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  1. BROOOO I hate you :')... Bali has been in my heart for months now, and I'm simply waiting on beter covid times so I can go visit the beautiful Indonesian archipelago again... Between the breathtaking sights, people, food and culture, truly one of my most memorable places ever visited. Great pictures! Please share more
  2. Very ergonomic indeed, though this usually means you'll have to download and run an EXE-file, which may cause your antivirus/antimalware to go into Def Con 5 and block execution. Google Chrome, as well as other browsers probably, will also throw red flags when you try to download an indie-created EXE-file and (depending on your security settings) may outright prevent you from downloading it. This is one reason why data is usually shared as non-self-extracting zip/rar/7z archives.
  3. I have a script for auto-extracting maps and mods for MineCraft. If you think it would be helpful I can tweak the code to work for PR maps.
  4. If you want, I can have a look at optimising your model further. Got a whole set of imported PR meshes that I optimised for use in instructional videos Blender is bae
  5. Operation BobCat STD Mumble will globally stop working for everyone, sometimes it works again later but sometimes doesn't. It almost seems like it's flag-tied but I can't rally see a pattern.
  6. Yamalia STD, no kits can be requested. Main base repair station, dropped crates and APCs all don't give kits. It keeps saying 'You need to be close to a...'. One can only take pilot kits from helicopters.
  7. Meh, that is indeed lame... Do we already know of a confirmed working fix that could be considered? I'm not aware of what "Melon's fixes" actually implies.
  8. I'm a fan, it allows for very precise insanely-powered CAS when requested, on those maps where that's welcome. Whilst hovering you're pretty vulnerable, which brings a good balance IMO.
  9. So the server can finally run Minecraft ! Paid my part. Go =VG=!
  10. @=VG= 0100011000101 @Condrad the main static danger is a charge building up on your vacuum's nozzle. All the hairs, dust and other crap passes through that 1 concentrated hole. This can potentially build up enough static charge to fry a component if you bring the nozzle too close to one of them when enough charge is built up. Canned air is free of dust, so nothing that violently rubs the inside of the canned air nozzle as it exits. The risk is rather low, but enough for some shops/manufacturers to not bring vacuums too close. My friend used to repair PC's before covid and he'd use a vacuum at a few inches distance, which would suck all the dust that he blew off with bursts of compressed air. He'd never let a vacuum part touch or get too close to any component.
  11. Best marine biology connoisseur: @LangMaster
  12. I'd like to nominate a few players as best-in-slot for the following categories: Best trans pilot: @=VG= Acro1 Best CAS pilot/gunner: @=VG= Acro1 Best medic: @=VG= Acro1 Best all-round infantry operator: @=VG= Acro1 Best dirtbike driver: =VG= Binary @=VG= Acro1 Best squad leader and morale booster: @=VG= Acro1 Best tank/APC squad operator: @=VG= Acro1 Now on a more sincere note: I nominate... everyone. For every slot/position. Have been very positively surprised by several unknown faces in the past few weeks, so to me everyone is potentially a great player in his/her slot. There's always those names you remember ofc, but I'm happy that that list keeps growing for now I love the intention though and I've known that other thread on the PR forums!
  13. If you hold Shift to focus w ironsight, then open and close the capslock map whilst holding shift still, the focus will stay zoomed even if you release shift. Feels kinda cheaty cuz you can enable the slight zoom 'permanently' this way.
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