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  1. Ok this is long over due, I guess. But I've been playing on VG PR COOP for quite a while, dated way back in 2015 iirc. I'm sure a few of yuns know me, I've been bouncing around a bit, from inf to cas. I won't say I'm an experienced player but I know my way around the game. I used to be exclusively inf, usually grenadier since I'm decent at it. Now I'm more of an apc or tank guy, preferably gunner. Sometimes I do fly trans or cas (only choppers, ain't confident with jets, yet), and I try my best not to crash. Recently, just started jumping back into mortar support (would be nice if people don't
  2. Lol, sorry ya'll for the confusing title. I meant to recommend the regular players that frequently play on our server, those that are less known within the community.
  3. I'm sure y'all have seen this kind of topic in the official PR forum. Except, this time it's only for the players within the VG community. So, just throw in a post down below who you are recommending, what role they are good at, and why. This way, we can sort of have a reference especially when there are players with potentials popping up. I'll go first, I'm recommending HombreDeSombrero as either cas or trans pilot. I've flown with him a couple times and he seems to know what he's doing. Main thing is, he follows orders despite the fact that he doesn't have a mic. So if you're a cas or trans
  4. Even though Dodge Dart is considered a POS to some people especially the performance. But I've driven it for about 5 years and still love it, that tail light is just sexy. PS: This is not my photo as you can tell by the caption but you know what I mean. Same car, same lights.
  5. Kashan Desert is the best example, Armors and CAS usually demolish anything that comes in sight.
  6. The amount of CoD and BF3/4/5 players trying out PR since 1.6 update is still pretty high so...
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