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  1. Wow Microprose still going. I remember Microprose Formula One game (Designed byGeoff Crammond) on Amiga back in the day . Was pretty dam good.
  2. This make sense for me . Here is the one time error i got yesterday after trying to join server. Error: Debug assertion failed! Version: 1.5.3153-802.0 Build date: Module: RendDX9 File: C:\dice\Projects\BF2Branches\Patch_1_50\Code\BF2\RendDX9\TextureManager.cpp Line: 453 Text: Failed to create dx texture even after going managed: Ran out of memory i just restarted pc, everything seems ok now .
  3. Yes i agree, the potential is there .
  4. All the best Ranger. Will have a heli on standby for you if you return. Take care man.
  5. Hi Jersans welcome back. See you on the Battlefield.
  6. Hi ScarecrowDX welcome to VG PR Coop , see you out there !
  7. Great post , good points. Sometimes we have to warn heavy asset waisters with a "play offline (create local) or elsewhere" message which i think is still valid. But yes good job. For instance i want to fly TRANS helis and Jets with my flight stick more often so i created local and practise like that. Rather than jumping on the live server straight away.
  8. Hi Alec(skell) welcome . See you on the Battlefield !
  9. Thank you Semler. I see we have some more graphics options now, also now have weapon show delay menu adjustment (it was a bit fast for me) I set show delay menu to 1.7 seconds.
  10. i would yes. Then go from there. VG server is down atm due to new update. But SSG server working if you wanna test.
  11. Sorry didn`t read the post properly How about iso .
  12. Firewall or Antivirus blocking it ? Also maybe download the iso then update and try again.
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