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  1. Greetings Soldier!! Welcome to the Most Entertaining and Committed Gaming Community in the Universe!! Real people are here. Mature and dedicated People are here. So long as that is acknowledged, you will fit right in!!
  2. Welcome to the action. Come and part take in team spirited gaming that is on another level. Have fun and keep well.
  3. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime with the greatest gaming community on the planet.
  4. Welcome back... 'Nuff Said!
  5. Welcome, Airman. Be well and enjoy the adventure!!
  6. Happy Birthday BLuDKLoT!!

    WIshing you many happy returns of the day.

    Stay safe and be well!!

  7. Outstanding. Well done. The dedication and commitment to excellence is impressive. Long may it continue.
  8. Great stuff. Looking to ditch Adobe Premiere and After Affects for this: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
  9. Welcome to the most hospitable and team spirited gaming community on the planet. It is a proven fact that good people will always find their way here. Especially as part of the overall philosopy still remains, "build it, they will come..." And Good People, Great Team Play! It is still being built, the stories are still being written. You are definitely in good company.
  10. WEll done to you all!! Have fun and be Awesome!!
  11. I had a similar experience with CnC too. Only on PC though. There is an update to the old CnC games that is just so astounding!!
  12. Welcome Back, Marine, Soldier, Airman, Operator, Pilot, Civilian Contractor, Engineer... Whatever you wish to be good at, you are definitely in the right place. Long may you enjoy your time with folks from the Best gaming community on the planet!!
  13. I saw the =AMPHETAMINE= post on the CnC USA Theme muic and I was inspired to share the modding files I use for this timeless game. I have had many a stress free outcome with these files over the years. Less units with more punch and sustainability. (Sigh... I wish I could devote more time to gaming like I did in the past.) I have included several iterations that I have made over recent years, as every time I get round to playing it I always visit the modding sites and tweak some more. Just replace your "ini" folder in your "YourDrive:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer(tm) Generals Zero Hour\Data" directory. Enjoy!! CnC Generals - Zeriohour Mod.zip
  14. Well done on a great training aid. It is all about training hard in order to fight easy. By watching this video even non pilots and ground pounders can get better insight into how to better engage with the Logisitcs and Transportation teams. Collaboration is the key to success.
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