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  1. PR:BF2 v1.7.0.1 Changelog (2022/01/07) ----------------------- General: Fixed missing information icons for advanced graphics options. Coop: Fixed Rosomak crashing clients. Fixed AMX10RC crashing clients. Increased ticket bleed delay to 15 minutes (from 10). Vehicles: Added desert texture for ZBL-08. Updated BF109 to use MG131 13mm instead of MG17. Updated WW2 plane gun sounds to be heard from further away. Fixed Merkava using AMX10 smoke HUD. Fixed M3 AAV and Flak 38 Opel Blitz showing white square when using scroll wheel. Fixed M3 AAV minimap icon becoming white after exiting the vehicle from the gunner position. Fixed BF109 bomb being too strong. Fixed Ju-87B bomb being too weak. Fixed SdKfz 233 having thermals. Fixed CCIP on jets only working when having dynamic shadows enabled. Fixed jet cannon crosshair disappearing when CCIP finds no impact. Fixed Ju-87B having multiple magazines for MG. Fixed Ju-87B not rearming MG when only half empty. Fixed VBCI showing two heat bars. Fixed WW2 planes showing two heat bars. Fixed Puma IFV having no smoke. Fixed Mirage HUD always showing cannon as selected. Weapons: Fixed SPG-9 switching cameras when selecting FRAG. Fixed Flak 38 firing sound not matching ROF. Levels: General: Fixed Vehicle Warfare showing wrong ticket count when using in game map info. Bijar Canyons: COOP128: Fixed terrain disappearing at a certain distance for players without the "Increase terrain LOD" option checked. Decreased spawn time for choppers to exactly 5 minutes (from 7) and updated a few trucks and jeeps to spawn twice Field of Kassel: AAS32: Reduced tickets for both teams by 100. Removed two tanks per team. Removed one AAV per team. Removed spawnpoints from German airfield to prevent accidental spawns. You can still reach it through teleporter near command post. AAS64: Reduced tickets for both teams by 100. Updated USA rallypoint to be permanent spawnpoint. Updated 2 tanks per team to not respawn. Removed Panzer 3 spawning near town. Removed one AAV team. AAS128: Fixed terrain disappearing at a certain distance for players without the "Increase terrain LOD" option checked. Fixed route to only have two active flags at start. Removed depot flag. Icebound: Fixed helicopters not rearming. Khamisiyah: COOP32: Fixed Blufor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Kozelsk: COOP32: Fixed Redfor having ticket bleed if Blufor captures their first flag. Laskhar Valley: COOP64: Fixed Redfor having ticket bleed if Blufor captures their first flag. Masirah: COOP16: Fixed Blufor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Operation Marlin: COOP64: Fixed Redfor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Test Bootcamp: Added new loading music by Unicode. Shijia Valley: COOP32: Fixed neither side having ticket bleed after losing all flags.
  2. Karbala STD - round ends after 5 to 10 minutes (massive ticket bleed for Insurgents).
  3. Sahel STD doesn't work (crash on loading). Map rotation randomizer either doesn't work or is disabled.
  4. Project Reality > mods > pr > levels
  5. Mumble is currently not working (16:00 ZULU).
  6. Turning off vehicle thermal sights causes a game crash. Could be only COOP-related.
  7. PR:BF2 v1.6.4.4 Changelog (2021/03/07) ----------------------- General: Updated Brazilian Portuguese localization. Fixed client crash when joining server. Fixed Argentinian FMK-1 AP, FMK-3 AT mines and Insurgent grenade trap not being auto-marked on map after fired. COOP: Fixed client crash when loading a layer with French Forces. Weapons: Fixed M79 Buckshot having 30 rounds in one 'magazine'. Fixed QBU-88 with iron sights having infinite ammo in undeployed mode. Fixed recoil and ammo usage systems not working for RPG-7 Iranian Tandem Heat. Fixed ammo usage system not working for IDF ACOG M4. Fixed ammo usage system not working for TNT. Vehicles: Fixed civilian Zil-131 dropping NVA crates. Levels: Kafr Halab Added AAS16 - FSA vs Insurgents. INS32: Replaced Insurgent logis with support technicals.
