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  1. Fanny Bandits will make an appearance, with special guests: BRAVO: Fanny Bandits Leader: =VG= m823us (Fanny one actual) Medic: deadxangle AR: =VG= asquirrel456 LAT: nerojr. Grenadier: Tophat
  2. Best response... Not the person with or with out the mic. But are they communicating and sending/receiving instructions. That is your clarifying factor in my opinion.
  3. It's good to see that a lot of our starter maps are on the top leaderboard. Plus it helps that we do a Muttrah Event every year. I know one of the frustrating parts of our community is that PR overall is dropping players and it is difficult to play some of the maps on there due to this.
  4. Sadly, we will always have some form of cheater involved in any game. Even in PR, we catch players with speed hacks, aim bots, and a variety of other stuff and look how long we have been hosting it. Even WAR THUNDER has people with scripts and cheaters. Right now, it isn't too bad, but I would enjoy the game as much as one can right now before it gets too popular.
  5. Very much FPS, however you can use vehicles as well as infantry to take objective and do a capture/defend aspect. Very battlefield like, when you can take over AI or switch to their position. Teamplay is a struggle at time, as no one uses in game comms but you can create squads so I feel like we could get defiantly get some advantage in that area if we team up. Gameplay isn't bad, some area's need improvement but I wouldn't complain. Humans vs bots or other humans are relatively balanced. You have the option to solo vs solo if you want or you can lead an AI or peop
  6. Who plays? This is a great free to play game that has some quirks, but is rapidly gaining players. https://enlisted.net/en/news/#!/ Find me if you want with ARES_m823us
  7. Does anyone have a place that uses either so people can TRY them before they talk about them? I know several people have posted links to them, but some people are visual learners.
  8. PR COOP has been updated to PR:BF2 v1.6.5.2 Changelog (2021/04/12) ----------------------- General: Added blur back to focus. Fixed optics blur not turning off. Updated focus to use infantry sprint key (default L-Shift) Kits: Fixed Militia engineer unable to rearm mines. Menu: Fixed AA markers showing in wrong locations. Fixed 'out of combat area - time to get damange' message not showing up Fixed squad and score lists not showing last row. Fixed squad list scroll bar being too long. Fixed score list scroll ba
  9. I'll keep looking, I know a lot of players were looking to reduce the time they spend setting up vehicle kits
  10. I wanted to post up here and see what specifically we need. I know several people are great at doing things, scripts, mods, modules, triggers, etc....
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2161671937
  12. PR:BF2 v1.6.5.1 Changelog (2021/04/02) ----------------------- General: Added back transparency to in game map. Removed blur from focus to prevent game freezing. Fixed sometimes being able to use focus on scoped weapons. Fixed sometimes optics shader not activating after using BUIS. Fixed crash when deactivating thermals. Fixed HUD getting cut off on square aspect ratios. Kits: Fixed Hamas engineer IED not rearming. Vehicles: Fixed LG missiles not working correctly. Levels: Flat Earth: Fixed crash when opening options.
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