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  1. hey man! welcome to the forum! much love brozay!!
  2. I guess it's a flying practice? Or something like that?
  3. https://youtu.be/bU3sUtN821c
  4. ASAP Xelah

    hands up!
  5. There's the nvidia performance counter thats shows cpu/gpu usage and lot of stuff you can customize, also you can add the fps counter that is 100% accurate I don't really know how to activate it, if I'm not wrong it's related to GeForce Experience, not really sure, I have all the Nvdia Drivers updated
  6. Mh? Where did I say that? The only way to get above that cap is to use the console command whenever you join a server, and as I said, personally I never have any fps drops. I saw that a lot of people have that problem. Maybe it's related to OS? Drivers? No idea
  7. +rep He is high every single minute of his life tho

  8. I don't have any reason to lie I wouldn't even reply
  9. I don't know what to say, I always got my fps counter on from NVIDIA, and it's stacked a 150 fps. I never saw any drops (maybe 1 fps to 149 ) may depends on various factors I guess?
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