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  1. Because of the unique atmosphere, I think
  2. I come to the PR server to see my friends in arms, with whom I have been beating bots for several years. For the company of good people.
  3. Volod was born with mgun in hands.
  4. Meanwhile new players: "HOW TO SIT?"
  5. in addition: an experienced CAS veteran pilot with an equally experienced operator, destroying all enemy AA on the map, hovering at an altitude of 300-500 meters, is able to methodically shoot enemy infantry and burn enemy assets on approaches to white or already controlled flags. The allied infantry will only have to be present in the capture zone of the flag, without a single shot, and then simply move to the next flag. I really want to avoid such moments in the game.
  6. The second time I ask you to introduce a rule-to call CAS only at the request of the INF squadleaders, recon scouts and commander (with the exception of game modes where the dogfights are provided, applies only to jet fighters!)
  7. Hey Jers) i hope to see u soon again on server
  8. Who dis guy? I dont know him Привет товарищ!
  9. I don't know what happened to the behavior of bots after the last big update, but it's safe to say that for the worse. Almost every map is easy to win. If earlier on the Kozelsk ALT we sat on the "objective Boris" for 1-2 hours, afraid to stick out of the hell hole, or on the Fallujah West we fought bloody massacres for the basement in the hospital, now it's just spit. Is there any way to restore the old settings in the behavior of bots? I'm sorry, I'm not a programmer and I think it's not so easy, but guys, now the action is only possible at some stage of Tad Sae or Charlies Point. Its sad.
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