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  1. Played it today on VG server. Round was won by tickets and lasted around 1.5 hour. Problem was though such that around half the round, out of roughly 25 players, almost 20 got CTD at the same time.
  2. Might be Kashan / bot F-16 related issue. I saw several times player operated bot A-10 hit land or some structure on Khamisiyah and there was no server crash.
  3. Now I kinda regret that neither me nor The_Polish_Guy did not record the HMMWV chase from the middle of the round since we were the ones to actually drive that thing and 'secure' the hostage for entire one minute.
  4. Intentionally cause it was crashing the server. "Updated AI jets to not be able to drop bombs to fix crashing issues." this is from changelog. In regard to topic, bot difficulty is not an issue, it's theirs' spawning patterns. Maps like Grozny STD for example became barely enjoyable when we meet up to 80 bots before capping last capable flag. In contrast, it took us 20 minutes alone to capture the very first flag on Pavlosk Bay STD few days ago, only because entire bot team was like never spawning there. Afterwards, we finished rest of the map in barely over another 20 minutes, since bots were no longer spawning on frontline flags. Increasing bot difficulty will not solve the problem, it will mask it. And at the same time, just as ZZANG and Keed mentioned, it will more likely just cause new problems. Having Bots with faster reflexes on city or desert maps is one thing. On jungle, forest maps it will be more of annoyance than an actual challenge when bot will shoot you down instantly from several hundred meters distance, behind trees and bushes, after you left cover 1-2 seconds earlier. Increase the difficulty and within days, weeks there will be complaints that it is simply no fun to be gun down by something from another side of the forest.
  5. Only technical problem I ever encountered on Jabal Alt was classic server crash due to helicopter crossing south border of the map. But since we're kinda at the topic, Al-Basrah, especially Alt layout, is pretty much bound to cause a server crash nearly every time. And it is not due to CAS/Trans doing.
  6. Your supposed doubts toward maps? Isn't it obvious?
  7. No eastern maps? No soviet faction? 2/10, literally unplayable. Jokes aside though, I am interested, mainly because I much more prefer WW-2, Korean settings (PR Korea War when?) over more modern ones. Probably due to lack of fancy modern gadgets. Let's make then WW2 Muttrah, with Germans in the docks having severals MGs and PAKs aiming at ours incoming LCAs. Mhmm, now when I think about it, would it be possible to make a match between modern faction and ww2 faction, after PR:WW2 eventual release? Could be used for some sci fi event.
  8. Isn't video showing the opposite with Sydney being most excellent and sometimes TEDF as his chauffeur?
  9. Tank is always good, apart from poor Vietnam Patton.
  10. You sure it wasn't a "Panzas"?
  11. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts abolutely" - John Dalberg-Acton
  12. (Un)fortunately, it still happens. At least it does on one manned AAVP on Muttrah.
  13. Had same issue right before the event. Retrieving account was also blocked by this error. Was planning to reinstall whole game but decided to restart PC first. With that problem disappeared.
  14. But it never runs west... It flows directly east into Atlantic. Also it starts in Peru.
  15. But Amazon is not even going through any of those countries, none at all actually.. Maby you got it confused with Parana river. But even then, you would never be able to cut it off, due to too many tributaries of Parana, many of which are not even in Brazil. It is nowhere close to situation of such rivers like Nile, where Ethiopia actually posseses 80% of river's water sources and of which Egypt is completely dependent on.
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