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  1. op. thunder may be broken, client side crash with error lines -rosomak .. bla bla bla ... please fix
  2. exactly, never go anywhere without duck tape! never know when my girl wanna get kinky (i.e. my bike) I've had those shoes for years, about time it got busted, it's just the shoes' way of saying "heck yeah, i'm not going back, i'm staying here!" i was thinking about asking for places you used to frequent just to make you hate me even more i was planning to stay longer as well and taking more pics but old crappy phone of mine just had enough juice for navigation, and sudden work opportunity cut my stay in Bali short. I'll prep better gear for the next one and i think i'll go even further, across Bali & towards Lombok & some of the smaller islands, heard the beaches are even better and more secluded
  3. bonus pic, my old ass shoes gave up after the first 1000km, right on my arrival in Bali, even though the ride wasn't that rough (aside from bad road condition here & there) the main inconvenience (for most people) was the monsoon season, rain with pretty high intensity on some sections of the journey (which i didn't mind at all, but still added couple of hours compared to all sunny day trip during the sunny season) see you all later in game once my arms aren't as sore as they are
  4. During one of the stops next to open wide paddy fields
  5. These local kids got nothing on me!
  6. During a visit towards Bali's north side, stopped in one of the temple on mountain top next to a lake that used to be a volcanic crater. Overcast sky all the way till sundown which is a nice change after all the scorching sunlight from the journey days before, cold but comfy weather with thick fog, up till the road leading back to the place where i was staying.
  7. "Griya / Banjar", local communal courtyard / plaza of usually couple family units
  8. on The boat, after about 900km, crossing from Java to Bali, bike tucked in, butt rested, arms scorched, sun's still bright
  9. As per request of some of you, couple of pics from my last trip, 2000++ km (1200++ Miles) From Bandung to Bali & back, riding my Motorbike / Scooter First sighting of beach somewhere on Java's northern side, 200km West of Harbor crossing towards Bali
  10. no need to think about it, just come back already!
  11. feel free to use it, the quicker the map got tested, the quicker we'll be able to play it, hopefully the image will attract more attention towards the project, more maps = more fun, that's the least i can do to help, win-win the resolution is a bit on the lower side because i couldn't find better image during my quick search that would still fit for the purpose and context, and one that would require minimal effort in summary MOAR MAPS PLZ
  12. Let's tone down the k-pop a bit and give it a sprinkle of Michael Bay's touch, in Theater, soon!
  13. @Condrad No Problem, you taught me how to play PR when i first started, now it's time for me to give something back and to teach you a trick or two hit me up on PM when the hardware is ready, i'll get you up to speed with any software of your choosing, and you'll be able to design anything you want in no time (6-8 hrs top, 1-2 week time) I got all the materials and resources ready so you can use them immediately no need to scour through all the (mostly) silly youtube vids and their silly thumbnails
  14. I Totally agree, I Myself am not too keen on the grip that Autodesk currently has on the market, there are some breakthroughs but often times their business practice hinders and to some extent kills emerging technology from having a healthy development through healthy competition, their Line of Revit products is an example of one branch eating up the rest of their own product so people don't have options anymore, if you want a certain feature, it's all in Revit, gotta buy the whole package, etc. I just put it there based on assumption that it's gonna be the most likely tool needed by the industry, once you're good to go and have a stable footing, other options are better
  15. it's relatable because i've been through something similar (both the situation and context although not exactly the same) Fusion is also a nice candidate, and from what i've seen it's good at what it does, i just never took further look on Fusion since in architecture (my current field of work) and to that extent, interior & furniture design, people rarely use them, i think it's more beneficial for mechanical design, but don't quote me on this one
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