  8. PR:BF2 v1.6.4.2 Changelog (2021/02/28) ----------------------- General: Added auto-marking for mines placed on the map. Improved support for non 16:9 widescreen. Updated shaders to use newer DirectX 9 version. Fixed "Ran out of memory" crash. Fixed issues where spawn menu did not update after loading into server. Fixed roads showing static shadows in thermals. Fixed PLA and MEC not being able to arrest civilians in Insurgency. Menu: Added counter for current crew count in a vehicle along with the passenger counter. Added options to change chat position and chat size. Increased maximum chat length to 90 up from 60. Fixed squad leader and flag icons sometimes not showing on the map. Kits: Added back Taliban grenadier to spawn menu and kit requesting. Vehicles: Added civilian Zil-131 truck. Fixed black smoke from vehicle damage being always visible. Fixed crash when dropping Wehrmacht ammobox. Weapons: Updated M1 Garand and G43 to kill in one hit again. Updated deployed weapon deviation (LMG, MMG, DMR, Sniper). Reduced settling time after deploying weapon and after moving Deployed full auto weapons suffer greater penalty from firing Deployed weapons suffer greater penalty from swaying Updated required supply points to rearm infantry weapons. (Read more here) Fixed AA missiles always targeting the furthest away target. Levels: General Removed seaonal maps Icebound and Hiberna. Adak Added AAS32. Updated lighting of soldiers and vehicles. Fixed floaters and other reported issues. Added new loading music made by Multi. AAS64: Added one more APC to CH. AAS64: Added 100 tickets to both teams. AAS128: Updated assets and initial spawns. AAS128: Added 100 tickets to both teams. Al Basrah Updated Insurgency, removed INS32, lowered view distance to 500m. Burning Sands AAS128: Lowered Huey spawn time to 5 minutes. AAS128: Fixed GB crate in German base. Bijar Canyons Switched COOP and Vehicle Warefare to Dutch forces. AAS/CNC replaced MEC BMP3 with MTLB 30mm. Beirut Added AAS32 and AAS128. Dragon Fly Replaced Lynx with .50 cal Lynx on all layers. Fools Road Reduced Militia tickets to 600 on AAS/CNC32. Kafr Halab Added INS32 FSA vs Iraqi Insurgents. Shijia Valley Added Skirmish 32 layer with boats. Silent Eagle Added AAS/CNC32 with US Army. Added AAS/CNC128 with Canadian Army. Vadso City AAS/CNC32: Adjusted asset balance. Xiangshan AAS/CNC32: Added Polish vs. PLA.
  9. Black Gold INF - no place for the transport helicopter to re-arm. Black Gold LRG - bots do not use any assets, they do spawn in bunches but only as infantry. Kafr Halab STD - logi trucks despawn quickly (in less than 3 minutes). Khamisiyah LRG - major server lag due to pathfinding. Outpost STD - works fine until AI enters The Big Red (not fully confirmed yet). Vadso City STD - bots do not spawn on the last flag unless there's a vehicle in their main for them to spawn inside.
  10. Few moments ago I was unable to put Dovre into the map vote, even though I have tried it before and it worked completely fine (using words dovre or dovr). Dovre Winter won the map vote, but was not supposed to be there. I was trying to fix it but the server kept on forcing Dovre Winter as the next map, which eventually led to a server crash on loading.
  11. We have plenty of tickets in CO:OP anyways, so why not? The idea of mine I told you today was about a cross-faction-custom-weapon-loadout thingy, meaning as an officer you would be able to chose your own pistol; or to have (let's say) a spotter with a rifle of choice plus the radio and nothing else (no bandages, ropes, knives, smoke grenades, etc.). Or (let's say) an Anti-Tank guy with nothing but his launcher and 3-4 ammo boxes in his inventory. Obviously that will never happen. Airlift sounds cool -- I don't think there's enough factions to utilize that method though, even if we ever made it simple, just like in Battlefield 2 where vehicles fall from the sky. Re-arming in air is something that you will find in Ace Combat or some modern RTS games and should never belong here. The biggest problem in this game right now is the air-to-air and surface-to-air combat which is simplified beyond my imagination.
  12. PR:BF2 v1.6.4.1 Changelog (2020/12/19) ----------------------- General: Added new Vietnam themed Launcher background created by Hokunin. Fixed an error showing up every time PR got closed through the main menu. Fixed textures glitching on low light settings. COOP: Fixed a certain crash related with AI not using the correct weapon activation keys on some weapons. Kits: Fixed skinning of Dutch AT kits. Vehicles: Fixed a client crash when firing AMZ Dzik smoke launcher. Fixed Scorpion gun sound looping when holding down fire button. Weapons: Fixed water container IED not having planting sound. Levels: Adak Added below deck spawn points for China. Fixed missing statics and textures. Fixed floating buildings. Fixed destructible walls having no destruction effect. Updated flag localization.
  13. Hard server crash on Beirut Large (around ZULU 17:00); requires a manual restart.
  14. I can totally relate to what Skitalez says. Nowadays, you can finish Muttrah Standard with 8 players. Korengal Valley with about 15 players (back in the day, that map was a nightmare). Almost beat Jabal with three people (ran out of time and tickets; ask X0R and/or Alucard). Knowing that we share the same play style, I feel like I'm lost as well.
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