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  1. Noooo, somehow i always imagined you with curly hair, face is correct though heheh, stay fit 22!
  2. no need to think about it, just come back already!
  3. feel free to use it, the quicker the map got tested, the quicker we'll be able to play it, hopefully the image will attract more attention towards the project, more maps = more fun, that's the least i can do to help, win-win the resolution is a bit on the lower side because i couldn't find better image during my quick search that would still fit for the purpose and context, and one that would require minimal effort in summary MOAR MAPS PLZ
  4. Let's tone down the k-pop a bit and give it a sprinkle of Michael Bay's touch, in Theater, soon!
  5. @Condrad No Problem, you taught me how to play PR when i first started, now it's time for me to give something back and to teach you a trick or two hit me up on PM when the hardware is ready, i'll get you up to speed with any software of your choosing, and you'll be able to design anything you want in no time (6-8 hrs top, 1-2 week time) I got all the materials and resources ready so you can use them immediately no need to scour through all the (mostly) silly youtube vids and their silly thumbnails
  6. I Totally agree, I Myself am not too keen on the grip that Autodesk currently has on the market, there are some breakthroughs but often times their business practice hinders and to some extent kills emerging technology from having a healthy development through healthy competition, their Line of Revit products is an example of one branch eating up the rest of their own product so people don't have options anymore, if you want a certain feature, it's all in Revit, gotta buy the whole package, etc. I just put it there based on assumption that it's gonna be the most likely tool needed by the industry, once you're good to go and have a stable footing, other options are better
  7. it's relatable because i've been through something similar (both the situation and context although not exactly the same) Fusion is also a nice candidate, and from what i've seen it's good at what it does, i just never took further look on Fusion since in architecture (my current field of work) and to that extent, interior & furniture design, people rarely use them, i think it's more beneficial for mechanical design, but don't quote me on this one
  8. Here's an example I usually work on and adhere to certain LoD (Level of Development), in summary LoD 100 = conceptual (initial design stage) LoD 200 = schematic / coordination (early-mid stage) LoD 300-400 = Production (late-construction stage) Price Range for hardwares (laptop for example) and their ideal / Maximum LoD LoD 100 = $200 LoD 200 = $400 LoD 300 = north of $1000 You can crosscheck current market price for your current hardware sub components and sum the total and compare them with those price range, it'll be easier instead of trying to pin point exact specs at the start and because certain products are only available in certain part of the world (as long as you're not comparing it to niche products like ultrabook or ultralight hardware, the comparison should be good enough) And before you consider buying anything new, here's some example of a sanitary ware that i'm currently working on, a single product on different LoDs (I did the model in Rhino but I provided the files in Sketchup 7 format so most design software out there should be able to open these files). You can download free trial versions of any software that you can get your hands on, open the files, see the limit of the hardware yourself, and you can make informed & more accurate decision. These files should be close enough to what you'll be working on. if you're interested, here's the statistics of resources the program eats up while opening these files: LoD 100 = 100 MB of RAM, 1.6 MB file size, 11,000 ish polygons LoD 200 = 113 MB of RAM, 1.6 MB file size, 11,000 ish polygons LoD 300 = 2,300 MB of RAM, 169 MB file size, 900,000 ish polygons (most PCs will get chocked on this one, simply because sketchup is not designed to handle polygons as many as this) *i'll leave the link up for a week so you can download them at your own convenience EDIT: others who are also doing or inspired to work on similar field, feel free to use these files as well to be tested on your own hardware SAMPLE 3D MODELS
  9. About the Software (i'll list only the relevant software, relative to the scope of interior / FFE / Furniture, Fitting & Equipment, based on my experience) 3D & 2D, Modeling, drafting & documentation: Cheapest to most expensive: -if it's gonna be done by simple tools / hands : Sketchup + AutoCAD / other free 2D CAD software will do -if it's gonna involve alot of adjustments / tweaking along the design phase : Rhino + Grasshopper -If the woodworking is gonna be done by machinery that requires high precision that will more or less be automatic and focused highly on the fabrication stage: Solidwork all of em got 3D modeling & 2D drafting features to some extent, although some will have less than others, especially if you're using Sketchup only (starting price is far cheaper than others, but Sketchup needs plenty of plugins to tackle specific tasks that can blow up the budget real quick), use Sketchup + CAD for starter, get Rhino / Solidworks later down the road 3D Rendering Cheapest to most expensive: -For product design i think Luxion keyshot is the best without unnecessary