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    Essex. England.
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    Pc gaming/maintenance/repairs/Building
    Cycling MTB XC /Servicing/Repairs/Wheel Building.
    Books. Acoustic Guitar. Stereo Hi Fi

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    Project Reality
    Falcon 4 BMS
    Hunter Call Of The Wild

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    Arma 3 Single player Campaign
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign
    Call Of Cthulhu
    Layers Of Fear
    Alien Isolation
    GTA 5 Story mode

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    Escape From Tarkov
    Ground Branch
    War Of Rights
    Hell Let Loose


    Jefferson Airplane
    The Grateful Dead
    FSOL The Future Sound Of London
    The Essential Mix Radio One show
    Gang Of Four
    Nick Drake
    Public Enemy
    Pink Floyd
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Ozric Tentacles
    Jean Michel Jarre
    The Prodigy
    Sam Gobal
    Gogol Bordello
    Sonic Youth
    The The
    PJ Harvey


    Apocalypse Now
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Requiem For A Dream
    Dead Man`s Shoes
    The GodFather
    Raging Bull
    Laurence Of Arabia
    One Flew Over The Cookoo`s Nest
    Taxi Driver
    Blade Runner
    Blue Velvet
    Animal Kingdom
    Angel Heart
    Dr Strangelove
    Kill List

    TV Shows

    The Peep Show
    15 Stories High
    Mr Robot


    Enron - The Smartest Guys In The Room 2005
    JFK Revisited Through The Looking Glass 2021
    Heart Of Darkness : A Filmaker`s Apocalypse 1991
    Carts Of Darkness 2008
    The Velvet Underground Doc 2021

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    Maintenance Cleaner at local Catholic School / Cycle Servicing and Repairs and PC Maintenance and repairs for friends and family. Repairs /

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  1. Hi Simo welcome to the forum . See you out there.
  2. Sorry i missed the Event . Stress overload last week at work . Hope it went well.
  3. Charlie Squad Machine Gunner if possible. Thanks.
  4. Welcome guys and welcome back JarVin !
  5. Nice ! Forgot how good that track is !
  6. My encounter was around 1-2 metres , but yes at 15 meters i probably would have survived and got to cover.
  7. Yep i got full auto at close range recently , felt like Pvp very cool.
  8. There`s also the Virpil Range of equipment . No idea what they`re like but its another option. https://virpil-controls.eu/
  9. Love the music , Vangelis . or is it Jean ?
  10. Sbeneh std had no spawn points at start then crashed just now. Not sure if its a one time occurrence. Was loaded via map vote.
  11. Server seems to be crashing every map atm . I restarted the server earlier which cleared up the messages Trojan is referring to but still crashing every map.
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