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  1. Again [ESP] LATAMSQUAD is not Veterans Gaming server community. If you have issues with them, connect with that server community to get it taken care of. No further discussion will be held on this subject as it does not pertain to us, our community, or the server we host. You were pointed in the direction on where to go on multiple platforms, such as here and Discord and provided with exact guidance in your native language on how to fix this and failed to comprehend it. Good luck.
  2. PR:BF2 v1.7.4.5 Changelog (2023/06/29) ----------------------- GENERAL: Fixed crash when launching the game. COOP: Minor Co-Op improvements. SHADERS: Fixed FPS degradation from particles when using advanced shaders. MENU: Fixed notification messages turning black. VEHICLES: Fixed requesting kits from MEC BTR-80A. Levels: Field of Kassel: Added COOP16. Nuijamaa: COOP: Improved Coop support. Operation Thunder: COOP: Improved Coop support.
  3. PR:BF2 v1.7.4.4 Changelog (2023/06/18) ----------------------- GENERAL: Fixed crash on revive. PR:BF2 v1.7.4.3 Changelog (2023/06/18) GENERAL: Updated time for kit to drop after dying from 4 to 10 seconds. Fixed suppression effect duration depending on FPS. Now plays for same length for everyone. Fixed soldier not turning smoothly. (Thanks to Ekiso from FH2!) SHADERS: Updated vegetation and static meshes lighting to be calculated in world-space. Fixed tracers not drawing correctly. Fixed point light interaction with transparent meshes. COOP: Updated AI with Kestrel behaviour changes. Nuijijamaa: Improved Co-op Support Added Coop layers Operation Thunder: Fixed Co-op STD Sbeneh Outskirts: Improved Co-op Support Added Coop Layers Yamlia: Added Co-op Support Zakho: Improved Co-op Support Added Co-op standard and large layers MENU: Fixed medic healing bar reaching 100% too early. Vehicles: Added German Fennek 1A1 MG3 and Fennek 1A1 GMW. Updated ground effects to trigger for far away vehicles. Fixed helicopters with 2 crates rearming instantly. Fixed BMP-3 turret pointing wrong direction on last LOD. Levels: Ascheberg: Updated lighting. Updated forests with new trees and bushes. Added some trenches. Improved memory usage. Lowered amount of tickets on all layers. AAS: Increased spawn delay of heavy assets. AAS64: Replaced one Fuchs with Fennek 1A1 MG3. Assault on Grozny: AAS32: Made central flags neutral from start. Bamyan: INS64: Fixed using wrong factions. Falklands: AAS16/32: Fixed crash related to bayonets. Goose Green: AAS16: Fixed crash related to bayonets. Iron Ridge: AAS128: Added Russia vs Militia. Korbach Offensive: Lowered amount of tickets on all layers. AAS64: Added old linear bleed system. Removed all russians vehicles and one rally from town flag. Removed 1 tank on russian side. Reduced town flag radius and moved it east of the river. Lashkar Valley: INS32: Fixed using wrong factions. INS64: Replaced Pumas with Fennek 1A1 MG and GMW. Operation Marlin: Improved terrain on map edges to be less likely to fall off the map. Road to Damascus: Improved lighting. Fixed AAS not having ticket bleed when all flags capped. Shipment: Improved lighting. Zakho: Fixed several floating objects. Improved lighting. INS32: Added US Army vs Syrian Rebels. INS64: Replaced factions with Syrian Rebels vs Insurgents. AAS32: Added MEC vs FSA. AAS64: Replaced one Chinook with NH90. Removed one MEC logi truck
  4. closed due to no response and assumed problem solved
  5. Sadly I knew this day would come as the struggles were getting more difficult to manage. He was a very solid dude that loved VG. Words are always difficult in this situation as you had a bigger impact than folks will know on this community and always strived to make sure we were on the path to perfection. I hope now you have the ability to look over us and keep us on track as we are navigating our own paths and barriers in life. Thank you for everything Skiddles
  6. PR:BF2 v1.7.4.1 Changelog (2023/04/03) ----------------------- General: Appeased the cat. Fixed start_prbf2_w32ded.bat using wrong modPath. COOP: Fixed random kit selection throwing errors. Vehicles: Fixed Leopard 2A4 roadwheels spinning wrong direction. Weapons: Fixed auto-spotting the stationary Zu-23-2. Levels: Al Basrah: Fixed using wrong factions. Carentan: Fixed factions being on the wrong side. Deagle5: Fixed spawns getting blocked too quickly. Kokan: INS32: Fixed using wrong factions. Kunar Province: COOP: Fixed accessing off-map airfield. COOP32: Fixed using wrong factions. Ras el Masri: Fixed using wrong factions. Road to Damascus: Added CNC. Fixed missing BETA declaration. Fixed locking aircraft past view distance. Fixed missplaced statics and textures. Fixed combat areas. AAS: Updated flag layouts on all layers. VW64: Fixed using wrong factions. Increased available vehicles. Shipment: Fixed spawns getting blocked too quickly. Zakho: Fixed miss placed statics and trees. Improved lighting.
