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  1. Sounds good, i have some work at 12.00 midday to 4.00pm Wednesday and Thursday but will be around before and after these times so no worries.
  2. Nice to see the old maps , thanks .
  3. VGAF 120th VFS (Virtual Flying Squadron). =VGAF= 120th VFS (Virtual Flying Squadron) =VGAF= 120th VFW (Virtual Flying Wing)
  4. Logistical Support role if possible , thanks Pew for setting up.
  5. Hi SteelRonin! Welcome , see you on the battlefield.
  6. Map : Sebeneh STD. Issue : Shilka AA now spawns under the canopy at Main base . There is no headroom to enter vehicle. Need to push shilka away from the canopy with truck to make room to enter.
  7. Standard Rifleman for Alpha please if possible .
  8. A few of us crashed to desktop multiple times yesterday on Ascheberg map . Was fine when next map loaded.
  9. Thanks Zee. Will be a bit late also leaving from work.
  10. Welcome back Pilgrim59 / Sushi : ) See you out there !
  11. Hi Katakuri, thanks for the intro , see you on the battlefield !
  12. I run the single player campaign now and again to refresh basic infantry movements with minimal mods (weaponsway / stamina). Google is helpful when stuck with any problems like loading equipment at start of missions and/or mission events not working. I`m stuck on Drone mission atm . Its tricky to fly and on a time limit to find enemy. Stick with it, it will get easier.
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