features (best for still images) this one uses CPU to do it's job -For everything else that Keyshot can't do, use VRay (pricier, and more so if you don't need all of it's features) this one uses CPU or GPU to do it's job -other cheaper alternatives are available, though i never used them Free options Blender -great for conceptual work / concept art / digital mock ups / non manufacture oriented projects -contains almost every tools in the world related to design in general (except for manufacturing, which i'm sure there's a plugin for it available somewhere) -got it's own built in render engine for still images and animation -dunno about it's documentation capability -i only used this one for it's physics simulation features ======================== About the specs: -comes down to number of polygons in project (3D / 2D model) -rough estimate can be derived from the price of the PC / Laptop
  10. This guy got a mic, but seldom used it, even when he's a SL, he'd talk back if you're persistent enough in getting his response, dunno why.. IMHO enforcing communication with whatever means possible (mumble, chat, radio command) is better than enforcing mic, especially (or maybe, only) on low population hours because: -most people are just not up for the task -or they don't know how to do it (yet) -or no one else is willing to be one BUT the no-mic's gotta do it for example: Low pop SQ 1 (inf) AAAAA as SL (no-mic), 8 random people, none has trans experience whatsoever SQ 2 (trans) BBBBB as SL (yes-mic) 1 regular player, able to do trans for a total of 9 people Muttrah inf -it'll be easy enough if all 9 are regulars, play the map with maybe 2 inf SQ only without trans, but not so much if it's just a group of newcomers / non regulars -i'd rather have BBBBB stay on SQ 2 rather than on SQ 1, just for the fact that it'll be much harder to play the map without trans -maybe later BBBB can SL the inf SQ, once all the necessary drops have been made, maybe he'll need to resign, make trans, then rejoin inf, but it's not the point, and it's tedious as well -as Acro said, some regulars / capable SL with mic sometimes just weren't able to use their mic, for whatever reason -i've seen more capable and teamwork oriented no-mic SL doing more for the team compared to some yes-mic SL (and they are usually good enough to know to hand the SL pos. over to someone who's got a mic and will do a better job when the option is available, for example Waltstein) -if yes-mic SL was to be put into the official rules, can we at least put these into consideration (even though i still think yes-com is still better and leave the rest for in-game admins to decide depending on the server situation)
  11. I agree with Zee, and i think this topic has been brought up before in some older posts, as long as the squad leader doesn't hinder the progress of the team itself, then it's all good in my book. Sometimes i got connection issue mid game as well so i can't use my mic, and have to rely on in game chat (that's an exception and more of a technical problem i think). Other times you got no-mic SL going rogue, skipping flags, kidnapping their whole squad with them, firing mortar without saying anything, not helping the team defend / attack, etc.. In these cases the problem is not having no mic, but having no will to communicate, and in my opinion, that's the main problem.
  12. i think both are 16:9, did you mean 1360x1080? if so, i think the option is still available, best to set it to custom 4:3 aspect ratio from launcher, i don't know how it will effect the stretching or whatnot though
  13. i'm just gonna take wild guess (although i'm a bit confused as to what the problem actually is): -turn off > turn on / reset / reinstall -update VGA driver -make sure the screen resolution in PR Launcher match the proportion of your physical screen (weird graphical glitches has happened to me before because of this, such as missing ground textures, wrong LOD display, etc.) -try windowed vs full screen mode, see if there's any difference -try disconnecting your extra monitors (if there's any) -try to turn off any reshade / post.pro effects (if there's any) -if in ground assets, make sure it's not the commander view (the aspect ratio is not stretched anymore, so now it aligns with the center of the screen and leaves black space to the sides of the screen, and it's normal) -last but not least, make sure it's not '3AM and you're high on something' black screen kind of thing, and i'm pretty sure actual screenshot might help that's all i can think of, goodluck
  14. Tried it yesterday, things i like +fresh +speedy & more responsive map & mini map ( things i don't like / looked weird / need some getting used to -opaque map things that got my hopes high, stretched it, and ripped it apart (apparently it's just not there yet): -better widescreen support --- tried this one with 5,760 x 1040 setup; the field of view displayed on the screen wasn't cropped anymore like it used to, buuut, the UI was still stretched, cockpit was missing, vehicles & meshes disappeared slowly until most of them were gone leaving me with patchy ground meshes, shadow of the A10 i was riding, and nothing else *SAD* #curbyourenthusiasm #ihaveadream has anybody else try fiddling with ultrawide setup after the new update?
  15. TH0M

    Cant decide

    +1 on A, as others have stated, and if ARMA is the reason, and you got the budget, the just go wild with it
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