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  1. I did notice that this spray'n'pray doesnt pay off IMO though. Have had several surprising firefights with a bot at about 15m range, and I can tap him dead while he is literally spraying about 20 bullets that mostly/all miss me. In those encounters I feel like I definitely should have died, lol.
  2. Do you mean it was intended to have differences between identical kits depending on if you spawned with them or grabbed them from crate? If so, that would seem odd, nein?
  3. Khamisiyah LRG: If you spawn with medic kit you don't have smoke grenades. If you take a medic kit from a crate, you do get smoke nades but also deployment-style healing.
  4. "OooOooOh LeT's GOOOOOoooo!!!!' - @=VG= Zeee, 2022
  5. BROOOO I hate you :')... Bali has been in my heart for months now, and I'm simply waiting on beter covid times so I can go visit the beautiful Indonesian archipelago again... Between the breathtaking sights, people, food and culture, truly one of my most memorable places ever visited. Great pictures! Please share more
  6. Very ergonomic indeed, though this usually means you'll have to download and run an EXE-file, which may cause your antivirus/antimalware to go into Def Con 5 and block execution. Google Chrome, as well as other browsers probably, will also throw red flags when you try to download an indie-created EXE-file and (depending on your security settings) may outright prevent you from downloading it. This is one reason why data is usually shared as non-self-extracting zip/rar/7z archives.
  7. I have a script for auto-extracting maps and mods for MineCraft. If you think it would be helpful I can tweak the code to work for PR maps.
  8. If you want, I can have a look at optimising your model further. Got a whole set of imported PR meshes that I optimised for use in instructional videos Blender is bae
  9. Operation BobCat STD Mumble will globally stop working for everyone, sometimes it works again later but sometimes doesn't. It almost seems like it's flag-tied but I can't rally see a pattern.
  10. Yamalia STD, no kits can be requested. Main base repair station, dropped crates and APCs all don't give kits. It keeps saying 'You need to be close to a...'. One can only take pilot kits from helicopters.
  11. Meh, that is indeed lame... Do we already know of a confirmed working fix that could be considered? I'm not aware of what "Melon's fixes" actually implies.
  12. I'm a fan, it allows for very precise insanely-powered CAS when requested, on those maps where that's welcome. Whilst hovering you're pretty vulnerable, which brings a good balance IMO.
  13. So the server can finally run Minecraft ! Paid my part. Go =VG=!
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