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  1. How do you know that was his favourite? Pepe_Doubt
  2. Would say count me in but the event is even later than the last one (1:30 am). Wont be able to join this time.
  3. I will be joining for some maps. Thank you for your awesome work Zee.
  4. You are saying it backwards. The coop kits come from the selection menu. The ones from crates and apc's are deployment medic kits. And yup it can be a problem sometimes.
  5. Dovre Winter- can the deployment kits be removed?
  6. The only feedback I have atm is for AT kits. The number of bots with AT isn't the issue, but the fact that they hit almost 9/10 with split second shots. I would suggest making them less accurate.
  7. Hi my name is Aquila. My age is 22 years and i am from India. I play mostly on the PR Coop server. Other than that i like to play insurgency (2014) and Medival 2: Total war's LOTR mod. On PR i mostly play as Ground forces (though i do hope ill learn how to fly heli's and jets in future :P). I sometimes Lead Squads as well.
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