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  1. Any particular firearm thinking of? I would just use the clacker sound from rifleman anti-personnel kit, detonator.
  2. I play COOP so I can have an only fans club: Or make a top TRANS squad:
  3. Yeah, after server crash I found the report in Discord and was not able to replicate your issue so I assume it was as TEDF stated. Just due to location of the map on maplist.list at the time. If you have issues with maps and either spelling (like me) or just not working hit the ` key (next to number 1 on top row, also known as tilda or grave or console) and type maplist.list to get your map number.
  4. Happy birthday, Matey!!

  5. I can show up and do that. But seriously I love this concept, I'll talk with some community members and see what they may be able to bring or see if they are willing to learn or teach how to do this.
  6. So this is why you go commander most rounds
  7. Hey Waltstein, Welcome to the great forum land, I was wondering when you were going to show up here. I see you on the battlefield all the time so good to see you here as well. Take care and see you out there! Cheers! -m8
  8. So rush Muttrah! I like it. We may have to employ some more people to do the !fly command though...
  9. Hello Silent Guy, what is your username?
  10. Sadly, I see more maps played where the entire team is struggling to communicate intentions, what is going well, what isn't going well... As mentioned before, there are some spawn points where they are broken so you have to camp it, it is a "feature" that we have to add to the complexities of playing the game. We, as players compensate and have to move on. Personally, I don't like the "a kill is a kill", and should not be a competition between who can kill the most bots. If you play the game correctly, as an infantryman fighting the flags in order you can still rack some impressive
  11. I think squad leaders by default should also not be killing stuff, but that happens a lot.
  12. This made me laugh more then I like to admit.
  13. It is a different file and a different set of maps. Here is the current list of starters: mapList.append jabal gpm_coop 32 mapList.append jabal gpm_coop 64 mapList.append kashan_desert gpm_coop 32 mapList.append kashan_desert gpm_coop 64 mapList.append kashan_desert gpm_coop 128 mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 32 mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 64 mapList.append muttrah_city_2 gpm_coop 16 mapList.append muttrah_city_2 gpm_coop 32 mapList.append pavlovsk_bay gpm_coop 32 mapList.append pavlovsk_bay gpm_coop 64 mapList.append vadso_city gpm_coop 64 mapList.appe
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