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  1. @Condrad Having done design in Blender and Sketchup for about 10+ years (on and off), my answer is the same: It depends. Will you make drawings, plans, or renders? Do you need material/stresstesting? Product render size/photorealism/ complexity and detail-level of your models all play a part. Give us some details, so we can assist you better, both on system and software: Will you make concept designs or blueprints? Does your work need to be technically relevent, or pleasing to the eye, or both? Do you intend to translate the design into measurement plans or is this just to create concept
  2. @=VG= m823us what is the game like? Realistic/shooter-y, and is the community teamwork-focused or rather blast'em past'em?
  3. @Zeee I've updated the PR COOP RULES page to include that squad leaders must communicate. Literally everyone already agreed on this, but it slipped through somewhere and wasn't written down 'officially'. This is now set in stone . I'll have a look at the rules page and see if we can make them more skimmable and easy to read. Like @System said, you have a follow button at the top of the page that notifies you upon change.
  4. As a squad leader it's much preferred to have a microphone, but not disaster if you don't have one. Think of the succesful 'inf no mic' squads for example, that can work pretty well. This is the reason we don't enforce a strict 'all SLs must have microphones' policy. I myself lead the occasional Trans/NoMicInf squad and it works out pretty well. NoMic squads are a tad slower than VOIP squads, but that's far from problematic. IMO, forcing the use of microphones for squad leads will improve anything, as it will also shrink our pool of good squad leaders that are willing to 'do the job'. Whe
  5. @PRBF2TROJANEXE I'm getting it too. The issue lies with the website itself, not your own computer. Web service certificates allow websites to use the HTTPS protocol. It's that fancy padlock you see in your URL bar that shows you have a secure connection to the website. This means that the data you send (messages, passwords etc) are encrypted, so they can't easily be snooped by people trying to steal your data. This certificate doesn't last forever, it requires renewal from time to time. When it expires or if your browser detects something else wrong with it, you'll get the warni
  6. =VG= Acro1

    Cant decide

    For any kind of 3D rendering and decent-tier video production, I'd advise NVidia GPU's. Their OptiX raytracing libraries are great for producing good renders quickly, and their NVENC video encoder is a-freaking-mazing for video stuff. Miles ahead of competition afaik.
  7. =VG= Acro1

    Cant decide

    1: HOLY SHIT on both those rigs. Secondly: what's your use for the rig, apart from gaming? Do you do any creative work, 3D stuff, data crunching,... Or is this purely for games?
  8. Happy Birthday afterwards Acro. Our chatbox is screwed.

  9. Happy Birthday!! :happy-birthday:

    (chat box seems screwed up)

  10. This is true, but Apartments was not the currently capturable flag during most of that spawncamping. Now I did notice that Apartments seems to be the point where 95% of the enemy team spawns, whereas I thought they did more so at Palace. Since the bots would recap Apartments (yes?) if left unchecked, it does need to be guarded. Still think ground-based units (who have actual capping power) would be better for this though. CAS can shoot but if they miss a body and the flag goes neutral, someone's gonna have to fall back anyway.
  11. CAS was doing a semi okay job of guarding flags at a point, but it becomes clear that as time progresses, their main focus lies on finding flocks of enemies to blow up, and a rather lackluster way of keeping their bird alive (honestly, why do people keep 20 meters between them and the enemy? It's an Apache. This should be considered waste). The kicker of this round comes when CAS is bored at base though. This is CAS pilot drilling a hole into CAS gunner's brain with an L85. Teamkill in main base is not appreciated, and appropriate action will be taken.
  12. The concept of 'kill-stealing' shouldn't be a thing in PR. I myself usually shoot anything at the frontlines if I can kill it without damaging friendlies. Probably 'stole' dozens of kills because I'm not gonna verify if someone else is pumping lead into them. We play to capture the area and to win the map. We can either play to win the game together or to score as many points for ourselves as possible, but not both simultaneously. Kill-whores should be nailed to crosses or play a different game. Just my opinion. That's spawncamping. Camping is mostly illegal for good reasons. Di
  13. Commander should be in his cozy tent manning the UAV, or delegating his boys Ain't no commander got no business shooting enemies personally.
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