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Found 16 results

  1. https://veterans-gaming.com/calendar/event/96-feet-first-into-takistan-arma-3-mini-event/ Event Time: Saturday, 27th of March 2000 GMT (PRT) Event Server: VETERANS-GAMING | INSURGENCY ACE | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM Sign-Up: Available, but not necessary! If you did not sign-up you can still join the server but you will be assigned to a role by the commander. Requirements: ARMA 3 installed and up to date All Steam Workshop Mods here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2115753805 downloaded and installed Teamspeak 3 Di
  2. Operation Slayer |Day182| Arma 3 Event 5th December 2020 2000 HRS -GMT Max Players (19) Small Operation - at max 2 Hours Long Server name: VETERANS-GAMING | DEV | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM Address: Required game version: 2.0.0 BRIEF : Success! NATO troops deployed from FOB Triton managed to push back the R.E.D . Now with less ground in their hands, R.E.D has decided to act more hostile and adopt guerilla tactics which now include IEDs mounted on cars and on civilian vehicles. Still holding the airport, R.E.D are wil
  3. Operation Slayer |Day175| Arma 3 Event 28th November 2020 2000 HRS -GMT Max Players (19) Small Operation - at max 2 Hours Long Server name: VETERANS-GAMING | DEV | TS3.VETERANS-GAMING.COM Address: Required game version: 2.0.0 BRIEF : After the success of the covert mission, NATO command decided to bring more troops and reclaim Chernarus from the hands of the R.E.D (Russian elite division). The first stage of the invasion was a success, but soon a stalemate set. Radovan "Slayer" Kiril, the head of the R.E.D,
  4. ARMA IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS: Please put down your ideas and suggestions you would like to see in the next series of ARMA Events To help you think, here is a list of questions you can think of: 1. What Maps interest you? Did you find any interesting maps on the workshop or other sites? 2. What Mods would you like to see? Any thing interesting on the workshop? 3. What Countries/Factions/Organisations interest you? 4. Any Interesting Scenarios you can think of? 5. Organisation structure? Would you like to see a set objective with set guidelines on how to carry ou
  5. Operation Antistasi - 1 Arma 3 Campaign 17th October 2020 16:30hrs to 04:30hrs(Next Day) - ZULU Time (UTC) Max 20 Players Large Campaign - 12 & 1/2 Hours Long (Join Whenever and Leave Whenever) - For this event Server Status: ONLINE - Joinable Password: antiballs EVENT BREIF & GUIDE: Antistasi is a 3 way war between Bluefor, Redfor, and a player led local rebellion represented by Greenfor. As a rebel faction, you will start severely outnumbered and outgunned. The US is the main occupying force and will start ow
  6. OPERATION FROSTY DAGGER (ARMA 3) 08/02/2020 2000hrs GMT Max 20 Players On Event! EVENT BRIEF: WHO: OUR TEAM: British Armed Forces - 7th Infantry Brigade - 1st Battalion (Royal Anglian Regiment) - D Company - A Platoon ENEMY TEAM: Chernarus Russian-Backed Seperatists OBJECTIVE: Using the British FOB set up in the Castle, Set up attacking patrols to clear out Enemies positioned in nearby villages Hold a Defensive Position on the Last RV and expect enemy Rapid Reaction Forces to attack your position (They can come from anywher
  7. So we have a server that is currently turned off, was used for dev purpose's but... Semler and I were talking about a few mods / conversions we would like to try: The Unsung mod: https://www.armanam.eu/ https://youtu.be/PySE0RD6bgk Iron Front Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1329031255 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oif6vKPiEeY Any other suggestions? Let us know here....
  8. SiXie


  9. SiXie


  10. Hey since ARMA 3 Apex released yesterday anyone up for some sweet coop missions? Played with randoms yesterday, was surprisingly high quality story telling. And fun! Hit me up!
  11. Good evening, The Arma 3 Apex preview Liberation server with ip: "" is refusing connections. For Me as well as 2 friends it's impossible to connect, all we get is the "Connection Refused" message, lobby never loads (had the same problem 6 hours ago, so retried later this evening). Checked my client to make sure it did not load any mods. Kind regards, TimiteMessor
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