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  1. It happen yesterday at early game where i just inside the helicopter waiting for players to get inside heli and then some player tk me and then another player from my squad using it....I try to say that I claim it first and got tks, and then he say 'thats your problem'. BTW, Thanks for replying......I'll keep that in mind
  2. Is there a rule when a player in same asset squad steal the asset claimed by their squadmate. like you in the same squad as your teammate and you already claim the asset, but you got teamkill at main base by another player and then another player from your squad use the asset that you claim first. hope you guys understand what im trying to say, my english is not good.
  3. Hi everyone I'm Blackfield. I'm 23 years old from Malaysia. I like playing games that has a nice storyline like Mass effect and Halo, also RTS game like world in conflict and C&C. I discover PR back in jun 2020 and back then I frequently play VG coop server. I stop playing PR around mid 2021 because im studying and Im back playing the PR while waiting for my internship. I can use every kit in the PR and also I can fly trans helicopter. I may not talk to much but I can answer if you ask me or order me what to do. So...that's it. Nice to meet ya'll
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