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  1. I'd like to play ALL of those maps but since I am out here in countryside most likely only one map kekw Operation Archer seems legit
  2. Allie2


    But sir, this is a wendy's
  3. AA Enfield would like to know your location.
  4. damn it, 1 am can only play for one map :C
  5. You are finally here, nice
  6. Probably too lazy or don't know kekw, anyway nice to see you here
  7. I might attend who knows since it's 11 pm lol
  8. We have the keedney destroyer
  9. Hey man welcome to VG community hah (Kinda late yes)
  10. Will be going inactive until summer since my 2nd semester is starting

    1. =VG= BLuDKLoT

      =VG= BLuDKLoT

       I just started my last semester. Good luck. 

  11. Hey man how you doing

    1. ASAP Xelah

      ASAP Xelah

      doing good brozay :D

  12. Never did this before so I don't know what to type

  13. Hello there, my name is Allie(2). I am soon to be 18y/o. I'm from Mongolia, some people may know me since I play in the PR server. I mainly play VG PR server and as a medic and sometimes tank crew. PS: I like driving those vehicles dang Yeah I enjoy driving vehicles and ramming over AIs
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