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  1. I have a YBR125, but I would love to have an R1200GS. Problem is the thing is so big I can't even get on it!
  2. Getting paid UK "military" style:
  3. Suspected cause of crashes: players spawning on squad leaders. In 2 cases a person spawned on squad leader and server instantly crashed: on Operation Marlin STD and Vadso City STD. Can we disable squad leader spawning green until this is resolved? EDIT: Nvm it's bullshit. Some other cause of crash.
  4. We've seen at least 3 VAC bans just yesterday when people started joining the server. One of those was Rizla.
  5. We were chatting about bot assets being used by humans yesterday. We should start enforcing a rule that bot assets are not to be operated by players by kill / kick.
  6. I find it astonishing that after months available for testing they still manage to release a product which is totally fucking broken on things that weren't broken before.
  7. I just bought G Pro flight yoke / throttle levels and Thrustmaster pedals. I have 3 screens so presumably I will be able to stick the steam gauges on one of them. Head tracking would be nice too but I think I will stick with the basics for now.
  8. Hey. I was thinking of getting into flight sims on general aviation aircraft in x-plane and such. Can you share what would a good beginner set up be? I was thinking of getting a yoke, pedals, throttles. Thanks.
  9. Not really. Non-standard ports may filter out your background noise attacks, normal stuff you said happens every day. It does nothing for targeted attacks - these will easy find out every open TCP port on your IP. That's how I know how insecure your servers are. But the practice is not entirely stupid - these insecure servers are called honeypots and have logging enabled on them to catch would-be attackers, log their details, methods of attack to block them later on legit systems. Going back to Win 7 / 10 stuff though - you are frequently better off having Windows Update enabled in
  10. From a software professional: always take latest stable and always update your system.
  11. Every Jabal ALT round ever: all squads on top of dam. All enemy spawn points inside dam not covered.
  12. Xenalite


    I bought it years ago. It is decent. If you know PR then it's almost the same.
  13. Ordered leaderboard of shame: Place Tks Name ----- --- ---- 1 1473 Volod.41 2 733 45th Golden_Days 3 440 Kemerovo 4 434 =VG= deathdealer 5 425 .SUGAR. 6 421 Alucardednoc 7 412 TABARNAC 8 396 Xenalite 9 371 UA Evgneniy 10 329 Ranger>>>12<<< 11 322 Hellcruizer 12 316 Lowkey95 13 309 =VG= Skitalez 14 305 Whiskey-Mike 15 304 BLYAT Meaww 16 295 Daniel75 17 290 Condrad 18 289 FinWeirdo 19 271 Nexwizz 20 264 43rd DannielsCz 21 257 =VG= 0100011000101 22 250 X0R 23 227 Hsc20 24
  14. Certificate issuer field. I'm trying to persuade my company to use Let's Encrypt for Kubernetes certificates, but they are resistant... they want OV certificates because it looks more "professional".
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