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  1. No not that . i just like it if it ever a thing. comeback is come back xD
  2. I want to lock it too. Hmm thinking of coming back
  3. Seem like the atmosphere in the game is becoming more and more unwelcoming, Me and BigPapa gonna leave the game for extended amount of time. I hope everyone here enjoy the game. Especially my friends, we had a great time here thanks for everything.
  4. Heyyy you are the one in the tank that ran away form 2 enemy tank that got hit from atgm from the bradley. Rudeeeeeeee xD
  5. Did you guys know that m35 is like REALLLYY hard to flip ? Some of the logi is very easy to flip like the Star for Poland. But the m35 is react like there are balloon around it . I personally jump down from Jabal's bridge many times as a shortcut to rtb and over few dozen if not hundred time that i try i just flip 4-5 times. But yeah unflip can be helpful in some situlation .
  6. Can I sign up as a logi ? WAIT I realize that there is no logi truck. Nvm
  7. That makes sense maybe with the crew man cap remove it good enough for a challenge, force for inf and team work
  8. Hmm how about making them spawn faster, for the "enemy keep coming " feel
  9. We can make the bots harder and make they spawn faster ? Slow down the cap will work too
  10. Well that why i make this. They step in the game thinking they are the center of the world or smt.
  11. Really ? Hmm since this involves players and PR I dont know where to put. How to move it ?
  12. Yep just like yesterday in Kami, we drive past a group of inf in the last capture point, they decided to run away and yell "enemy tank, enemy tank" we was driving a mk19 stryker
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