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    • VincentJames96 Annual Memorial - 24 Hours at Muttrah


      0600 PRT
      (GMT - UTC - ZULU)


      In remembrance of our dear departed friend H8CrazyVet67, also known in games as VincentJames96, whom we lost in 2018, we will be hosting a 24 hour event based around his favorite map.  All map layers will be included in the rotation.  Please join us as we remember the good times we had with our old friend.   In game messages will help inform our regular players of this change, but please be patient with those who do not notice and may complain, and kindly explain this temporary event to them so they may know to conduct themselves with respect accordingly, or to choose to play on another server for the remainder of the day. Thank you!
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    • VETERANS-GAMING | Domination 1 | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM : 2342
      [1-2.5hrs] 1900UTC+0 Saturdays

      Arma 3 events are too few and far in between, and there's not enough of you who play regularly and those of you who do, do so elsewhere, myself included, so I figure I'd give weekly 'sessions' a shot, lasting 1-2.5hrs on procedurally generated dynamic missions with completely optional mods, at 1900UTC+0 Saturdays, unless there's an event. Mission scope & type are randomised & anyone is welcome to join in progress , barring disruptive behaviour, all are welcome.

      I'll also be on that ancient contraption you call teamspeak during these sessions incase anyone needs help joining up. A good time if nothing else, a superb time at best. I can only guarantee lots of fps'sss & seamless join & play, everything you'd need to know will always be in the map briefing & task list.

      Post up below if interested to let others know you are too, If you're looking for an Arma 3 Unit or just a regular group of people to play Arma with, join up & more will surely come, someone's gotta get the ball rolling, might as well be YOU. If you can't attend due to a time conflict, you can always catch the next one or hop on the Domination gamemode always online on that server at your leisure & ping [conservatively] @Arma on discord to join you.

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      EVENT TIME: 26th March 2022, 20:00:00 ZULU.

      Event details to be updated. Please register your interest by clicking on the RSVP button.
      Mission Objective

      Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier Task Force. Intel reports suggest that the Carrier is somewhere off the coast of North Korea, escorting 2-3 Oil tankers to the Port of Wonsan.

      Seoul Air base has been attacked by North Korean and Russian bombers, multiple North Korean Tank battalions have been spotted massing for an attack close to the South Korean border.

      The USS Carl Vinson Carrier Fleet and the USS Wasp are off the coast of the South Korean Air base near Kangnung.

      Your mission is to fly a coordinated multi-role operation to complete the following objectives:

      Suppress and destroy the SA-2 AA Battalions protecting Wonsan Port

      Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier fleet before it docks at Wonsan Port, destroy the 3 oil tankers if possible.

      Locate and destroy North Korean Tank Battalions approaching the South Korean Border.

      SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defence
      Objective: Destroy enemy SA-2 Radar controlled vehicles, Fan Songs and Spoon Rests
      Air Base: Seosan - Squadron: 2109th F-16CM 52 -  T/O: 07:20. TOT 07:53, PKG 2108 - Mudhen 6

      DEAD - Destruction of Enemy Air Defence
      Objective: Destroy enemy SA-2 missiles, and support vehicles
      Air Base: Seosan - Squadron: 2111st F-16CM 52 -  T/O: 07:29. TOT 08:03, PKG 2108 - Hawkeye 5

      TASMO - Tactical Air Support Maritime Operations
      Objective: Locate and destroy the Kuznetsov Carrier Task Force before it reaches Wonsan Port.
      Carrier: USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 CSG - Squadron: 2083rd 4 x F/A-18C Hornet RAAF - T/O 07:20, TOT 07:33, PKG 1980 - Diamond 4
      Carrier: USS Wasp LDH-1 ARG - Squadron: 2082nd 4 x AV-8B+ Harrier RAF -  T/O: 07:20. TOT 07:32, PKG 2090 - Jump 7
      Air Base: Kangnung - Squadron: 2097th 4 x F-16D-52+ RSAF - T/O 07:20, TOT 07:35, PKG 2092 - Falcon 4
      Air Base: Sokcho - Squadron: 2099th 4 x F-16D-52+ RSAF -  T/O 07:20, TOT 07:35, PKG 2092 - Jackal 3

      PRE-PLAN CAS - Locate and Destroy North Korean Tank Battalions
      Objective: Destroy Enemy Tank Battalions heading towards the South Korean Border.
      Air Base: Sokcho - Squadron: 2104th 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O 07:30, TOT 07:38, PKG 2103, Viper 4
      Air Base: Kangnung - Squadron: 2106th 4 x F-16CM 52 - T/O 07:30, TOT 07:47, PKG 2103, Jaguar 3
      We'll most likely use our Team Speak Channels for pre-flight & post-flight so we can coordinate who will be doing what. Feel free to stream this event on Twitch or other platforms. There are currently a total of 24 Jets available in this Operation but we can add more flights if necessary.
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    • We invite @Project Reality players to play with us on custom winter-themed BF2 maps and have lots of fun with Battlefield 2 mod Arctic Warfare in this yearly community event! Extra maps like bf1942 Stalingrad are bundled in our download. Streamers & content creators welcome!

      • Friday, December 17, 2021 20:00 (CET) > https://cutt.ly/BF2Christmas2021

      • Server Info / Mod Download: https://lost-soldiers.org/Christmas2021


      *to install the base game feel free to send me a direct message


      Countdown to Battlefield 2 Christmas Event
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    • VG Server Guide to A3 Mike Force SOG
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