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  1. When you are insulted by an admin then you know its time to leave. This time forever.
  2. I tryed, did not went good. Bye.
  3. Thank you so much guys for so much attention, this is why VG will stay my family forever, you guys have something others are missing for sure, something attracting me and making me addicted to your server. But till now i still feel i need to teamkill some noobs and get them away from my war plan (dont take it by words its just a way i say i'm looking for perfect players, the old ones i know, some still in and some are absent) and make such a round that i'm not ready to forget, just a perfect round. For sake simplicity just a server name will tell you better than me what i want (VETERANS GAMING). I will need some time to cool down my fury.
  4. A crash happend in another server , its not VG server but i thought this may help improuve the game to post it here: It was running omaha map and i jumped out from main spawn boat then swimed to a floating tank and when i jumped from water to the top of the tank the server crashed. Hope this can help a bit.
  5. Hey guys; I just wana admit that i screwed it a bit those days in coop PR server, i am becoming a non tolerant persone, getting mad quicker about things i was calm about before, i'm also acting agressevly with players who sometime just tryed to do their job in game but did tk me accidently, i say sorry to those. Yesterday i did a false report about someone stealing trans or cas choper, i aplogized. (The one in jabal was a good report Skitalez). Today i insulted somebody as piece a shit when somebody else has deserved it, another mistake, sorry "callsign" was my bad, i took wrong person then i left server when you asked why cz i was feeling so guilty. I don't wana disturb anymore so i say goodbye to all ppl i loved in server and they are many. Thank you to all admins who trusted me and showed me respect. Have a good time all and enjoy yourself with VG (the best PR coop ever).
  6. I'm sure all will be fixed with time of patient. We will be back to the battlefield, just matter of time.
  7. It seems to request to pay.
  8. Damn well said binary, those are the words i was looking for. Now you've got my point of view. Now : Breaking news on PRNN TV : PR BF2 will soon be no longer for free has declared president PRBLABLA this morning, where we are already seing people of muttrah, fellujah, vasdo and jabal going downsteets and protest against such a decision, they have claimed to ban steam from pr and fix level system, they also promess to call people from other maps to join the move if president PRBLABLA does not show a positive response to their request. PS: Don'nt take it for real, just a little joke.
  9. When you run the launcher go to support and click on Account tab. Before doing so, you will need to connect to your steam account and go to view my profile and edit profile and privacy section and make all public, then check on PR launcher, then you can put all things back to private in steam (depending on your taste). Meaning the level check need your profile to be public just for the time to check level.
  10. That's what scares me man, i'm only .......................... 0
  11. Thank you binary. I get that from like here: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2201695#post2201695 goto last posts. Besides there is only one server at the moment in coop and it sais i dont have enought level to play into it. If VG does the same, i will be cooked, i love that server more than my wife.
  12. I dont know about you guys but i dont like the way it turns out with steam and PR levels depending on steam. I dont like the fact that you will be allowed to join a server depending on your points, level, wherever..., i mean, thoses points depends on steam? what the Let me gess: i will not be able to join VG coop server cz i dont have any god damn score on steam WHAT THE IS GOING ON ? WHAAAAAAAYYYYYYY ? They should keep coop servers fully accessible for all cz after all we are fighting agains bots. And why the hell should i login on steam to play this? hheeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah i know: Good things never stay good forever, they always have an ending day (human nature probably, i dont realy know). I will miss the old days and maybe i will miss you all guys, will see. This was just my opinion and how i see it. Enjoy your time playing PR.
  13. Check this link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/24860/discussions/0/864951657945537942/?l=french Some solutions in the link (Just so you dont waste time to read it all): Solution 1 Hey! So what *my* problem was is my laptop came with two different graphics card. a Nvidia 730m, and the more basic integrated graphics card that's in the system. So, of course I automatically have it set so every game uses the Nvidia card, but BF2 is apparently no compatible with that exact card (I guess?). So I ran it with the integrated crappier graphics card and it worked fine (so far!) lol. Now it's just a matter of trying to run Project Reality successfully! hah. Solution 2 Hello everyone. After searching many forums and having absolutely no luck with the solutions given. I was on the verge of giving up and uninstalling the game when I started thinking, and came up with a solution that worked for me. Here's the problem that I had: After installing and updating bf2 to the latest patch (1.1.5). The bf2 client would attempt to run, go into full screen and then crash. Modifying the shortcut to run in windowed mode would give an error saying "unknown dynamic option... 800x600". Since no matter what I would do the client would always attempt to run in 800x600 resolution I thought id play around with my monitors resolution. Solution: Add a custom 800x600 resolution to your monitor. Apply it and run bf2. If that doesn't work. Try switching to GPU scaling on your graphic settings. I know both nvidia and ati have this option so just look for it. After you have done this and get into the game. Go into the games video settings and set it to a higher resolution. Then you can go back to your monitors native res. Added: Installing the game in other partion than system one or installing it in users\public folder may also help so you dont worry anymore about game folder rights. Hope this helps.
  14. Yes we can do that, we need some designers to add wings to them, that's it btw, thank you so much for your great efforts binary. Does it hurt if you keep it open ? Please keep it cz i believe persistence will get it fixed sooner or later lets say: by tweeking the mod code even if the issue is from bf2. Please consider binary efforts and spended time, also Acro1 and the others. Besides, every test is a forward step to the solution because we have data table to analyse. Even if its happening only with flying assets and only on south side, i'm suspecting it to be a cache overloaded or corrupted issue. Have you never been at strange spawn that belongs to the previous map (in the middle of nowhere or inside a mountain or stuck in a wall) ? This game have many things not refreshed from previous map, you can see it by yourself: Before endround in the squad menu keep only your squad members list open, lets say squad 3, on the next map wait for the squads to be filled then open squads list, you will find only squad 3 memebers list open even if you did not join any of them yet. Another and easier way to see that: Flags are not shown on the map after few map changes on client side (See? same heppend here but without server or client crash). What if air assets cache is not refreshed at all when server run next map ? It could be a 0,0,0 origin of the map not taken from the current one (Keep in mind that south side is always negative asset origin value). We also should consider cohision event of air assets with south border trigger when there is no cohision with the ground (no wheels), then comes the question: What heppend if i keep a plane on the ground and go cross the shouth border ? All i said here is of course not relevant, i'm just throwing some ideas to test. Somebody give to binary a root server for testing, where he can install the game server and have full admin rights.
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