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  1. crashed on bijar-std, multiple python error report showed up on screen during the round before the crash happened
  2. My thoughts on current & future changes: 1) i'm intrigued by the possibility of having to dig up FOB & emplacements, it's gonna make the game more interesting & trans more useful because you can't just demolish emplacement and replace it instantly, you have to call trans to use crate to supply those emplacement properly as well once they've been dug, but if its to be implemented, i think the bot's respawn time (not bot emplacement) may need some readjustment to compensate for it. 2) Bots using special kits is awesome! 3) LAT is waaaaay too accurate in it's current state especially against helis (considering bots now have AA & HAT kit at their disposal, LAT kit needs to be debuffed in terms of accuracy), the amount of bots spawning with LAT, combined with it's target acquisition range makes it deadlier than anything else in the game, you can flare your way out of dense MANPAD net, but to dodge those LAT, man you really need to wiggle the heli constantly, & by constantly i mean always, all the way from the moment you take off till you land. leave 1 bot with LAT kit alive in a weird spot close to player's main way of advancement and it'll surely demolish all assets on players side, 1 time all friendly helis (cas & trans) were downed one after another because of a single bot with LAT kit stuck in a weird spot. 4) Small arms fire suppresses & damages helis somewhat quick enough making co-pilot role more essential, same goes with side gunner for example in a CAS Huey & forcing CAS to coordinate with infantry on the ground & the commander more often (this in itself i don't have a problem with, in fact i like it, forcing cas to do a quick calculated pass instead of lingering around & hovering, problem is most SL don't even know how to put markers on the map let alone effectively coordinating with asset squad, some would even just straight up not communicate at all) Other than that, everything else is awesome (other than the random crashes ofcourse)
  3. op. thunder may be broken, client side crash with error lines -rosomak .. bla bla bla ... please fix
  4. exactly, never go anywhere without duck tape! never know when my girl wanna get kinky (i.e. my bike) I've had those shoes for years, about time it got busted, it's just the shoes' way of saying "heck yeah, i'm not going back, i'm staying here!" i was thinking about asking for places you used to frequent just to make you hate me even more i was planning to stay longer as well and taking more pics but old crappy phone of mine just had enough juice for navigation, and sudden work opportunity cut my stay in Bali short. I'll prep better gear for the next one and i think i'll go even further, across Bali & towards Lombok & some of the smaller islands, heard the beaches are even better and more secluded
  5. bonus pic, my old ass shoes gave up after the first 1000km, right on my arrival in Bali, even though the ride wasn't that rough (aside from bad road condition here & there) the main inconvenience (for most people) was the monsoon season, rain with pretty high intensity on some sections of the journey (which i didn't mind at all, but still added couple of hours compared to all sunny day trip during the sunny season) see you all later in game once my arms aren't as sore as they are
  6. During one of the stops next to open wide paddy fields
  7. These local kids got nothing on me!
  8. During a visit towards Bali's north side, stopped in one of the temple on mountain top next to a lake that used to be a volcanic crater. Overcast sky all the way till sundown which is a nice change after all the scorching sunlight from the journey days before, cold but comfy weather with thick fog, up till the road leading back to the place where i was staying.
  9. "Griya / Banjar", local communal courtyard / plaza of usually couple family units
  10. on The boat, after about 900km, crossing from Java to Bali, bike tucked in, butt rested, arms scorched, sun's still bright
  11. As per request of some of you, couple of pics from my last trip, 2000++ km (1200++ Miles) From Bandung to Bali & back, riding my Motorbike / Scooter First sighting of beach somewhere on Java's northern side, 200km West of Harbor crossing towards Bali
  12. no need to think about it, just come back already!
  13. feel free to use it, the quicker the map got tested, the quicker we'll be able to play it, hopefully the image will attract more attention towards the project, more maps = more fun, that's the least i can do to help, win-win the resolution is a bit on the lower side because i couldn't find better image during my quick search that would still fit for the purpose and context, and one that would require minimal effort in summary MOAR MAPS PLZ
  14. Let's tone down the k-pop a bit and give it a sprinkle of Michael Bay's touch, in Theater, soon!
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