  7. PR:BF2 v1.7.4.0 Changelog (2023/04/01) ----------------------- General: Updated PRLauncher to use .net Framework 4.7.2. Updated Support info to include the content of log files. Shaders: Updated thermal shaders to show clouds in the sky. Fixed dynamic lights not working on statics. Fixed incorrect skin lighting on soldiers. Fixed fields being too transparent at a distance. Fixed road edges drawing twice. Fixed some bushes drawing wrongly at distance. COOP: Added optional dynamic bot spawn-times. Updated random kits to be compatible with all single-player maps. Updated random kits to not be completely random. Bots will choose a random kit depending on in-game threats. Updated bot weapon behaviors. Fixed UGL smoke not blocking bot sight. Statics: Added a tractor (undrivable). Fixed soldiers being able to walk through walls of H-Shaped building. Menu: Added entry in the notification history for getting autobalanced at round start. Added menu to pick a new squad leader for the squad. After picking the leader, kicked players automatically rejoin the squad. Updated main menu to rename Deployment to Multiplayer. Updated transport helicopter HUD to show the supply crate type. Sounds: Updated hellfire sounds to (hopefully) stop looping forever. Removed flare impact sounds. Factions: Updated German DMR to use HK417 on STD and G3SG1 on ALT. Updated Polish alternative light anti-tank to use Mini Beryl. Updated faces for Insurgents. Updated faces for WW2 German soldiers. Fixed WW2 USA Pointman using wrong grenade loadout. Fixed factions on Insurgency maps missing zipties. Vehicles: Added F-15I Ra'am for IDF. Added Leopard 2A4 for Polish forces. Added ZBL-08 without ATGM. Added armored VBIED (cars and trucks). Updated Ka-29T physics. Updated Russian jets to use OFAB-250 model. Updated all jets to have same heat object placement. Updated interior texture of Argentinian Volkswagen. Fixed British and German trucks banking to the right. Fixed Ka-29T / Mi-8 AMTSh gun pods culling too early. Fixed Ka-29T / Mi-8 AMTSh rocket pods culling too early. Fixed Ka-29T CAS ambient sounds not working. Fixed Ka-29T CAS pilot being invisible. Fixed Ka-29T floating on water. Fixed Mi-8 AMTSh CAS pilot being invisible. Fixed P51 FFAR rockets firing in wrong order. Fixed Russian LPD helipad rearming too fast. Fixed Spike launching in wrong direction when shot while moving. Fixed Su-39 landing gear deploying too slowly. Fixed gunship helicopter gunner angle not working. Weapons: Added more bayonets to factions. Added new sounds for bayonets. Renamed ML-63 to PAM1. Updated ATGM sights to reduce FOV when activating thermals. Updated Kornet sight. Updated UGL deviation to be more forgiving for movement. Updated Bayonet animations. Updated Flaregun lightsource settings and smoothed out transition of aiming, firing and reload animations. Updated mounted GMG to have less magazines. Fixed M1 Garand Smoke Grenade killing tanks. Fixed Sterling 1p muzzle flash showing in wrong position. Fixed popping firing sounds on various guns. Levels: General: Added Zakho 2km AAS + INS. Added Road to Damascus 4km AAS + VW. Added Deagle5 and Shipment gungame maps. These are tiny maps for low population. Removed seasonal maps. Removed Bijar Canyons. Assault on Grozny: AAS32/64: Moved initial Militia spawnpoints to the south of the river. Beirut: AAS64: Replaced MT-LBVMK with MT-LB. Carentan: COOP64: Fixed bot tanks getting stuck on bushes. Field of Kassel: COOP: Reduced tickets on all layers. Fools Road: Fixed pixel gap allowing to shoot into Old Estate basement. Khamisiyah: Removed spawnpoint on off-map airbase. Kashan Desert: COOP64: Fixed some REDFOR spawnpoints not being created. Kfar Halab: COOP: Fixed helicopter unable to rearm. AAS16: Replaced VBIED with armored variants. Updated factions to Syrian Rebels vs Hamas. Lowered viewdistance to 300m. Updated routes AAS32: Added one more flag to all routes. Added Ural-4320 ZU-23-2 to MEC. Removed MTP-LB. Delayed MEC APCs at start. Removed pre-capped flags. Updated MEC to use desert camo. AAS64: Replaced T62 with armored truck bomb. Added armored car bomb. INS32: Lowered viewdistance to 300m Replaced truck bomb with armored variant. INS64: Replaced T62 with armored truckbomb . Added armored car bomb. Kokan: Cut down the trees in BluFor main base. Removed Taliban command post. Gaza: Fixed floating roof walls. Updated area around grid L5 to allow easier entry to the city. Muttrah City:AAS64: Updated hills to be out of bounds for everything but helicopters. Reduced AH1Z and BMP-2M spawn delay to 10 minutes. Operation Thunder: Updated terrain, flags and assets for all layers. Pavlovsk Bay: AAS32: Switched RedFor to Russian army. Ramiel: AAS64: Updated flag layout and changed asset layout. INS16/32/64: Updated asset layout. INS128: Added British as BluFor. Silent Eagle: Removed spawnpoint on off-map airbase. Wanda Shan: AAS/CNC128: Replaced ZSL-92 with ZBL-08 without ATGM.
  8. Good day @f4k1ng0d, I am not seeing your name or account on our banlist. Can you take a screen shot if you are not able to join with the message you have?
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