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  • Falcon BMS (Korean Theater) Server


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    Falcon BMS (Korean Theater) Server

    Server IP:
    IVC Server IP:   (same)
    Server Location:   🇺🇸
    Access:   Public
    Password:   (none)
    Required Version: (U1) Build 23064
    Required Mods:   (none)
    Theater:   Korean (Default)
    Game Type:   Combat Flight Sim
    Gamemode:   COOP (PvE)
    Mission Style:   Persistent (Campaign)
    Discord Link:   (invite link)
    Report Players:   (forum link)
    Report Server Issues:   (forum link)
    Server Founder:   =VG= BLuDKLoT
    Server Tech Support:   =VG= SemlerPDX
    Server Config:   CobaltUK
    Server Updates:   CobaltUK
        =VG= SemlerPDX
    Server Captains:   =VG= BLuDKLoT
        =VG= SemlerPDX
    Server Lieutenants:
        =VG= Kavelenko
    Server Officers:   (VG Officers list)

    VG Falcon BMS Server created by =VG= BLuDKLoT (c. 2011)


    1. Joining and Flying on the VG BMS Server                       

    Joining Server and Flights

    image:    Don't change anything - just click OK

    • Dogfights and TE's are allowed, passwords are allowed
    • We expect the majority of pilots to fly in the Campaign, if large groups consistently fly TE's on this server, we may ask that they use the Campaign instead
    • Do not join a flight or package in a Dogfight or TE (with no password) unless you are invited by the person running it. Use chat and just ask.
    • Do not join a human flight or package in progress in the Campaign unless invited, again, just use chat and ask.
    • Do not run a concurrent Campaign when joining!*

    *On the 'Rules of Engagement' screen, do not enter a name OR password. Just click OK  (see image →)

    Fragging Flights and Packages

    Creating (or 'fragging') flights and packages in the Campaign is the preferred way for pilots to conduct missions on the server.  You can task computer controlled packages as part of your operations so long as it is not excessive or detrimental to the flow of the Campaign.

    It is also important to respect the live time flow of the server, and to not manipulate the clock to (for example) pass from day to night, or night to day, or meet a mission start time.  Use the ATO to adjust your planned flight times rather than using the Campaign clock to reach those times.

    • Do not frag excessive computer controlled flights or packages in support of your operations
    • Do not change the ATO (air tasking order) of any computer (HQ) controlled squadrons
    • Do not mess with the clock
    • Do not make changes to the Server Priorities List
    • Do not change the Target Types, Mission Types, or PAKS

    SPECIAL NOTE:  Flight packages can be assigned to do most anything in the digital war, but remember: This is NOT Command & Conquer or Wargame!  DO NOT frag non-human flights to accomplish player goals!

    As stated above, you may frag computer controlled (or "AI") flights to support you on your specific mission within reason (but do not assign 12 AI aircraft to protect you on a deep strike just for extra cover, for example).  The complex way that the AI frags it's own flights to support the proper flow of the online campaign depends on us not messing with it too much.

    The VG BMS Persistent COOP Campaign is an attempt to balance the AI war with needed Human interaction, we have specifically grounded certain AI squadrons to allow players to take on a more active role in certain parts of the war.  Please respect these rules on our server and thank you for flying with us!

    2. Aircraft and Stores                        

    Try not to deplete the entire store of a weapon variant from humans-only squadrons with repeated missions using the exact same weapon - mix it up if you can so others are not always waiting for resupplies. Try not to get your AI wingmen (if any) destroyed with careless mission planning, and bring yourselves and your aircraft back home as best as your are able.

    • Protect the airframe as best you can (don't eject just to avoid a difficult flight home)
    • As best as you are able, try to avoid damaging friendly airbases and runways on emergency landings


    3. Teamkilling

    Pilots may only fly as BLUFOR on our persistent multiplayer Campaigns.  We expect only COOP PvE gameplay in the Campaign, use a Dogfight or Tactical Engagement to fly with friends on our server in other scenarios (including PvP, or OPFOR missions).

    Intentional teamkilling

    Intentional teamkilling of ANY kind is strictly forbidden, including extreme or frequent carelessness, and even if the casualty was a computer controlled pilot or unit.  We have never had an issue with this and we never want to. Always identify friend from foe, repeated failure to do so will not be tolerated.  Pilots may only fly as BLUFOR on our active campaigns.

    Accidental teamkilling

    We also expect accidents to happen very rarely, but always show courtesy and apologize. Frequent friendly fire incidents will be considered careless, and we may request that you remain grounded until retrained offline or elsewhere.

    4. Disrespect

    We don't expect issues with our flight sim crowd, but unfortunately these things cannot go without saying:

    • Racism will result in an immediate ban from this community
    • Religious/political hostilities, flaming, harassments and threats will be condemned harshly
    • Insults against admins and our volunteer staff will not be tolerated

    5. Spam

    IVC users have always been courteous and kind on our BMS Server.

    We want to remind everyone that Spamming, either via chat or microphone, is prohibited. You will be warned and asked to stop.  Players may be recording, streaming, or wanting to focus on their flight, so please try to keep use of global comms (F1 and F2) to a minimum, as well as use of text chat.
    Music spam over IVC or TS3 is not always welcome, and if you are asked to stop by anyone, please do so.

    6. Current Required Version:

    Falcon BMS 4.37.3 (x64) Build 1329
     *(this is a new standalone version from the 4.36.X versions)


    NOTE We will always be running the latest version update of Falcon BMS.  If we ever do not for any reason, we will note it here.  Pilots should not attempt to connect with modified acdata files, but they can be moved out of the folder and default files used in their place during your flight at VG, and replaced later to fly solo or where they are allowed.

    7. Theater of Operations:

    This server will always run the Korean Theater included with BMS.  We typically run Rolling Fire, or another default KTO campaign occasionally.

    Use of Tags, Callsigns and Nicknames

    Names or callsigns of a borderline inflammatory nature are not allowed, literally or symbolically.  Players are not discouraged from expressing themselves through their avatar nicknames and callsigns, but must do so without using names of, or mostly similar to: fascist belligerents from past or current wars, current or former terrorists, anything that could be considered inflammatory, intentionally similar to or mocking other players or admins, religious figures, or anything that seems to attempt to make a statement of a potentially inflammatory nature.


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