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    Pc gaming/maintenance/repairs/Building
    Cycling MTB XC /Servicing/Repairs/Wheel Building.
    Books. Acoustic Guitar. Stereo Hi Fi

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    Project Reality
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign
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    Escape From Tarkov
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    War Of Rights
    Hell Let Loose
    Mad Max


    Jefferson Airplane
    The Grateful Dead
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    The Essential Mix Radio One show
    Gang Of Four
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    Apocalypse Now
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    The GodFather
    Raging Bull
    Laurence Of Arabia
    One Flew Over The Cookoo`s Nest
    Taxi Driver
    Blade Runner
    Blue Velvet
    Animal Kingdom
    Angel Heart
    Dr Strangelove

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    The Peep Show
    Top Buzzer
    15 Stories High
    Mr Robot

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    Office cleaning operative for local Solicitor / Lawyer . Cycle Repairs / Servicing and Basic PC building Maintenance Repairs for friends / family.

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  1. SEAD / Suppression of Enemy Air Defences. DEAD / Destruction of Enemy Air Defences. TASMO / Tactical Air Support for Maritime Operations. CAS / Self explanatory.
  2. Alternative Launcher is the way to go , so much easier to config . Can just type in the search box then assign . Very cool.
  3. Maybe GRNANDGLD and i could be medic and Grenadier for Bravo Squad if he`s available.
  4. PL gomezo, welcome. "Cheap booze and Trailer Park Boys", sounds good to me ! See you on the Battlefield !
  5. Can unlock FPS by using console command . game.lockfps 500 will raise limit to 500fps or 150 or 200 . Choose your limit. Doesn`t stop the frame drops though : )
  6. Hi. Current version is 4.35.1 (64) build 23064 . I managed to connect ok just now. Hope this helps.
  7. I think its ok at range . We don`t want to end up like this .
  8. =VG= STARK

    Cant decide

    I agree, got to watch the thermals with AMD . When i overclock the AMD cpu i drop the voltage slightly to even things out.
  9. Hey Nozzu welcome to VG. Have fun !
  10. Wow man , Good job.
  11. Lol i found the mic outside the front door one day a few years back new in packaging. Keyboard is from a office clearance dumpster.
  12. I`m up for a basic role again . I don`t mind what infantry squad.
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