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  1. Silent Eagle STD Khamisiyah LRG Unable to spawn certain kits, sometimes leading to a server crash Exception'>, Tried to spawn unknown template ger_officer realityspawner.py on line 150
  2. v1.7.2.3 U.S. Avenger anti-air unable to lock onto targets (Kashan Desert LRG)
  3. v1.7.2.3 Machinegun on the Willys jeep is invisible (Carentan STD)
  4. Masirah STD Bots spawn and die on machinegun emplacements (flags: Outpost and Radar)
  5. PR:BF2 v1.7.1.1 Kashan Desert LRG F-16C bomb kills do not count as kills on the scoreboard Silent Eagle ALT Bots spawn without parachutes and die (second to last flag)
  6. They come from a selection menu. If you want a CO-OP kit grab it from the crate, provided you can find one early game (useful for medics I guess).
  7. Regarding FPS issues Khamisiyah Alternative -- two-storey buildings inside the Bunker Complex (bots spawn there in groups of 4-6 at once). Masirah Infantry -- lagging so much inside the Palace (last group of flags) that the server couldn't register a revive. Hopefully we could have more fighting within the city streets and less in the end. Other Bamyan Large -- lack of infantry transportation other than few Ural trucks. I know Boraghs were not supposed to be on that layout, however putting them on OPFOR side so they cannot be accessed makes little sense. Enemy armor usually gets stuck at Objective Golf (that narrow checkpoint after Foxtrot).
  8. Kashan Desert LRG - rendering // draw distance problems Could only see the enemy from around 200 meters or less. That made enemy CAS literally turn invisible; vehicles appeared out of nowhere.
  9. Reported by players today: Server crash every 1-2 maps. Meaning its loading the same set of maps over and over again killing the population. Horrible layouts as well. Khamisiyah ALT and Pavlovsk ALT should never be in a starting map pool whether the uptime is 20 minutes or 24 hours.
  10. The next map in rotation is always Jabal STD. Randomizer doesn't work. Around 80-100 maps missing in the maplist.list file. Bots occasionally join BLUFOR. 20/02/2022 (for reference)
  11. Server crash on Kokan Alternative, which was I believe only the 5th or 6th map in rotation (21:55 ZULU).
  12. PR:BF2 v1.7.0.1 Changelog (2022/01/07) ----------------------- General: Fixed missing information icons for advanced graphics options. Coop: Fixed Rosomak crashing clients. Fixed AMX10RC crashing clients. Increased ticket bleed delay to 15 minutes (from 10). Vehicles: Added desert texture for ZBL-08. Updated BF109 to use MG131 13mm instead of MG17. Updated WW2 plane gun sounds to be heard from further away. Fixed Merkava using AMX10 smoke HUD. Fixed M3 AAV and Flak 38 Opel Blitz showing white square when using scroll wheel. Fixed M3 AAV minimap icon becoming white after exiting the vehicle from the gunner position. Fixed BF109 bomb being too strong. Fixed Ju-87B bomb being too weak. Fixed SdKfz 233 having thermals. Fixed CCIP on jets only working when having dynamic shadows enabled. Fixed jet cannon crosshair disappearing when CCIP finds no impact. Fixed Ju-87B having multiple magazines for MG. Fixed Ju-87B not rearming MG when only half empty. Fixed VBCI showing two heat bars. Fixed WW2 planes showing two heat bars. Fixed Puma IFV having no smoke. Fixed Mirage HUD always showing cannon as selected. Weapons: Fixed SPG-9 switching cameras when selecting FRAG. Fixed Flak 38 firing sound not matching ROF. Levels: General: Fixed Vehicle Warfare showing wrong ticket count when using in game map info. Bijar Canyons: COOP128: Fixed terrain disappearing at a certain distance for players without the "Increase terrain LOD" option checked. Decreased spawn time for choppers to exactly 5 minutes (from 7) and updated a few trucks and jeeps to spawn twice Field of Kassel: AAS32: Reduced tickets for both teams by 100. Removed two tanks per team. Removed one AAV per team. Removed spawnpoints from German airfield to prevent accidental spawns. You can still reach it through teleporter near command post. AAS64: Reduced tickets for both teams by 100. Updated USA rallypoint to be permanent spawnpoint. Updated 2 tanks per team to not respawn. Removed Panzer 3 spawning near town. Removed one AAV team. AAS128: Fixed terrain disappearing at a certain distance for players without the "Increase terrain LOD" option checked. Fixed route to only have two active flags at start. Removed depot flag. Icebound: Fixed helicopters not rearming. Khamisiyah: COOP32: Fixed Blufor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Kozelsk: COOP32: Fixed Redfor having ticket bleed if Blufor captures their first flag. Laskhar Valley: COOP64: Fixed Redfor having ticket bleed if Blufor captures their first flag. Masirah: COOP16: Fixed Blufor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Operation Marlin: COOP64: Fixed Redfor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Test Bootcamp: Added new loading music by Unicode. Shijia Valley: COOP32: Fixed neither side having ticket bleed after losing all flags.
  13. Karbala STD - round ends after 5 to 10 minutes (massive ticket bleed for Insurgents).
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