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  1. Have you tried recently? I just did a search on your ID and you are not on the banlist.
  2. Which server are you trying to join @nasvai?
  3. I'll drop you a link with the paypal details if you want.
  4. Since I get asked this question a lot I figured I would post up an answer. People want to look at the VG PR Demo files and they can be found at the bottom of the website on the right hand side labeled "PR DEMO" Find the file you are looking for, it is sorted by SERVER TIME, Day/Month/Year format in 24 hour format Download the file and use a this website: https://yossizap.github.io/realitytracker/ Take your file and use the user interface to watch the video reply. You have all kinds of great menus' and tools to look at the replays, kills, kits, deaths, or just watch the tactics used by the players from a top down perspective.
  5. Dragon Fly was a map where you had the parachute option for a starter point, much like Dover Winter at the start (the older version). As @R-CON LangMaster pointed out we can not run a public server with these changes, however we do have enough DEVS in the community still that are active, @=VG= Melon Muncher is the COOP DEV who helps keep PR alive for us to enjoy this game after all these years.
  6. Pull up, but most can not do it due to lack of speed. The map "Test Airfield" has a bunch of different assets to use offline and practice with.
  7. Locked as server is running new update
  8. PR:BF2 v1.7.1.1 Changelog (2022/04/08) ----------------------- Coop: Fixed UAV not working. Factions: Fixed Spotter STD kit in some Russian subfactions having an incorrect melee weapon. Menu: Updated bleed effect to start off less harsh. Updated hit effect to show more red. Added hit effect for vehicle taking damage. Vehicles: Decreased rearm speed of supply-depots. Fixed Starstreak HVM proximity trigger issues. Weapons: Updated Colt 1911 textures. Updated TT33 textures. Decreased rate of fire of mortars (down to 20RPM from 30RPM). Fixed US WW2 stationary MG having invisible machine gunner. Fixed some grenades and mines having incorrect reload time. Levels: Ascheberg: Removed visible flag pole. AAS16: Removed heavy assets Korbach Offensive: Added helipads to main bases. AAS64: Removed BMP-2 from town. Removed 2 Russian rally points from town. Increased Russian tank delay to 10 minutes. Fixed missing bleed on last flag. AAS128: Increased brightness.
  9. Ghost train: If we could move the spawn back to two options it would be great and the logi's are struggling with the tank traps on that map/bridge again.
  10. I want the old Ghost Train map back.... @=VG= asquirrel456
  11. Per PR DEV team: Goose Green, Omaha, Ghost Train and Ramiel crash clients and must be avoided for now
  12. locked, due to new update posted
  13. PR:BF2 v1.7.0.1 Changelog (2022/01/07) ----------------------- General: Fixed missing information icons for advanced graphics options. Coop: Fixed Rosomak crashing clients. Fixed AMX10RC crashing clients. Increased ticket bleed delay to 15 minutes (from 10). Vehicles: Added desert texture for ZBL-08. Updated BF109 to use MG131 13mm instead of MG17. Updated WW2 plane gun sounds to be heard from further away. Fixed Merkava using AMX10 smoke HUD. Fixed M3 AAV and Flak 38 Opel Blitz showing white square when using scroll wheel. Fixed M3 AAV minimap icon becoming white after exiting the vehicle from the gunner position. Fixed BF109 bomb being too strong. Fixed Ju-87B bomb being too weak. Fixed SdKfz 233 having thermals. Fixed CCIP on jets only working when having dynamic shadows enabled. Fixed jet cannon crosshair disappearing when CCIP finds no impact. Fixed Ju-87B having multiple magazines for MG. Fixed Ju-87B not rearming MG when only half empty. Fixed VBCI showing two heat bars. Fixed WW2 planes showing two heat bars. Fixed Puma IFV having no smoke. Fixed Mirage HUD always showing cannon as selected. Weapons: Fixed SPG-9 switching cameras when selecting FRAG. Fixed Flak 38 firing sound not matching ROF. Levels: General: Fixed Vehicle Warfare showing wrong ticket count when using in game map info. Bijar Canyons:COOP128: Fixed terrain disappearing at a certain distance for players without the "Increase terrain LOD" option checked. Decreased spawn time for choppers to exactly 5 minutes (from 7) and updated a few trucks and jeeps to spawn twice Field of Kassel:AAS32: Reduced tickets for both teams by 100. Removed two tanks per team. Removed one AAV per team. Removed spawnpoints from German airfield to prevent accidental spawns. You can still reach it through teleporter near command post. AAS64: Reduced tickets for both teams by 100. Updated USA rallypoint to be permanent spawnpoint. Updated 2 tanks per team to not respawn. Removed Panzer 3 spawning near town. Removed one AAV team. AAS128: Fixed terrain disappearing at a certain distance for players without the "Increase terrain LOD" option checked. Fixed route to only have two active flags at start. Removed depot flag. Icebound: Fixed helicopters not rearming. Khamisiyah: COOP32: Fixed Blufor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Kozelsk: COOP32: Fixed Redfor having ticket bleed if Blufor captures their first flag. Laskhar Valley: COOP64: Fixed Redfor having ticket bleed if Blufor captures their first flag. Masirah: COOP16: Fixed Blufor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Operation Marlin: COOP64: Fixed Redfor not having ticket bleed after losing all flags. Test Bootcamp: Added new loading music by Unicode. Shijia Valley: COOP32: Fixed neither side having ticket bleed after losing all flags
  14. Challenge accepted. May the odds be in our favor. Or someone using the reset command to restart the map
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