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  1. Welcome Doug, glad you made it.
  2. I agree with both of the above. The game play feels fresh, different maps, dynamic gameplay, I think this is more than a novelty. Player volume changes throughout the day but when CET Evening comes around, the COOP server is consistently full, in the morning however, bots can help smooth out some of those lulls. Perhaps we could change the BluFor/OpFor ratio without too much effort? Regardless, could I ask we consider running the new server during the week at some point? The Player demographic changes wildly at the weekends, lots of new players abandoning assets, with no mic or communication, not listening to admins, makes it difficult get a good gaming going.
  3. Nice profile picture

  4. I could be wrong but, I believe melon once experimented with the bot sight/engagement distance on La Drang. This change alone would prevent the inevitable Sherman bush-snipe.
  5. DrJohn


    Looks like one of Jacks x-rated parties....
  6. Lang you are the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to Zee/Melon for their effort in creating the new layers + the admin staff for the smooth operation. Would love it if this became a regular event. GG all.
  8. To add, if you have a problem extracting to the folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels. Try extracting to an alternative folder, then move across. Not sure why but this works.
  9. Hello all, Could I ask we re-evaluate the map Kassel? Much like the Vietnam maps of old, Kassel works well in Deployment but is limited in Co-op. The foliage, bot engagement distance and lack of vehicles turns the map into somewhat of a grind relatively quickly. I'm not sure what you did to the Vietnam maps to increase playability but, could I ask that we consider trialling the same for Kassel? John.
  10. Hello, I've played PR on-and-off, under numerous aliases since 2017. Each time I return I'm both pleased and equally surprised to see members new and old still playing. Over to you @bskm, @Store-DK, @asko___, @Rica, @cherry, @SimoTheGreat, Simo? Are you there? Why don't you have an account yet?
  11. Looks good, I will be there.
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