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  1. Will be updated in the future and or subsequent posts will be posted with speedruns! (Included pictures) Speedrun on Thunder INF - 19 Minutes 24 Seconds
  2. Idk, but modded VG Server for MC when, like enigmatica 6, and or the topic here you should totally check out :P.
  3. So, i was thinking more of a modded enigmatica 6 server, as it'd be pretty fun and all that, as well as modded always gives more options than say standard minecraft does.
  4. Was thinking this over, and had some thought on getting a VG MC Server up, specifically modded, like say enigmatica 6, since it seems like a really fun pack, and it has a lot of mods to it, but wanted to ask what you guys thought, as well as i don't know if this is the wrong section, blame M82 if it is, it was all his idea! (Well the MC Server was mine, but posting here was his idea!) Anyway, as said, was a idea i had for VG and wondered how many people would be interested in said modded MC Server and all that, would be fun.
  5. Prefer ACRE2 myself, more realistic and all that. And the radio's are actually fun to look at as well as have a 3D model you can move around in your hands to adjust radio stuff and volume, etc.
  6. Currently own a 1969 dodge charger, my baby, always been with me during the good and the bads. Got it 10-11 years ago, been remodeling / remastering it, trying to make sure everything works and its in peak performance for when i wanna drive it. Would post pics if i had a phone to take pictures of it with.
  7. Mine is probably, 1. Meat Loaf with spinach and macaroni and cheese. Or 2. Crushed noodles with a wooden mallet and a sauce packet sprinkled in. And i don't have a preferred way of cooking the top but you know, yea!
  8. I just thought i'd give a idea of a mod that a lot of us have been having a lot of fun with, and a alternative to a liberation style mission is all, take your time semler, remember im always here to support you if you need it. Oh and @=VG= SemlerPDX There is this tool that does exactly what you said "A system to update mods without you having to physically download them yourself" https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/220433-fast2-arma-server-and-steam-workshop-tool/
  9. So me and @=VG= asquirrel456 and @=VG= m823us and @chickenjason123 have been playing some Arma 3 / Vindicta and i was wondering if we could have a public server like Anistasia or what not does, the liberation server, and have like ACE and RHS and Acre 2 and CBA and CUP and JSRS and Shacktac maybe to play with with Vindicta, was wondering if we could get a play session or server up for it so anyone who wants to continue the liberation of the island could hop on and play, I know i'd be a good 24/7 player on it, being able to play with ACRE talking to people on comms ingame and getting immersed in the fighting. As well as i could put together a modpack if need be for the mod list's we need for Vindicta, always up for debate on which mods we want, but the above like ACE and CBA are needed to play vindicta but it'd be nice to play with more like RHS and CUP and Acre 2 and Shacktac and JSRS for the immersion. Alway's up for additions / subtractions to the mod list, as said, ill put one together and i'd love for suggestions for what the community or what not want around it and we have like a voting system of how many people would willingly use it VS not using said addons, for instance some addons like JSRS and Shacktac are client side while RHS and ACE and Vindicita etc are server side. Just thought i'd bring it up considering me and @=VG= asquirrel456 and @=VG= m823us and @chickenjason123 are having fun on the mod / mission! This is the steam workshop for the modlist i was going to use for vindicta https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2204142150
  10. Did exactly this, this morning like 8 times, gets really annoying when you get killed like 30 times by friendly fire because people are so lazy and don't wanna check if their firing at friendly or enemy.
  11. When we do another op, could we try acre 2 by chance for radio comms?
  12. I mean, you can make a penis vehicle. or aircraft, or what not.
  13. We should play sometime then! I'd love to have a multiplayer lobby going (The max is 6 players)
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