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  1. I would like to be the Bravo marksman. Ciao bella!
  2. Hi. QZ(Qiezi) here from China and studying in the UK, official BarBeQue NEWS agency founder, and known infamously for being dumb on the field. As of right now I am 19 years old and plays on VG since June 2020, and is proud to claim that I lies in the top 1,000 of the server. I am able to play any roles that is needed but likes spotters(most noticably), or LAT/HATs and medics. I am also known for the BBQ news and interviewing soldiers like roleplay, tho often got shittalked(and deservingly so). I am also a part of the ARMA team, and thanks to the team I got through the basics.
  3. Bruh. I am moving apartments next weekend, so I am unsure if I can participate the event.
  4. Do I have to study Russian/Ukrainian? I can sing songs, but given that I am an anarchist...
  5. Kornet team operator So I can piss System off
  6. It is undeniable that the commander have much less of a role in coop, well...most players are experienced and knows their stuff.
  7. I was doing commander quite often, and starting to get the grip for commanding. I wanted to start a topic so we can discuss about commanding as a whole, and help ourselves to improve. I wanted to get some opinions from each of us who used to command. Here are some questions that we could discuss: UAVs: should it be the prioritized role of the commander? When we spot something on the UAV, should we also announce it on MB or squad chat? Commands: should we give squads command on a vague scale(eg, cap this flag, retreat to this flag, support this squad), or on a specific scale(eg, attack this building, clean this spawn, move on this street)? And how often should we give out commands to the squads? Logi: should the commander just leave the fob with two crates to the SLs to decide where assets go, or build every emplacement? Area attacks: should we encourage SLs to call in area attacks, or just wait for the calls from the radios? Frontline: I personally enjoy the style where I go to the front line to give out orders, or probably just talk to the squads knowing how's going on. Does that sound like a good idea? Plus, how useful do you think a commander's relay is? Relations: Should we be that "supreme being", or just an "experienced player", or something in between?
  8. 'Nam alt kits, you are effectively a grenadier with 15 HEs(more than modern grenadiers) and 5 smokes(same), but you also got half a job of a breacher with those 13 buckshots. Jeez that grenade vest is thicc.
  9. Thanks, I was not aware of this. However, I mean that both sides only have 600 tickets in the beginning, as opposed to 2400-3200 on VG, different from other coop servers.
  10. So, I actually like hades peak, its a fun map, Trojan and I ran a challenger and either got fucced or we blow stuff up. The problem lies where halfway through the game I realized that we have less than 400 tickets left, something nearly never happened on VG servers, nevertheless we won by attrition(kills). I think the problem is that the dev teams for VG or PR forgot to multiply tickets for both sides on this specific map, unlike other maps on VG, with 2,400-3,200 tickets on each side on a 4km map, the map ended with 600-800, similar to most coop servers. It would be great if the admins are willing to look into it. Cheers!
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