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  1. This guy got a mic, but seldom used it, even when he's a SL, he'd talk back if you're persistent enough in getting his response, dunno why.. IMHO enforcing communication with whatever means possible (mumble, chat, radio command) is better than enforcing mic, especially (or maybe, only) on low population hours because: -most people are just not up for the task -or they don't know how to do it (yet) -or no one else is willing to be one BUT the no-mic's gotta do it for example: Low pop SQ 1 (inf) AAAAA as SL (no-mic), 8 random people, none has trans experience
  2. I agree with Zee, and i think this topic has been brought up before in some older posts, as long as the squad leader doesn't hinder the progress of the team itself, then it's all good in my book. Sometimes i got connection issue mid game as well so i can't use my mic, and have to rely on in game chat (that's an exception and more of a technical problem i think). Other times you got no-mic SL going rogue, skipping flags, kidnapping their whole squad with them, firing mortar without saying anything, not helping the team defend / attack, etc.. In these cases the problem is not having no mic, but
  3. i think both are 16:9, did you mean 1360x1080? if so, i think the option is still available, best to set it to custom 4:3 aspect ratio from launcher, i don't know how it will effect the stretching or whatnot though
  4. i'm just gonna take wild guess (although i'm a bit confused as to what the problem actually is): -turn off > turn on / reset / reinstall -update VGA driver -make sure the screen resolution in PR Launcher match the proportion of your physical screen (weird graphical glitches has happened to me before because of this, such as missing ground textures, wrong LOD display, etc.) -try windowed vs full screen mode, see if there's any difference -try disconnecting your extra monitors (if there's any) -try to turn off any reshade / post.pro effects (if there's any) -if in ground assets,
  5. Tried it yesterday, things i like +fresh +speedy & more responsive map & mini map ( things i don't like / looked weird / need some getting used to -opaque map things that got my hopes high, stretched it, and ripped it apart (apparently it's just not there yet): -better widescreen support --- tried this one with 5,760 x 1040 setup; the field of view displayed on the screen wasn't cropped anymore like it used to, buuut, the UI was still stretched, cockpit was missing, vehicles & meshes disappeared slowly until most of them were gone leaving me with patchy ground meshes
  6. TH0M

    Cant decide

    +1 on A, as others have stated, and if ARMA is the reason, and you got the budget, the just go wild with it
  7. Whiskey & Skit are gonna be too OP for the Bot if this got implemented, they finished Muttrah on their lonesome, they don't need this
  8. i've had some variants of this error in the past as well, kinda funny since the directory wasn't even there in the first place, i think it's part of the legacy / original BF2 code trying to read it's original directory, PR and it's mysterious ways...
  9. two way trip with max / min components to the furthest planet with fireworks on landing, no other way!! oh, and make a sacrifice of 1 kerbin to earn favor from the alien god
  10. The only way to sit comrade On top of each other, on top of defeated enemy's asset
  11. About kill steal, i think it's fair game, otherwise that precious seconds can get any friendly assets destroyed by the opposing asset (not just CAS 'stea'l other's kill but in between tank sq members that are engaging same target as well for example) Another example is when both CAS heli & APC engange the same Shilka, with APC dumping a few rounds already, it's only logical for CAS to kill it A.S.A.P, because otherwise the Shilka will be more than likely to switch it's attention towards said CAS and proceeds to kill it in a matter of miliseconds.. It's a different thing if the 'kill
  12. gonna be bad when all we got is non communicating inf, who can't mark shi*t on map
  13. Muttrah std, Zulu 12:50, can't spawn again, zero tickets on US side Edit: confirmed, only broken when it's set as a starter map
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