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  1. Closed as it is user error.
  2. Closed due to server update, see post here:
  3. PR:BF2 v1.7.3.2 Changelog (2023/01/03) ----------------------- SHADERS: Added option to disable advanced shaders. This will help players who struggle with FPS issues. You will find this option in: Launcher -> Options -> Graphics -> Advanced -> Use advanced shaders. (Default enabled) Optimized sky shaders. Optimized vegetation shaders. MENU: Updated in game map to show location of possible CSB crossings. STATICS: Updated concrete bridges to be destroyable again, but 5 times harder to destroy. Updated concrete bridges to show which parts are destroyable. Updated road truss bridge to be not destroyable. Levels: Kokan: Updated Blufor to use zipties. Korengal: Updated Blufor to use zipties. Outpost: Updated Blufor to use zipties.
  4. PR:BF2 v1.7.3.1 Changelog (2022/12/29) ----------------------- SHADERS: Optimized particle shaders. Fixed black sky. STATICS: Fixed missing mipmaps on some leaf textures. WEAPONS: Fixed 40mm UGL having no arming distance. VEHICLES: Updated SdKfz 251C and M3A1 Halftrack to not require crewman as driver. Levels: Quan: Disabled UAV.
  5. PR:BF2 v1.7.3.0 Changelog (2022/12/26) ----------------------- General: Updated default FPS lock to 200. Updated shaders to use logarithmic depth buffer. Fixed some mounted machine guns clipping with camera in first person. Fixed optics blur shader rarely not deactivating. COOP: Added module to randomize bot kits and spawn times (default disabled). STATICS: Updated all concrete bridges to be non destroyable. Fixed building forward outposts and emplacements inside statics. Menu: Optimized bleed effect textures. Vehicles: Added Mi-8 AMTSh CAS variants. Added Ka-29T CAS variants. Updated close support bridge collision to be easier to drive across. Updated helicopter flares to spawn closer to mounted countermeasure systems. Fixed Shturm not needing a driver to operate. Fixed IDF Humvee not sinking in water. Fixed being unable to exit Kamaz trucks if driver exit is blocked. Fixed not being able to zero PT91 Twardy cupola machine gun. Weapons: Updated all grenade launcher smoke to shoot normal smoke grenades. Updated mortar placement restrictions to allow mortars in separate places. Levels: General: Added Icebound - Seasonal (4x4km). Added Quan - Seasonal (2x2km) Adak: AAS32: Added Ka-29T CAS. Beirut: Updated Russian DoD to cover most of the water. AAS32: Added Ka-29T CAS. Kfar Halab: Decreased view distance to 500m from 650m. Added off-map airbases for Russia and MEC. AAS64: Replaced Mi-24 Hind with Mi-8 AMTSh CAS. AAS64: Replaced T90A with BMP-3M. AAS32: Added Russian Mi-8 AMTSh CAS vs MEC Mi-24 Hind. Muttrah City: AAS64: Delayed all MEC logis. AAS64: Updated all USMC Hueys to respawn. Operation Marlin: INS64: Replaced French Panther with NH90. Pavlovsk Bay: AAS32: Added Ka-29T CAS. Sbeneh Outskirts: Fixed trash piles being too big without collision. Ulyanovsk: Increased main base DoD. Vadso City: AAS32: Added Ka-29T CAS.
  6. Nothing could replace @=VG= Melon Muncher as an artist. But seriously, this is some neat stuff. It makes coding and programming easier due to stuff like this. Some entities even use AI to make some policy statements and system designs based on parameters that are provided.
  7. PR:BF2 v1.7.2.2 Changelog (2022/09/19) ----------------------- FACTIONS: Fixed WW2 German paratroopers unable to request officer kit. WEAPONS: Fixed crash related to placing mines in water. Fixed crash related to stationary Minimi. Fixed Alex sniper rifle reload sound being heard across map. Levels: Kunar Province : Reduced view distance to 1300, down from 1500m. Fixed LightmapAtlas.tai crash. INS64: Added scopes for USMC. AAS16/64/128: Reduced both team tickets by 100.
  8. PR:BF2 v1.7.1.1 Changelog (2022/04/08) ----------------------- Coop: Fixed UAV not working. Factions: Fixed Spotter STD kit in some Russian subfactions having an incorrect melee weapon. Menu: Updated bleed effect to start off less harsh. Updated hit effect to show more red. Added hit effect for vehicle taking damage. Vehicles: Decreased rearm speed of supply-depots. Fixed Starstreak HVM proximity trigger issues. Weapons: Updated Colt 1911 textures. Updated TT33 textures. Decreased rate of fire of mortars (down to 20RPM from 30RPM). Fixed US WW2 stationary MG having invisible machine gunner. Fixed some grenades and mines having incorrect reload time. Levels: Ascheberg: Removed visible flag pole. AAS16: Removed heavy assets Korbach Offensive: Added helipads to main bases. AAS64: Removed BMP-2 from town. Removed 2 Russian rally points from town. Increased Russian tank delay to 10 minutes. Fixed missing bleed on last flag. AAS128: Increased brightness.
  9. Closed due to no response
  10. Have you tried recently? I just did a search on your ID and you are not on the banlist.
  11. Which server are you trying to join @nasvai?
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