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  1. how to do a back flip while flying trans?
  2. so uhh how to do a back flip while flying trans?


  3. hello im a new member and i didn't read the rules
  4. So i was doing trans today and there was this squad telling me to do a flip-so is there a good pilot out there to teach me how to do a flip in PR? *fingercross* 

  5. Hello, I'm Arde. I'm a PR player. My hobbies include: wasting time. I like to grind for medics over and over and just press the give up button. 

  6. so uhhh im playing this game... and from the look of it- i might be depressed real soon ;w; 


  7. Me when I first time lead a squad without any experience be like:



  8. Hello im Arde- and i like to get drunk at 12AM while playing PR :D 

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