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    Bad jokes , like REALLY bad jokes, jokes so bad that it makes you regret every choice of your lifetime which led up to the moment of receiving the joke, I'm talking jokes so terrible they don't only cause an existential crisis, but also an existential cringe .
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  1. Hey guys, unfortunately something came up for me on Saturday and I don't think I can make it. @whtzgo ahead and take my slot if you wish!
  2. Oh my I've always wanted to play swat 4 with actual people. I hope I still have the link to download swat 4 tho I remember I got it a few years ago Edit:also is back2la mod different from SEF?
  3. I don't think I will be able to make it this time. I'll try to join for Wolfpack day 4 but meanwhile yall have fun now!
  4. It has been two years since the loss of our dear friend VincentJames96 , and I decided to make a short piano cover of one of the official PR soundtracks in his memory. I am in no way a professional pianist and I simply wanted to make something to celebrate his life and time with us. Credits are in the video description and I hope everyone enjoys this.
  5. Happy Birthday VG! I haven't been around much mostly due to horrible WIFI issues. But hopefully that might change when I move during the summer and get soen better connections Here's to another great year with my family of strangers!
  6. Issue 1 has been happening to me way too much lately so I feel you. Only a hard restart gets mumble back online and sometimes I lose mumble all over again few moments into a game despite the restart. I think I remember seeing the error "remote server refused the connection" in mumble once or twice
  7. Good Bye Vincent . It was truly an honor and my greatest pleasure to be your friend. I will never forget you.
  8. If you would like to Appeal your Ban, please provide the following information: 1. Banned Username 2. What Server(s)?* 3. When did this happen? 4. Reason you were banned 5. Describe the events leading up to your ban ( how did this occur and why? ) 6. Personal Statement ( Why should we unban you? )
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