All you need to have is the base BF3 game + Premium DLC's, and VU, and then you just launch VU and you can join many of the up servers atm. Tho would be nice if we had a VG BF3:RM Server.
  4. The whole base of this thread was to make it all week, not just on the weekends. So the poll reflects that.
  5. True, but it is funny seeing the human players get all crazy trying to dodge the lock on's xD
  6. As Polish has said x2 now, while yea there wouldn't be that many people on, the bot count gives us some fun and experimentation on the idea of how deadly the bots are in assets, say you can drive a asset and let them be a gunner, would make for interesting position pushes and or fights, see who all brings out AT, or who brings in the AA, or who just mows down the jeeps and what not.
  7. And this is why I said that people should have the ability to choose, do they wanna play on the PvE server? Cool, go play on the PvE server, if say I wanna go play on the PvPvE server? Cool, i can go play on that and have my own fun, because to me, PvE is boring as fuck, and since i already know the maps in and out, its basically just a run and gun and shoot simulator, and you die, and you don't get any enjoyment out of it, while in the PvPvE server, we could have assets and we can switch teams to do other vehicles, other assets we wouldn't normally have due to the fact that we are stuck on one side of the server 24/7. It adds enjoyment to the game, and adds a new difficulty to the game that the PvE is just lacking, stale, boring. Hell, why i'm enjoying Danesh's server so much, because its actually fun, and it adds a sense of enjoyment being able to play with assets you normally would never get a chance to touch or fly or drive or boat with, etc.
  8. Because fuck deployment, its a shit gamemode, PvPvE is way better. Also, i'd moderate the server from dawn to dusk if i had too, Honestly the most fun I've had in PR, PvE grows stale and boring because you know where everything is, and with players with bots on the same team, it makes more of a dynamic balance on the map, especially with different maps / layers. Would rather play on the PvPvE than the PvE server at this point and moderate it myself if i have too from dawn to dusk as said.
  9. I would love to see 2 servers, the main being used for PvE, and the secondary one being used for PvPvE but has all the layers on it, with both up 24/7, would be a lot of fun, and for those who like PvP but hate deployment, would be a fun enviroment, as well as those who just like PvE could join the existing PvE server! Just my suggestion is all, as said, would love to see 2 servers up, i absolutely fucking loved the PvPvE server.
  10. Will be updated in the future and or subsequent posts will be posted with speedruns! (Included pictures) Speedrun on Thunder INF - 19 Minutes 24 Seconds
  11. Idk, but modded VG Server for MC when, like enigmatica 6, and or the topic here you should totally check out :P.
  12. So, i was thinking more of a modded enigmatica 6 server, as it'd be pretty fun and all that, as well as modded always gives more options than say standard minecraft does.
  13. Was thinking this over, and had some thought on getting a VG MC Server up, specifically modded, like say enigmatica 6, since it seems like a really fun pack, and it has a lot of mods to it, but wanted to ask what you guys thought, as well as i don't know if this is the wrong section, blame M82 if it is, it was all his idea! (Well the MC Server was mine, but posting here was his idea!) Anyway, as said, was a idea i had for VG and wondered how many people would be interested in said modded MC Server and all that, would be fun.
  14. Prefer ACRE2 myself, more realistic and all that. And the radio's are actually fun to look at as well as have a 3D model you can move around in your hands to adjust radio stuff and volume, etc.
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