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  1. It's right when I leave work, so I might join a bit late I would like to lead a squad
  2. That is a great piece of data that I will definitely use. Being able to tell the map size and factions will be great!
  3. This is what we had in mind btw (Edit: Sorry for the huge image, on mobile it looked normal)
  4. Not a whole bot but a command to VG Bot I could add an optional argument for player skill but that would also require us to fill that list with map difficulty besides recommended player count
  5. I would love to buy it but Im out of money rn and I get paid on the 7th or 8th, the sale ends on the 6th. Can anyone buy it for me and I pay you back later via Paypal or smt? (Preferably someone who's currency isnt gold bars)
  6. La Drang, spending 1 hour behind a rock to cap the first line of flags and spending 2 more hours going up the hill
  7. Having Fobs need someone to shovel it would help a lot against bad fob placements Now let bots place down mines or pop smoke >:)
  8. Discord is indeed down due to a massive API outage, they had secondary issues and had to limit how many people were logging in. More than half of the users are back online and the flood gates are being open more and more. To keep in touch with the current status check http://discordstatus.com
  9. Sunday would be better for me but I'll try to join for a little while
  10. =VG= Nyther

    PR game

    Usually when I shoot and it takes 2 seconds for my target to die is because: a) My target is too far b) My target is not dead yet c) I missed my target and someone else got it 2 seconds later
  11. Whoever votes inverted deserves to always find CAS full and locked
  12. Here's a easy way to handle the Commander role: Just dont. In my opinion the Commander role it's nothing but an extra step to call arty strikes. It's dumb, bland and boring. Here's why I think that: The UAV has no practical use without spamming the comms with information that might not be useful to one or more squads. Besides, I personally feel like being able to see all the enemies with thermals with no risk of being downed kinda cheesy, plus the AI can't even retaliate to such thing Artillery strikes are situational and see very rare use. No one treats the Commander as a superior because no one likes being bossed around if they already have their own squad to lead. They have their own plan and better awareness of their squad's strengths and weaknesses so they know what's better for their squad. Being able to tell how much health vehicles have shouldn't even be in a thing if we can't see player names from far or our own health. It instigates the opposite of cooperative gameplay. You are either at main playing find the insurgent on the UAV or staring at the unique easter egg inside the command tent while the UAV refuels. When you are not at main fiddleling the drones you are at the front pretending to be more than just a golden blueberry. If a squad leader doesn't already come up with the idea of calling an Artillery Strike and the Commander is not busy then by the time they communicate and organize it then you already missed the opportunity to call the strike. Plus some Squad Leaders have a squad just because all the other squads were full and they have no idea on how to play as a SL. I mean, when was the last time someone said at the end screen something like "I'm glad we had a commander or else we would've lost" Long story short: Commander is still in the game just for the sake of it being there and it has no real gameplay use. You don't have to take me word for granted, you play whatever way you want, be it being an important asset that takes the team to victory or a useless sniper spending 30 minutes trying to climb a crane just to die again. I'm just saying what I think so anyone can use it as ammunition if they ever get the chance to convince the devs to either give the Commander a real use or just remove it completely.
  13. I recommend myself as the best forklift crewman to ever exist
  14. *cracks knuckles* Time to grind
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